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I've been cosplaying for many years now, but I've only recently taken it as a serious hobby. I mostly enjoy making armour and weapon props, as I'm a complete dunce when it comes to fabric.

I love meeting new people and making friends through cosplay so gimme a shout if you want to chat about anything or want to exchange PRO TIPS.

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Again with mounting board. Pretty happy with the shape as it's pretty much spot on with the 3D game model I've been using for reference and measurements. Just got to poly a few of the edges and get it ready for painting!

After that I shall be working on all the square plates that hang off of this one.

Made from mounting board and still working on the other. Once they're both done I'll need to do the underside, and then they'll ready to paint!

Started making the glove joints. Should have them constructed tomorrow I hope.

For this costume, I'm using a thin vinyl/pvc material to shirnk wrap all the armour to give it all a nice sleek finish. I tried testing this technique out on the teeth and it seems to work well. It's a bit tricky to get the wrinkles out of the material as it has to be pulled taught and folded neatly underneath.

I shall now attempt to wrap the entirity of the lower jaw. This may take a while...

Started making the paper prototype for the helmet today. Might need to scale it up a tad... Hard to tell at the moment, so will have to make the rest of the helm first.

Decided to make parts of this out of mounting board again, so I'm starting off with the head and shoulders.

Sandwiched 2 hollow poles in between the base of the wodden handle, which will then allow the upper half of the blade to slide into place. This sword is 293 cms so it's going to have to be two pieces. The shape of the blade is pointed at the bottom and flat at the top like a traditional katna blade. I've used 2 pieces of mounting board for each side of the blade and filled the bits in between with pollyfilla expanding foam to keep it nice and strong.

Also added the hand guard, but seeing as it's only 1 layer of mounting board I'm going ot give it a good 5 coats of pva before properly attaching it to the handle.

Straps finished and studded! TIME FOR SLEEVES!

Made the first shoulder mesh today! Going to finish this shoulder off before starting the other. Just got to mache it, poly filler, sand and paint!

Decided to push this one back to May due to lack of money and busy schedule!

Started making some of the arger plates now, have been using mounting board to get a smoother, flatter finish an I think it looks pretty good! Exams approaching... Should really be focusing on those >.<

Just got the shoulders, boots and a bit left on thr gloves to finish!

Been a while since I last updated. But yeah, got the keyblade out of the way. Took a long time to plan out the templates and jigsaw, but 'tis finally done. It's made out of MDF and PVC piping. So it's a fucking mission to carry one handed. Also fixed the helmet a lot since the last journal entry. Basically remade the jaw from scratch as it was waaaay too bulked out. And I've painted it all and added the ears and mouth piece! All that needs adding to it now is the visor which is curently underway!

I made more parts of the armour last night, the thigh plates and ankle blades!

Shall be working on the gloves today!

constructed the back of the helmet today, it fits really well, I can't help shake the feeling it might be a bit too big. Have drawn in the rest of the helmet to give a sense of scale... Thoughts?

this week i have mostly been wanking

Added the inner and upper jaw of the helmet now, Just need to paper mache these individual layers now and start applying gesso! :o

Also bought an alice band to strap to the inside so it fits me better!

Have been working on the helmet on and off recently together with Lucy's :D
So far it's pretty much a wire frame with mesh and masking tape, coated in paper mache. Going to be doing this to the rest of the armour and then will start adding layers of gesso to smooth the shape down. It's soooo tedious, but it'll all be worth it in the end XD

Here's a picture of the jaw and ears :D And my ugly housemate D:

So I'm thinking about mobility and comfort for a change with this costume! :o

Basically I&amp;#039;m thinking of starting out with a basic body suit made of pleather, lined in something less sticky against sweaty flesh ;p Made of 3 seperate parts so I can move easier. Look at diagram NOW!

Piece 1 will be a pair of trousers that come up quite high with a zip at the back to get into. The upper part of the trousers from the groin will be made of read pleather and will create a red strip going up the front of the body suit when the second piece is worn.

Piece 2 will work like a corset with a zip at the front so I can hide it behind the chest armour.

And Piece 3 will be easy to slip on like a T-shirt or something but with a zip at the back of the turtle neck so I can get my head through, this should be hidden by the back of the helmet and armour straps however.

The armour is supposed to look kinda layered in the images so I think this method will add to the effect!

Time to go to Fabricland...

