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As a young wide eyed innocent child I went to my first London Expo in May 2008. I haven't been able to keep away since. Drat

I cosplayed as Tohru Honda with an ebay costume like most first timers, and then I saw others handmade cosplays and was like "dayyyuuum I want to make stuff" and years on from then I hope I can make things without them falling apart?!

I like to be onstage and blind everyone with my beautiful (cough) costuming skills and performances. Gloooorious.

I run a joint cosplay page (despite me being the only one updating it, ahhem) with my fiance which you can find up next to my beautiful photo aaaah

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oop sorry I hardly updated this page ;__; once EGX is over this weekend I'll add all the other progress photos and update the journal :D


ok so

Here's the nose! I ended up having to resculpt a lot of the stuff as the clay cracked and crumbled apart so I put the latex on BEFORE it dried which helped XDD next time I'll know, or just use a oil based clay, yknow...

Anyway after like 15 layers of latex I smothered it all in talc powder and wallaaa one huge ass nose. Since the photo was taken I've stuffed the big bit with cotton wool and latex to fill it out and help it keep it's shape, but I'm pretty happy with them all!

I'm sitting on the fence about whether to buy ears or make them myself but I'm pushing it to one side as I need to start focusing on the actual materials themselves for the costume XDD I've got a unisex shirt pattern I'll be using for the white undertops (the ones with all the buttons) so I'll hopefully be making those :3

And here is my first sculpt! It's for Thorn's nose and I'm impressed with how it came out, though it's not completely perfect XDD my aim is to try and sponge latex onto it to create the prosthetic and see how it is, before deciding if I'm going to make a new mould of the sculpt and cast it out of silicone instead.

Ok so after putting alginate and plaster strips on my nose and chin and letting them set, I pulled them off and filled the moulds with plaster and let it dry then pulled off the moulds to get my first casting! I'm pretty happy with these!

Here please take a look at this candid photo of me with alginate and plaster strips on my face thank

oh shit waddup

ok so now amecon is over I can start to get things together for these little twats - I've purchased some white cotton sateen to dye red and blue as I was struggling to budget buying stuff like cotton jardin in the colours I needed so eh just gonna dye it myself :) I also got some alginate and plaster to cast bits of my face for the prosthetics!

Fluttershy is being worked on! I've got a potential dress for Fluttershy but need to try it on with everything as I think it might be too mustardy in colour. I got a tealy blue crochet cardigan to wear on top which I'm planning to embroider the butterfly cutie marks onto so that will look cute!

I've also got two wigs from Coscraft in Rose Pink, a new shade which looked great for her - I'm planning to sew them into one so I have an uber thick wig I can tease and maybe get some waves into :>

As for shoes, I can wear the pink ones I got for Marie as they'll suit!

The volleyball uniform arrived the other day, luckily the shorts fit me better than the tracksuit bottoms hehrehrhre :'DDD

This cosplay is an easy one as everything is bought hehrhehrhe but I received the wig and tracksuit today so had to test them out! I trimmed the wig a tad as it was a bit long and I've ordered the uniform to wear under the jacket as the tracksuit bottoms were a bit too small round my big butt and tum :3c
But yeah my first time really trying out contouring for a male character and I think it turned out ok? It's hard to tell as the hair is in the way haha

I forgot to put this as complete before Kita haha sorry XDD

Photos will be up sooooooooon

I managed to get Sakura done! I spent most of last Sunday painting the putting the wand together! It's not the best paint job but OH WELL I'm sure it'll be fine :D anyway so I put everything together and it looks pretty good! I was worried it would look too OTT all together but it works really well, even the cushion on my head - I mean hat..

So in the last 5 days I've managed to finish off Sakura's costume! I've constructed the overdress and the skirt is two full circle skirts pleated, and then the shawl has a mandarin collar and one full circle skirt so there is a lot of floof :D the beret is stuffed for more depth, it looks like I have a cushion on my head but tbh with how OTT the skirts are it all balances out |'D

Just awaiting my wand pieces to arrive from Dannimation (the 3d printing dude I commissioned, I definitely recommend him!) and then I can put that together and paint it and then do a test! :D

ok so I took a step back from Sakura to get Minami cosplays done and also work on other Kita cosplays but now with less than 2 weeks to the con I actually started the outfit now??

I finished the underskirt yesterday, it's an elasticated gathered skirt so it swooshes really nicely! I had issues trying to get the bottom edge to work. I initially added interfacing and sewed some curves on but I didn't like the look of them and so cut them off, and my plan b was to stick the polycotton and lining together with korrobond and then cut them to shape which has worked wonders yaaay :D

I've also started the dress today, worked on the bodice and tomorrow will be finishing it along with attaching the skirt bit and getting the beret done as well hopefully!

