First Con: London MCM Oct 2010

Generally cosplays from Marvel, British TV, Supernatural, with the odd anime and movie ones thrown in there. Occasionally my friends will also persuade me to do something. I seem to have made it my life's goal to cosplay every version of Quicksilver and Charles Xavier that I can!

Charles Xavier, First Class flightsuit was briefly featured on BBC One 6 o'clock news during the coverage of the X-Men: Days of Future Past premiere.

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First wear of this went fairly well, though I intend to adjust and improve before the next wear. The main outfit I have no problem with, but I'm going to make sure my wig is ready next time as painting my hair is getting time consuming. And then I'll be fixing the headgear because I'm really unhappy with how it turned out.
Plus next time there will be Remy and Lorna and maybe even a Doug too, so that'll be awesome!

So its the week before the con, and I'm almost done. I have elbow patches to sew on, knee patches to make and sew on and boot covers/finishing black panels to sort. Oh and the wig, because ugh painting my hair white again. Just no. However it doesn't seem like a terrible task and I'm hoping I can do little bits during the week and finish it on Friday.

Managed to get some of the basic details on the shirt done as well as the headpiece. The headpiece only requires a little bit more (the circles) and then it'll be completed. The shirt sleeves have also been shaped so they are pointed. Next is the black detailing and black panels on the shirt~

Nearly done with this costume now. Lower half complete, just the lightning bolt round the waist to do now.

With the exception of the belt, the upper half of the suit is done. I have also adjusted my gloves today, because short arms.
So now its just the belt, getting the swimming trunks to go over the trousers and either getting some spray paint for my wellingtons or re-purchasing football socks, preferrably without the logo on them this time as I attempted to cut it out and ended up making the sock salvageable. Woops.

Managed to grab the shoes at £8 instead of their RRP of £30. Changed the laces and used insulation tape to make the soles black.

I have the basics for Quicksilver, just need to get my silver jacket and trainers really (then its all just the details after that) But here's a shot with my baseball jacket to give you an idea~

Got my wig today, so naturally I tried it on~

Spent today and yesterday sewing buckles and the jacket detail so they're all ready to be attached to the jacket once I've added the yellow to it.

So I've started my remake of the flightsuit, this time making the kneepads from strips of thin foam, which I've covered with pleather and then attached to the trousers. The photo attached shows the comparison between the old kneepad (left) and the new kneepad which at the point of the photo being taken I'd only pinned to the suit.

So far I've managed to dye everything, just waiting for the things to dry so that I can start adding the white detail.

Going to be neatening this up before the next wear in May 2014. Hopefully re-doing the jacket, getting/making new (stronger) buckles and adding some of the details I missed/rushed.

Flightsuit was done in time with better straps, added buckles and thigh zips. Went down pretty well, only I broke all the buckles as they were made from cardboard so goal before the next wear is to make them stronger and update the jacket to be more accurate. Hopefully next time I wear it I will have an Erik too :)

In preparation for the Saturday of MCM, I've updated my flightsuit jacket. It now has buckles and thicker straps. Also the trousers have zips but I'm still in the process of adjusting the kneepads.

So my lovely housemate sewed the suit together and I dyed it today and we'll see how it looks when it dries. Not quite the right green, should be nearer teal, but I'm running out of time so I'll remember this for the re-make.

I now have shoulder pads cut out, paper mache-d and painted with the first two layers of white on the top layer. The boots from my other Pietro cosplay have been edited using adhesive felt so they match the X-Men: Evolution design, and with the help of my dear housemate I now have my base top and trousers sewn together.

Next stage, dyeing the main body of the clothes using a combination of Amazon Green and China Blue.
And then we'll see where to go from there.

I enjoyed wearing my Charles flightsuit so much, so I'm giving it a re-wear. Hopefully making a few updates to the jacket, I was going to entirely re-do it but I don't think I'll have time alongside making Pietro. So I'm going to add the buckles, replace the straps with thicker ones and maybe attempt to edit the kneepads. All depends on time.

I don't have the jacket for this outfit, but I'll be wearing it to WLFCC (Saturday only) to go and meet Alexander Vlahos. I do have boots this time, so hopefully it should go down well. If you spot me, come and say hi!

Started work on building the armour. Panels for the back and chest have been cut out, layered with newspaper and a few layers painted. Need to do a few more layers of paint before I move onto the shoulder sections.

Well I have made a vague sort of start on this. Bought the yellow material, started pinning up the trousers and got the footwear. Heading into town tomorrow to find something for the rest of the base, some gloves and some other material for the details. Over the next few days I need to get as much of this done as possible.

