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Shirt is finally bought ! x hopefullt here soon !! x

Finally took a photo of the skirt. When i received it .. i realized it was see through, so im wearing a black petticoat under it. Also im wearing character shoes with the skirt x

YES! the dress is here, i shall have photos us soon =D i will be making som changes like the ears!

Not really turned out the way i wanted it to, the wig was suppose to have a skin top.. and well it dsnt! so i had to separate the bangs the best i could; it looks ok on though; i have gone for the original movie look, rather than the realistic park look.

No longer using my hair as my widows peek is annoyingly off centre ¬¬ ordered a wig ! and it should be here soon =D!

When they came out of the rollers the curl was very tight, i brushed it and slightly back combed them to create a fluffy natural volume; rather than a controlled curl.

To curl the wig i twisted the hair and rolled it up into rollers, i then dipped the wig into boiling water (using the kettle) then i let it stand for 2 mins, then left it to dry to 2 days.(Photo tad blurry as usual hehe)

I really love the Fabric and it only cost me £2 a metre ! BARGAIN ! So in the end the fabric for the dress only cost me £28

I have gone with earrings that look like the Disney Park Jewellery; i also want a necklace to sparkle her up a bit ^_^ < This the Necklace and Earrings i have chosen.

I final found some Hair Clips, and they were only 2 pound! and their perfect! slightly different in colour but i think there cute... just cant wait to get the wig now.

I really wanted the colour and style of this wig to look perfect, but hopfully i can still achieve the look i wanted with this new wig, lets just hope it get here in time <3 Set me back £17 not that bad.. and i suppose i get to keep the ither wig too.

< this wig is beautiful <3... BUT _< ahhh wish we luck <3

Well, we wait and we wait , and then it's over, indeed expo is over for another 6 months; BUT i did enjoy it as always :), looking back on the costume and the photographs ,i can see that the top is a little short, but i knew that, for next time i just need to remember to keep pulling it down, or keep pulling the skirt up.. hehe =D

The dress, has not came out how i wanted it too >_<.. i no longer have embroidery on the bottom , due to the machine breaking , so they have been drawn on >_< .. and the top.. well kinda looks like it.. i just hope i have fun init >_<

Finally got them finished =D what with expo getting closer , josh my boyfriend created a base, and i worked on top of them making them look more like the real design and i also adding the lines. I really can't wait to wear this costume =D I hope it all turns out well

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