I'm shocked at myself for actually making this good

so I spray painted it with primer and white paint (matte because ain't nobody got time for gloss) and then spent a good few hours adding in the black details and IMIGHTHAVESMUDGEDABIT but that's what white acrylic is for ;D but it looks so much better with the lines added in and I'm so happy aaaah

just need to add some varnish and then glue in the chiffon inside the eyes and add some foam padding to the inside to help it sit on my head properly!

YES MOARhahahahahaha

Ok so here is how his head looks like after many rounds of filler, gesso, and mod podge and sandpapering and tears

I just need to paint it (I'm gonna go with spray paint I think) and then add the details with black and then add black chiffon to the eyes!

My senpai is also working hard to get my electronics sorted so I'm super excited about that :D

He looks a lot happier now, right? I tweaked the eyes to make them a bit bigger and not so far apart, and made the smile more smiley and hehehe. I've added the clay details around the eyes, nose and mouth (and this time I've left the mouth in instead of cutting it out!!) just got to wait for it to dry and then I can paper mache over it and then work with the filler again (I got some light weight filler to use this time to help reduce on weight)

Because I'm such a sucker for perfectionism, I wasn't happy with the first head as I felt it was too big and wide - plus I'd misread the sprite and the weird indent thing wasn't really there at all.

So I looked up some more tutorials and decided to do paper mache balloons again but much smaller and I would make 3 and then piece them together. It took a while to get them to behave and there was an instance I had to stick a bit I cut off back together again (it was either that or make a new balloon dome, noooooooooooooope) but it came together ok! Here's a WIP before I fiddled with the mouth and eyes.

I thought I'd already put this up! Oh well. Here's the costest for Marie! Including the jewellery I made for her! :D

On the actual day I'll pin the headbow back a bit so it's not so obnoxiously straight up XDD

As promised here's my costest XD

I was experimenting with blue makeup since I didn't want to do full face paint with my lovely sweater >_< so I used blue eyeshadows a bit around the face (it's hard to tell from the photos) and also had a bit of red under my eyes because CREYFACEWEEEEH (I also didn't bother concealing my under eye circles hahaha)

Well Sadness is finally finished as I had some issues with getting her glasses - I'd originally bought them from HK on Ebay beginning of January but obviously they have gone past their estimated delivery date so I had to ask for a refund (which they have given, yay) I bought some party shop ones from a UK store and they've arrived and actually look pretty good! So I'll do a costest quickly today :D

Once I'd figured out the position of things, I then cut the ball into two pieces - Sans has an indent around his skull so to create that I cut lines into the edges to fold them down, which I then duct taped into place before duct taping the two pieces back together!

I then cut out the eyeholes, nosehole and mouth. It looks a bit nightmare fuelish from the photo but it'll look fine once I've got all the bits in XD and the mouth has a grin in rather than a gaping hole OTL

Since the photo I've smothered wood filler over the head. It adds a ton of weight but it will help smooth the paper mache out and I can sand it once it's properly dry!

Sans' head was moved to the backburner whilst I worked on other cosplays, but I came back to it last week and started paper macheing over the balloon! I did around 8 layers of paper alternating between newspaper and printer paper - and it turned out pretty solid! Aww yeah >:) probably helped that I let it dry for like 4-5 days haha.

This photo was taken after I took the balloon out (it had stuck to the mache but it was nice as it made the inside really smooth) and I cut the hole in the bottom to fit over my head! I started the template of where the details are gonna go but this was only a quick draw for the photo, I changed a lot of the shapes and positioning XD

Here are the shoes complete! I cut up the boots and then created the shoe covers :D the straps are made from worbla covered in the lycra and then snapped together with poppers.

I managed to get fabric for her underskirt but had to order the pink and yellow fabrics online D: so won't be able to make a start for a few days.

Lack of journal entries on this page as Sadie was simple to put together!

Bought the wig from Ebay and trimmed the bangs. The trousers are my work trousers, simple enough. I bought the red converse (well, imitation converse anyway) and the top was a plain purple tshirt, with a tshirt tranfer of the work logo, and the collar and sleeves are polycotton sewn into the collar and sleeves of the tshirt to give the illusion of another top |D haahah

Sakura is offically in progress! The wig has arrived and I've just been trimming the fringe so it's not all down my face lmao. I'm waiting for my lenses to arrive before I do a makeup test!

I've also got a pair of boots that I am going to cut up and modify into her shoes - I could have splurged £45 on accurate shoes from a cosplay store buuuuuut I decided to put the money towards other the wand, heheheh
I've got some lycra that I will use to make shoe covers! I'll be getting the rest of the material this weekend all being well and then next week I can make a start :)

Let me share this teaser photo of the bow and waist sash I made......the biggest bow I've had to make for cosplay so far haha!