Primed the sword today, but couldn't do anymore as it started to rain -.-
The basic scabbard is now made, but can't really do much more to it till tomorrow. I need to screw a metal loop to the side so I can thread my belt through, cut out the pattern that goes down the side and make a triangular boxed tip at the bottom. Then I'll paint this and the sword together.

Will finish gloves tonight! 3 DAYS LEFT FUCK!

So there IS something more tedious than embroiding by hand... SANDING TIMBER! D:
This bitch took me forver to get all the curves in the sword guard, but I'm really satisfied with the end results. All I need to do now is prime this sucker and start painting! Oh, and add the gems :3

Hmmm, I hope I can find my airbrush compressor in the garage...

Here's the basic body of the sword which I all made from timber. The bottom of the handle was shaped with Fimo and I added craft foam for the lines going around it. I'm going to add a green gem to either side of it once I've finished painting it all. The handle itself is circular and I sanded down the sides of the blade with a machine sander so it's deepest in the middle. Boots will be finished today! Maybe >.>

Cut the crap out of some welly boots stuck air dough on it. Going to make the straps from craft foam and make the rest of the boot out of pleather that'll wrap around the bit extending out of the heel.

Woooooooooo! Finally, I can stop using the sewing machine! (for now) <,<
I'm really pleased with how this tunic came out seeing a I've never made any clothing like this from scratch before... Special thankis to Xav and Amy for awesome advice ;p Just need to paint on some rings onto the gold bits with that 3d stuff and embroid the flower (gay) patterns onto the bottom!

Added the ribbon to the bottom and inside, as well as a super cool zipper allowing me to get in and out easilly! All I need to do now is add sleeves, rbbon the top and embroid the design onto it!

Added the collar today and folded the edges over some wire to help stiffen it up. I broke my only sewing machine needle in the process though, so shall have to pick up more tomorrow.
*is a retard*

Yes, that's right, I has sewing machine! Ok, it may be about 30 years old and heavier than a car. But it gets the job done! Seriously, this thing looks like it could be in fallout 3. It could survive an atomic blast that's for sure! D:

But yeah, here's the tunic so far! I've lined it in a lighter blue cotton material which will become apparent when the sleeves are rolled up. That is, when I make the sleeves ;p It fits quite well, but there are still a few adjustments I need to do yet. Gold ribbon trimming to come next!

Urgh, Just got to work out what the fuck is in the middle of this bloody crest now... Maybe I should just sew in a giant hand giving the finger? *sigh*

I've decided to sew the crest pattern onto the cape instead of painting it.
This was a mistake.

Just the uniorn has takn me 4 hours XD
I don't want to do this anymore =3 MY HANDS ARE BLEEDING! After this, I then have to line the entire cape in red by hand! I REALLY need a sewing machine.


Made the straps today with a cheap ass belt I found at a charity shop for 60p :o
Cut it in half and glued bits of foam onto it which I painted brown! Simple as.

There are 4 strips of narrow belt I need to glue to the bottom ends that connect to the breast plate, but I've run out of glue so that'll have to wait ;p

And btw, that blue tint on the lower half of the photo? That's where I sprayed the paint where I shouldn't have :D

I probably shouldn't make this out of wood, but meh ;p
*Ignores Ayacon weapon retrictions* =3

I've finally Finished crafting the armour! Added another layer of craft foam onto the shoulder pads, after bringing all of the edges of the base out with hair straightners. Also went and painted the decorative pattern out with THREE DIMENSIONAL PAINT and is now ready for spraying!

Made one of the shoulder pads today and it fits nicely! I Also added the rim of the breastplate and sketched the decorative pattern into it.

Just waiting on more foam now and some fabric paint to bring out the rim pattern.

Started work on the armour today and for the first time ever, used some craft foam D: This stuff is awesome, it can be heated up and molded into the shape you want, only taking a matter of seconds to set. Here you can see the breast plate without the fancy edges.

Apart from heating it up to the max, I PVA glued it up on the back with layers of cotton to give it a bit of support, and applied layers of watered down PVA glue on the front for the foam to soak up, making it easier to paint on. Tomorrow, the shoulders!

Managed to find a bit of time this week to style my wig. Cut a bit off the back and thinned it out a bit in places.

Wig arrived today, needs much styling though. I'm also thinking of ink dying it a bit darker...

So I receieved my wig today and guess what, THEY SENT ME A BLACK ONE! RETARDS! >.<
Is the wig I was SUPPOSED to be getting -,- Only 4 days until I leave for the Expo now :/ *sigh*

Anyone got any ideas?

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