Dyed all the clothing green for the outfit on Wednesday, looking lovely hanging over our bath to dry. Also added the lightning bolt and started measuring for the gauntlets. Going for the Avengers: Children's Crusade look here.

With help from my housemates, Lucy and Manda (IdiotsInWigs on YT), Quicksilver was started today. I bought all the stuff needed for him, and we dyed the base stuff ready to add the details tomorrow.

Dean will be making an appearance on the Saturday of EMS with my Castiel and Sam (FogandSpyglass)

Went down a treat at LFCC, and will definitely be wearing this one again! Had so much fun as Jim. (Well I always do~)

My jacket arrived today and I'm super excited to wear the outfit now! It needs a bit of modification, but that I can do during the week alongside making my crown. Then I just need a cape and I'm done apart from little odds and ends :')

Couldn;t find the time to get a new suit, so wearing it as it is. Sat Morning of Expo, until I start frying, then I shall be summery!Rich Brook with my summery!Lestrade for Brookstrade-y stuff XD

Kay, so I finished this cosplay a while ago, I've just not got any decent pictures of it.
But that doesn't matter too much, because I've decided that the suit really doesn't fit me too well, and that I can get a better shirt so before next Saturday I'm going to try and update as much of the cosplay as possible!
Wish me luck! ;D

Got the cardigan today! Primark is my saviour. It's not perfect (a little on the thin side), and I'm going to have to remove some buttons from the pockets, but on the whole it'll work XD
So photos will happen on Sunday night!

Rich is mainly a closet cosplay, with the jeans, belt and some form of footwear being ones I already on (for money reasons, I will update as I earn more money).
Managed to get a close enough match to the T-shirt in Debenhams, and am currently looking to buy the cardigan. There is one online that I've spotted as an 'if all else fails' option, but I'm going to take a look in my home town, as opposed to the Uni town, before I buy it. Might be able to get a close enough match in school wear if I'm lucky.

Well I managed to crudely change the handle colour using some left over cardboard and sellotape. I'll update it with something else if I get a chance, but for now it should work just fine.
I also now have a pocket watch, which I ordered off Ebay as well as a binder, which means I should be able to take some pictures of this cosplay practically finished on Sunday so long as I can find some decent gel/wax/hair product to hold my hair.

Got bored at Uni today, so finally decided to finish my Hunny wig, and then decide that with a bit of technical hair flicking, it was good enough for my Wormtail cosplay.
So I decided to take some photos, but there we go xD

For Mycroft I'm going to use the suit I already have with my waistcoat and white shirt. I'll see how it goes with that, and then if I find cosplaying Mycroft fun, I'll get the grey suit or something and have another go.
I've already got the umbrella, just need to do something to the handle to change it from black to brown. And get hold of a tie pin and a pocket watch, then we'll see how it goes.

I just need to get a wig, and decide on anything else.
But I already have the tie, shirt, trousers, shoes, wand and mini-Scabbers plushie! XD

Already have the tie for this, it's not the exact one, but a much cheaper replica. Still pretty accurate and I'm happy with it. I also have a white shirt I can use, not stictly the right collar, but it'll do. The wig for this cosplay is also pretty much sorted thanks to Cassie, I just have to tidy it up a bit after storage in my room. So just need to sort out a cheaper version of the Westwood. Found something in Primark I might use... we shall see.

It's unlikely I'm going to find and be able to afford a new pair now with Memo not too far away at all, so I'm going to stick with this outfit as it is and use it again in the future to make improvements to it :)

Well with Memo fast approaching, and my budget running low, I've decided not to edit the shirt in time for it, but I will be getting the new jeans. Also not sure what to do about my trainers, Ianto's are brown, but with the budget I have, I can't afford to buy new trainers. Sooooo I can either use my white and black ones, or try and find a cheap pair of brownish plimsolls somewhere XD I also may take this costume to Hub too if I enjoy wearing it :)

I'm working with the wig I bought at the moment. It's a little darker than I thought it would be, nearer Mello's (Death Note) hair colour than Hunny's, but I'm reluctant to buy another wig because of the time it takes for the wig to get here and funds etc. I might try with the wig I have and then in future change the wig when I do have the funds to do so.

So I kinda finished this cosplay without actually realising it. Which is quite an achievement, but oh well xD
Photos will be taken as soon as I can find time/nag a friend to take them XD

Only thing I'm going to work on is sorting binding. The type I used when I did my last Ianto didn't work too well. Thinking of getting one of the Underworks ones off Amazon and use that... maybe with bandages too...

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