The dress is all made and the lace trim has been added to the bottom. It's really nice with the lace overlay so I'm glad I went with that idea :D and the satin is so gorgeous, I love it <3

The only things I have left to make is some jewelry which involves a bracelet of pearl beads and some earrings maybe, and get some socks and shoes!

ok so I took forever to style this wig as I was busy with other projects but before I started my next project and sewing I finished up all my wig styling for the moment by quickly doing Teddie's wig.

And I mean quickly, like it literally took 5 minutes because all I needed to do was flip the fringe to the side - Teddie has massive bangs so I didn't need to trim it or anything bwahahha

And here's the cosplay test for Ini! I went sort of natural with her makeup but with a bit of colour in her cheeks and gold shimmer in the eyeshadow. The wig is mahoosive on me XD but it looks good so I'm happy with it :D also DEM BOOTS omg definitely getting some comfort insoles for them...

One costume down for Minamicon! :D


ok so when I got the second wig I trimmed it (not as much as the first one) and then I tried a method of having a strip of foam and then rolling the fibres which kinda worked but I did it wonky and it looked pretty crap so I undid it all, cut out the hot glue and then detangled it.

I trialed out putting the curls in with kirby grips and just hairspraying and applying heat but it didn't really hold the shape. So I was going to get some rollers and use those - as I was looking at them I noticed the hair donuts people use for buns and was like WELL WHAT IF I CUT THIS ONE OPEN so I found a mahoosive one in Poundland XDD Then I cut it so it was a semicircle instead of a circle, and then glued the ends of the wig to it and then rolled it up before securing with glue and hairspray! The ends of the donut were covered with loose wig fibres as well as the frontmost sections of hair!

Hahaha here's the head lololol

Ok so I was racking my brains and then someone pointed out I could use a big round balloon and paper mache on that for a base shape! So I'm gonna be doing that and then using paperclay to get the shapes and then filling and painting it :D

I managed to get some really nice duchess satin from Calico Laine with a shade of pink that wasn't too dark but wasn't too light :D I've used it here for the bow in Marie's hair as I have now done the wig!

I started with a Saiyan in white from Coscraft, and trimmed the back bit, then sectioned off the bits needed for the top bow. I was originally going to get a lacefront for Marie but Coscraft's lace front is lovely but too smooth and straight for me to work from (I'm still mediocre at wig styling) whereas Saiyan had a backwefted hairline and a fluffy texture I could work with :)

I sectioned off the side fluffs and to begin with just shaped it with hairspray and a hair dryer with hair clamps, but I didn't really like the rigid look so I brushed out some of the hairspray and of course the heat made the fibres kink out anyway so I got a really nice fanned out look that has the same idea I wanted but more natural and fluffy :D

Hopefully going to make a start on her dress this week once I've gotten Ini finished for Minami!

oh but hey my boots arrived today so that's a positive for today anyway :)


I will wear them for half an hour max I give it before I kick them off and cry

past me was foolish for thinking I would finish Ini today 8')

My original plan for the wig was to cut the long base wig, then use the fibres cut to glue onto painted wadding, and then roll the wadding into a roll and then attach it to the base wig. It worked to a certain extent? But it was messy as hell and I think I overthought how to make it work. Loose fibres are a bitch to deal with and I didn't cover the wadding sufficiently tbh, or I didn't glue the fibres down enough. I was impatient basically as I wanted to get it done XD;;
Then I realised I'd cut the base wig too short so that was the end of that little adventure! I've bought another base wig and this time, my plan is to get a long foam core tube, and then attach it to the wig and roll it up that way so it's all intact. I don't know why I didn't think of that plan to begin with but all I can say is I'm just an iddddiiiottt

To be concluded at a later date!!! :'D

I finished the bracelets this evening! The one on the left is the big wooden beads painted beige and strung together with elastic :D the one on the right gave my a headache trying to sculpt it out of something whilst still getting my hand through it! I tried worbla, worbla and foam, polymorph but they didn't really work :/ my bext plan was air dough and it worked well! It's rigid enough to keep it's shape but flexible enough to get off my wrist. To make sure the beads stayed on I glued some wire inside the beads and dough as a support :) then it was all painted orange and varnished to prevent it from sticking to itself as acrylic has a tendency to do =___=

hopefully tomorrow my boots will arrive and I will get the wig styled and then Ini will be done!! :D

Thought I'd put up a photo of the lace trim I got! :D

I've started buying everything for this cosplay so I can get it done early :D I ummed and ahhed over the design, as much as I love the striped pattern in the fanart reference I couldn't find a striped fabric where the lines weren't too dark or too close together :( since I decided on duchess satin for the bows and sash (which I'll buy next time I can) I decided on using a polycotton base and a lace overlay which I hope will look really nice :D and then I also got some lace trim to go on the bottom of the dress and the sleeves that has musical notes and symbols embroidered on which I thought was perfect for Marie since she has singing lessons!

