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Undertop done and jeans cut out. Now they're blue and not bright purple but still not right! Ugh. I'll dye it after Kita, in case of rewears.

Jacket and wig done. The dye didn't take on my 'denim' (I suspect a polyester blend the rat bastards) so it's still purple. The bleach didn't work on it either. Not sure whether to suck it up and be disco Riku, or buy some new denim in town when I go to get trainers.

Trousers are pretty simple for me. And the underjacket, apart from the double zip, seems pretty straightforward. Maybe I can finish this all this week.

I've almost finished the jacket (gilet?) in like two days and everything else is in the post from ebay except my overly purple denim for the trousers (I bought dye, don't panic, don't panic... ><)

Still gotta colour and style the wig, make the undertop, bleach the jean pockets. WHAT DO I DO ABOUT SHOES? And no keyblade makes me sad T^T

I've never started a cosplay this late before. Cross your fingers and toes ladies and gents.

I loved making this. I can see the imperfections but I just don't care because it's fun haha! Hopefully I can remake it with as much fun and keep making it better.

He's looking snazzy! His organza fins are done too. I haven't decided how to attach them yet but the worbla holds them in shape nicely. I love how this lacquer came out in the end! Turns out the first bottle I used had a duff nozzle. He has a gradient pole to sit on as well. I'm excited to add the flowy white organza because those are what make this costume really.

These are less annoying than sewing but also more boring than making a giant fish. They're taking a while but since it's on my face I want to make at least the headpiece really good. I need to have more patience with cosplay probably.

These are all I have that can be called 'complete' right now. My cookie is upside down in the image, oops!

I need to redo my leg guards because I managed to make two the same instead of two which are symmetrical. Sigh. The skirt flap armour is in the conservatory drying. Hopefully I can fix that on tomorrow when I get home. The bodice base is complete and ready for the thread detailing and corset ties, and the shoulder pouldron base is done too.

My butt spindles are causing problems. I might have to use the dregs of my money to buy worbla as wonderflex is just not strong enough. Train tickets to expo first though.

What a scary cosplay this is T^T

I am actually gonna play around with fake boobs for this one. We'll see how goes. It could be awful, but hey.

These are a tad too big (haha) but it will essentially be something similar with a lycra overtop and then some badass painting over that, a bit like the 'male torso' body suits you can buy for female crossplayers.

why am i doing this. sigh.

The whole dress etc is finished but they're packed so no photo for you.

I hate this wig I hate this wig I hate this wig

Anyway, wig halfway done. I hate it. Kill me. Never again!

The dress is finished. No pearls to be found so I guess I'll wear mini ones.

Thank god this cosplay is just a joke. It certainly looks like one.

I don't know if they're called daggers but they are now. Foam board is my favourite prop material! Anyway these are the bases. Hopefully I can sand them and get the craft foam designs on tonight, then paint tomorrow.

It's been fun making props with Yukimura Metty Mama. Spears are much sturdier with pencils in the middle! Excuse my face.

The last details are being finished. The undershirt is mostly done (ew), the headscarf is cut and hemmed, I juest need some help getting the shape right on my head. I bought some crap shoes from Primark today too. I'm not going to make them pointy toed because I don't care too much. Finally, finished painting the crest. I'm not sure if I want to add more browns like Kamui's hubby does. It might just stop looking like gold if I do!

Just needs all sewing together now, and a collar. Plus some buttons on the cuffs.

Still panicking. Tomorrow I should be able to cut everything and start pinning. I'm not sure about the fit since I have to count in the stomach padding and extra boob. T^T I should draw patterns neatly but I can just never be bothered.

Stupid conservatory has destroyed my arm guards with mould and damp. I'll be remaking them sooner than I wanted to. Good job we have that spare worbla!

Disaster with wig one. The heart looks fine alone but terrible on the wig. Instead of felt I'm going to make it from craft foam, with a crevice for the hair to go into where I glue it, so it isn't so messy. Also included are my granny slippers.

For a joke cosplay this is costing me more time and money I would like. WELP. LEARNING CURVE. It's about time I messed with wigs properly anyway.

Had a play. It's fun I think. Cutting it is difficult. I will need to buy a hot air gun before I make anything really big, but I'm looking forward to messing with something new!

Now just the embroidery, headpiece, shoes, and shirt to finish.

Camera not charged so have a terrible webcam picture.

Douched about in Jafar for New Year. So much to do. How do freckles. Why Magi. Why Kita. Much iron needed, many panels missing.

Didn't get any alcohol on it though. Go team.

Sinbad is Lameninja I love her even if she gets tits over arse drunk

Just quickly edited some shoes to match. Wings are some overpriced felt from a stationary store.

Shuriken fully cut, painted, rub n' buffed, and bloodied in places where the expanding foam decided to fight me!

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