I also bought some pale pink pearl beads to embellish the hems because I am evil to myself

Hopefully in the next week or so I can start sewing the base dress all together!

So my sports shorts and slippers have arrived which means everything clothing related for Sans is done! I'll try and take a test in the week. I'm going to be focusing on other costumes for a bit before I come back to getting San's head done!

Next on my Sans list was the hoodie - I got the hoodie from Amazon and bought some lovely faux fur from Ebay. It's a longpile grey fur but has black mixed in for a contrast :D I handsewn it to the hood so it's nice and fluffy. I might have overdone it a bit but tbh I want to try and make sure the hood goes over the head when I make it. We shall see XD

So I'd originally got clothing with skeleton bones printed onto them, but after seeing a couple of other Sans' costumes use this method I changed my mind XD I got white gloves and tights and then drew lines onto them to represent bones. I got black on my legs doing this hahahahahahaa |D

I was unsure how to do the symbols on the jumper, I could either paint it with fabric paints or applique it. Both methods would mean stretching out the jumper since it is very stretchy. After some thought I tested out applique with my usual method of using korrobond. I used a scrap of brown cotton I've had forever and ironed it all on, after stretching out the jumper with the ironing board and cardboard. I let it cool so it could set and it worked really well! I'm gonna be careful when putting it on/taking it off so I don't peel off any pieces but it doesn't feel like it will be doing it too easily so whoop whoop!

The beret has also arrived which I will be testing once I've got the wig sorted (my next job)

I have also bought some 3.5cm wooden beads that I will thread together with elastic to make one of the bracelets, I'll use two beads for the bangle and then make a cuff out of worbla most likely :D

I had bought two different jumpers, a white one that was larger than I needed (it was in a sale) which was the backup that I could dye orange if the first choice turned out to be too small, as it was coming from Asia.

Lo and behold though the first choice jumper fitted me really well and I realised that yes I have in fact lost two stone in the last few months and yes it is showing now LMFAO

The skirt is a bodycon maxi one off Ebay which fits nicely and has a nice flow to it :)

The bustier was the first time I made a boned garment so it was interesting! Luckily it was fine and the velvet was great to work with. I really like the embroidery even if I did it from 2am when I was suffering a sinus infection and couldn't sleep hahaha...
I was going to put in a zip but it broke so I sewed in some hooks and eyes which work out better I think! Then just sewed in the grosgrain ribbon like bias binding!

The bolero took forever to embroider oh my god.
I love it though! I love the taffeta I chose for the base material, really gives it a boost!

I watched a lot of Let's Play videos of old Playstation Harry Potter games whilst embroidering the bolero...make of that what you will

Ok so Anna is now complete! Here's a dump of photos XD

This is the skirt finished! It took me a while to get the lining to behave but I managed to understitch it to the skirt and then sew in the pleats. I wore it over the petticoat and am happy with the poof it's given :D

Photo of the continous line of stitching around the sunflowers. This took me just under a week to do when I wasn't sleeping or at work and it was tedious and frustrating but I did ittt yaaaaay
Skirt isn't finished of course I still have a lot to do but at least there's one milestone reached annjhdihbdfergijunaergyk;j

Photo of the blouse with the beads, embroidery and added the brooch with it :D

So since I took a break from the skirt, I have started on the blouse! Here's the WIP of it with the grosgrain ribbon at the top of the collar, and the stabiliser is ironed on and details drawn on. Since the photo was taken I have embroided the small pattern on the front and sleeves and added the beads, now all that's left is to attach the sleeves to the main blouse XD I made it fitted enough for a nice finish but loose enough to be able to pull on and over my head so I didn't have to worry too much about a zip or hook and eyes :)

I'm so sad I bought matching perfume to go with the cosplay HAHA good thing it smells nice :D

Here's a picture of the bottom of the skirt so far! I still have a bunch of bits to do but she's coming slowly but surely! I had a bit of a panic last week about whether I would get her done, so I've taken a short break from the skirt atm, to get other bits sorted :)

Since the last photo I drybrushed on each petal to get an gradient effect, and then started assembling the sunflowers on the skirt - I topstitched the blue grosgrain ribbon at the bottom to begin with before ironing on all the bits with heat n bond! I also then ironed on the freezer paper templates on the inner circles and then painted over the stencils to create the pattern - after that is the long task of sewing on the beads to the sunflowers before I then get set with the embroidery aaaahg

Here's the bits for the sunflowers all cut out! That's the stems, leaves, petals, dots and circles XDDDDDD aaaahahahaahaha

Here's a photo of the first steps in the skirt details! Basically I dyed some fabric orange and dark green then got started with cutting out the vector templates I made then using them to draw around onto the fabric blahblahblah etc etc

And here's the finished sunflower! It wasn't all just copying and pasting, as I had to adjust each petal and dot to make sure it was even. It's incredibly hard to make things even when there are 20 petals, as 20 segments don't work out easily on a circle! DX

Now I have a usable pattern I can print out and use to cut out the various pieces and also use as templates for when I use freezer paper (for the inner circle)!

So I attempted to work out by hand the patterns for Anna's skirt details, and was getting nowhere. It's difficult as Anna's legs are much longer than mine so the skirt is longer and allows for more space - whereas I have titchy legs and cutting it to my mid calf level means I don't have much lengthwise for details if I want to keep in proportion!!! >__<

So I decided to go to Photoshop to help out. I used a ratio to work out the estimated measurements I would need and created a pattern on photoshop using the pen tool and vectors! I have some experience of the pen tool from when I did digital art and used it for lineart so I know all about the anchor points etc XD

This WIP shows I traced over the design after getting a flattish sectiob of her skirt, making some changes to keep it symmetrical (i.e I copied and pasted the leaves and flipped them) and also I made some guidelines for the inner circle so I could work out the little details there and keep it all mostly symmetrical and even!

I tried my first attempt with satin stitching with Anna's shoes! The first shoe (the left one) went amazing and I was like YAAAS and then I did the second one and it was like NAAAAS
oh well, it still looks good at a glance XDDD;;

I took a hiatus from the petticoat whilst I made other costumes for the fiance and myself (including his Kristoff costume which was a challenge in itself!!!) which was a good thing as I was getting cross with it but after a fresh look I managed to get it all sewn up! After sewing all the bias binding, it was a long process of gathering the tulle to the same width of the tier above it, and then again until it all connected. The top part is made from polycotton, and there are two layers of tiers altogether. I attached them in a way that the raw edges are turned into the gap between the two layers, so as to minimise the rubbing on my tights (which I will hopefully make once my ball ended needles arrive!)
Once it was all connected I inserted a zip (I opted for a fitted waist rather than elasticated so as to minimise bulk under the bodice) and created the side seam! And apart from having to take it in at the top a bit, it fits quite well! And has a lovely amount of poof :D

Here's some shoddy photos I took this morning after finishing the outfit! It took me longer than expected as I had to measure, cut out, trim, attach and then topstitch the lilac appliques to the edges which took a while XD but the kimono is gloriously massive so it's all good! :D

I wasn't happy with my Anna wig, especially with the way it had been prestyled into an inaccurate style. Since I'm entering Anna into ECG I need to be on the dot accuracy and costume wise. So after some thought I decided to unravel the work and restyle.
This involved getting rid of the some white wefts they still had within the back (NO BAD INACCURATE AAAAAH) and snipping out the fibres stuck with hot glue. I figured out how they had constructed that style - the wig is wefted so it has the top part going down and then the bottom wefts intended to be brought up. So I trimmed the top wefts so as not to cause bulkage and then tied up the bottom wefts and examined the reference. Her bottom hair is in a twist and pinned in a circle on the back of her head, so after a lot of patience and hairspray and hot glue I managed to get it to a decent state. Then I stuck back on the ribbons - I also wasn't happy with the size of the sunflower so I luckily found a slightly bigger one and after enhancing the colours a bit with some dry brushing I attached that to it. I am a lot happier with the wig! :D

I finished up the wig and today managed to get the makeup sorted! I experimented a bit and it paid off :) I got some new naturalish false eyelashes which go well and I will probably try and wear a lot more XD

Dem odangos! They are good unless you look up close and be like OHHH God nooo

Just need to find some nice shoes and Diana is done yay

The klona cotton I got for Akito I thought would be a good very light grey but it turned out to be too grey =__= I saw in the refs compared to Yuki, Akito's inner robe wasn't pure white but off white.

We'll be shopping for James's Ayame cosplay soon and I will most likely get more than needed for his inner robe so I can use it for mine, hahahahah

I came across an issue when trying on the wig - I originally bought a character wig cheaply from Ebay for a character that has a similar hair style to what I wanted - but cheap wigs from Ebay doesn't mean the best! When I tried it on it is a very tight fit. I've managed to adjust it a bit making it less POUNDING ON MY HEAD but I will be using a ton of hair grips to keep it on my head XDD;

It originally had pigtails, which I've cut off and will be using the loose fibres to shape round the heart shaped odangoes I made earlier from styrofoam - I'm currently in the process of that and it is frustrating as hell as loose fibres like to go everywhere sob

RIP fingers

Oh yes and I also curled two long bits at the front, I've taken them out of the curlers after leaving them in for a day (I blasted them with a hairdryer for about 2 minutes each beforehand) and they've come out wonderfully. And as you can see I used hairspray, my hairdryer and even my straighteners to create the iconic Sailor Moon bangs! It looks a little low on my wig head but bear in mind the wig head is smaller than mine (despite the fact my head is actually quite small hence this wig just managing to fit XD)

After acquiring more trim I handsewn the trim to the moons' edges! I decided to handsew rather than machine sew as with everything sewn and heat n' bonded together it was awkward to maneuver through the machine, plus it was mostly SATIN which is HEAVY AND ANNOYING so handsewing was the best option :)
it's soo prettyy

Here's the dress before I added more trim to the moons - I used a fantasy gown pattern and it turned out pretty cute! The armholes and neckline is elasticated and gathered which is nice and I love the organza I used, even if it was annoying to sew!

Since taking the photos I cut down on the white bit at the bottom and hemmed it properly |D

You can also see the collar I made - I went with the red velvet ribbon and sewn a cat bell onto it! It kinda makes a noise when I move so you can listen out for me XD

I've completed the actual costume for this cosplay! Will be working on the wig in July time (coscraft is closed during June but I can work on it in July as Kita isn't until end of July, yay) and then I can do a semi-reveal dundundunnnnnn

I also got this done a few weeks ago - Anna's pendant! Made from craft foam, worbla, green rhinestones and a resin gem I casted myself and then painted with glass paint, and glitter nail varnish on the underside for extra GLITTER and then added silver card to MAKE IT REFLECT AND PRETTY


So Anna has a yellow petticoat underneath her skirt, you see it clearly when Elsa "magicks" her dress and her skirt goes WHOOMPH and it's like HELLO LAYERS

so I'm making a hopefully very poofy petticoat! I got some tulle and am doing a 4 tier petticoat, the tutorials I looked at said to cut strips in the length you need and sew them all together. Altogether the strips come to 32m of fabric. SOB
I then cut them into shorter strips that I calculated depending on what tier they are, and then arranged them as well as I will have 2 layers of each tier for more poof. Currently progess is at a stand still as I ran out of gold bias binding to seal the bottom edge, but this Sunday I will be acquiring more so will hopefully get this done next week!

I tinted the wig a bit more ginger and took out the white wefts as it was innacurate aaaahhhh

And I got the ribbon and sunflower and fixed them to the wig, yaay :D

I tried to make myself look as pale and sickly as possible XD

I made up some moons! They're moulded in Polymorph and then painted gold and sealed with glitter and glitter nail varnish :) One will be on my forehead and the other will be attached to my bodice. I was originally going to have it on a choker but then I decided to go with the red ribbon and cat bell route XD

The wig arrived so I decided to do a test and see how I wanted to go with her makeup - it was my first time experimenting with freckles and I think they came out ok!

The wig needs some adjusting and I'm thinking of tinting it a bit ginger as its a little on the brown side!

The wig is trimmed and the mask is sewn into it, so Sachiel is officially finished and I am now done with my Minamicon cosplays :) might try and get a make up test done next week before the con, but as for a full body test, that will wait til Minami!

Just to show what I've done! Since taking the photo I have put everything together via a harness system and it works really well!

Progress is starting on Sachiel! I made the mask this morning. It's made from Worbla shaped and then covered in jersey fabric and black chiffon in the eyeholes! I used a similar technique to when I made my Traveller mask :)

Also did a wig test the other day, my wig arrived so I spent some time to trim the fringe so it was further up my forehead XD

I'm taking Mako out for a trial run in just her school uniform at Minamicon, so I managed to get it all made! Made from gabardine drill and cotton jersey, there was a lot of firsts including my first sailor collar! Think it turned out ok though XD

Sayaka is finished! :D Look forward to photos of the full outfit after expo!!

Really sorry for the lack of WIPs...but Juniper is all finished now :D Can't wait to wear it all!

All done for them! Will be using a ton of sock glue to keep them up....

Here's some oldish photos if the wig all styled!

I've attached the ribbon, and sunflowers whilst also attaching elastic to one sunflower so I can bring it down to breathe into :D

I've bought some fabric for Sayaka! I've gone with crepe again for the cape as it worked so well for Amazi-girl. I also bought some nice lycra fabric for the gloves, stockings, and armwarmers. I'll be looking at skirt fabric in the next few weeks when I take a trip to fabriclaaaand

Here is a WIP photo of the hat with the sunflowers! Just need to add the ribbon and leaves :D

Look at my beautiful wig isn't it amazing

hahaha yeah it needs a desperate trim XDD

Managed to win a lovely sun hat from China on Ebay for like 2 quid 8D

Costume put into progress as I've bought the wig :) it's a blue/black mix wig off Ebay, looked quite good for Sayaka's hair colour (plus it's character specific so it's cut in her shape as well...well the stock image is anyway we'll see hahah)

Junie is officially in progress, I have just bought a double plaited wig off of Arda Wigs XDD I have chosen Dark Brown as the shade as it's the closest brown shade to her colour (and the one up, Spanish Brown, was too red)
I was thinking of getting wefts for the knitting ball ends, but considering how the plaits on the wig are longer than her hair, I can trim that and also use the fringe trimmings around the foam ball XD

The boots! I cheated a tiny bit with these, and bought some base Ugg-style boots off Ebay. I used them to draw the pattern into the pleather used for the belt. Because I mucked up the toe piece so much, I ended up cutting the failed attempts so I could still use the leg halves - so the boot covers are in two pieces but you can't really tell unless you look up close XD

The extra details are upholstery foam covered in lycra, again. Because pleather hates hot glue I cut a hole so the foam is actually glued onto the base boot underneath |D

There are no photos of the cape in WIP - it's basically royal blue crepe (a different shade to the pleather and lycra annoyingly) cut into a cape shape and then hemmed using a combination of a hand rolled hem and a rolled hem machine foot (it was an interesting experience, using a rolled hem foot for the first time on a complex fabric like crepe....) The cape is then glued to the jumpsuit (should have probably hand sewn it but I was lazy...)

Obviously this is now finished, but here's an WIP shot. I cut a length of royal blue pleather (non-stretch), and attached it to a belt clip buckle I got off Ebay. I created a fake buckle using upholstery foam covered in lycra (a method I used for any raised details on the gloves and boots etc) and glued it on. I then made the utility bag pockets using the same pleather. They're the same size as my 3DS so I can have that on my self for photos! Actually super lucky as Amazi-girl has a red 3DS and so do I...|D

The photo shows the base belt and the pockets in the pieces to be sewn together

Here's the jumpsuit before the cape was made and attached! The A is the same lycra as the gloves, sewn on using iron on-tear away stabiliser! It's such a great little trick that I will definitely use in the future with stretchy fabrics :D

Finished these yesterday! The gloves were made from lycra, and the base was the lycra stretched over upholstery foam that was cut and glued into shape. It's not the neatest of jobs >_< but it will do! I really should have made the gloves from leather but I couldn't stomach making non stretchy gloves XDD;;;

It was finished ages ago but only got round to putting photo up XD

This was made by having a base mask which was a cheap fabricy mask off ebay, then I trimmed it into the shape I wanted before covering it with lycra, which was then stuck down with hot glue. It works perfectly!

I got paid yesterday so I've gone ahead and bought all my material XDD only thing is I'm using different materials for the blue bits (faux leather for the belt and boot covers, lycra for the eye mask, gloves and A, and crepe for the cape) so inb4 they're all radically different shades of royal blue hahahahah.....

I've bought a cheap eye mask off ebay to cover with lycra, this will help it form nicely on my face instead of relying on the stretch :)

I bought two wigs from a Chinese seller on Ebay, and wefted them together! (I'm glad I did buy two as I definitely got what I paid for, they were a bit thin OTL)

The colour is a bit off but it was so hard to find the exact colour :(


So my secret for this KGT was my secret dress! I always planned to have a dress change during the song, because it's Sheryl lmao! but instead of choosing another outfit, I decided to create my own design based on Diamond Crevasse and the song themes. So I used light blue acetate satin to keep with the theme, and shoved a shitton of organza onto it, and then glued LEDs to the organza train and EL wire onto the bodice! It was quite effective :D

Here are the finished trousers - they were once white but I dyed them orange, cut them shorter and added the lighter panels to make them more masculine :)

Made from black cord, and the crown is foam covered worbla painted with acrylics, etc etc.

And with that Ranka is complete!

Aaaaaah I finally finished the dress XD took way longer than I wanted!
It's quite heavy because of the many layers it needed in the end so I've had to use hot glue on the straps to keep them from breaking off (theyre a bit too thin to take all the weight ;__;)

I'm in progress with making the necklace thing as well and then Ranka is doooooonneeee

Also had fun with under stitching for the first time XD I recently discovered it and am so sad I didn't discover it beforehand!
It basically means the lining won't poke through and be seen that easily on the bottom of the skirt - obviously you can still see it as that's the idea but it won't look sloppy or anything XD
Next move is to sew up the rest of the dress and make sure it all fits ok! I made the skirt a bit longer at the top so I can add darts ofr pleats purposefully.

Yesterday afternoon I worked on the dress some more :D I've sewn up the skirt. Here's a wip photo of the blue bit before being top stitched onto the skirt. There's two layers of yellow poly cotton (since it's quite thin) and one layer of pink poly cotton underneath as lining!

Here's the jacket! Yellow drill with yellow and orange fur collar :D so warm and snuggly!

I sewed the blonde wefts into the wig, styled it, and added the horn! The horn is made from Crayola Model Magic which is like air dry clay but lighter and more spongier and I really enjoyed using it :D I painted it with acrylics and did some texture before weathering it to look more natural. I then glued a circle of felt to the bottom and sewed it into the wig :D

I got some fur off Ebay to make a nice collar trim for a jacket, and will be making the jacket and I've bought some orange crop pants things as well!

I bought a wig off Uni last Ayacon, and so now is the time to make Ranka's dress! Not sure if I will be having a pink underneath though, I shall see XD

I've bought some yellow polycotton as I'm being very cheap and lazy. I already have some blue material from Rain Card, and will be buying some red beads next time I'm near a craft shop :3

Hopefully CrystalNeko will be joining me as Star Date Sheryl! <3

Here's the finished gun after being spray painted and weathered with silver paint! Also added straps that attach round my arm like on the original model. Only I can't move a lot with it or it slips round to the wrong bit hahahah...

Since last entry, I covered the gun in masking tape, and then I have paper mached over it all! I've sanded it down a bit and added more layers to give strength in weak spots, and then will sand it a bit again and then nothing left to do until I paint it next week with Starscream's guns. Whoop

I decided to make a gladiator style medallion to wear on my jacket - in a kind of symbol of Megatron's authority (since Starscream has the arm patches)
This is my second one, my first one was bad we will never speak of it

It's made from two layers of foam (one a circle base, another layer for the edging) which was then covered in two circles of Worbla and heated to the shape, and then the Decepticon logo was cut from Worbla and heated on. Then a few layers of PVA and then I painted and weathered it with acrylics (and sharpied on some details)

The medallion is attached to my jacket via a magnet glued onto the back XD

I started the gun yesterday! It's made from cardboard, foam board and a cardboard tube I had saved from wrapping paper XD I've covered it in masking tape ready for a couple layers of paper mache and then painting! :)

Officially in progress as I have obtained the wig and wefts! Will sew them in nearer the time once I have acquired some airdry clay for the horn!

Here are the progress shots of the dress. What I basically did with the dress, was to wrap the fabric around me (keeping the 60" width constant) and see how wide it had to be around my bust, allowing a bit of overlap to put velcro on. Then, I cut slits up the material to insert triangular panels from the leftover taffeta, to flare it out at the bottom!
Once that was all sewn together I used the whole 5 metres of chiffon, gathered it at the top and sewed it to the top of the taffeta so it draped over the top XD
The first two photos are with a scrap of fabric to visualise the sash, the third is with the finished sash :)

So, in progress when making the dress, I found adding the chiffon on top of the taffeta made it look like...well, like a tent. Which is how it's supposed to be, except it wasn't very flattering on me at all...

So my friend CharlieBear suggested I make a sash for round my waist, or underbust! So I got some of the spare satin from the flowers, and a bunch of beads and sequins from past projects and got to work! My mum surprised me with a new embroidery hoop (she was supposed to have given it to me for xmas but forgot) and it made detailing so much easier! Here is the sash all finished :)

My friend littlegeeky told me the tutorial in how to make this leaf! It's a layer of craft foam sandwiched between Worbla - it was my first time with a big Worbla prop so it was an interesting experience. I then shoved tons of glue onto it and then painted it! Will be a nice prop to have for photos!

Delayed a bit as I was waiting on some lace for the bottom edge! The base dress material is ponte roma jersey, a thick jersey that has the right feel and weight for a knit dress! I'm wearing a black jumper underneath. There's the lace on the bottom and the cobweb detail was done by gluing sequin trim to it with hot glue (I did contemplate sewing it on buuuuut I was impatient. Hot glue seems to hold it up fine)

AAAAND here are the shoes I bought! £3 from primark, gooood bargain :D

This was fun to pattern and make, hahaha.
It's the same pleather/PVC, and the main panel is sewn over upholstery foam for depth. The coloured button thingies are made from felt and leftover satin scraps from the logos!

The belt is snug enough round my waist but loose enough to be able to take off without much trouble - eliminating the need for Velcro or poppers which would likely undo knowing me and mah belly :P

On my way to buy the shoes!

After a couple days work, I managed to make the jackets for both Megatron and Starscream! I looked at their G1 designs and used certain elements to customise the jackets with details. Starscreams is a sleeveless jacket as he will wear a white top underneath, whereas Megatrons has sleeves with ribbed detail. Both jackets have the Decepticon logo appliquéd on in purple acetate satin and heat n bond, and I think it looks pretty snazzy!

Will be working on the belt today and hopefully buying some white flat shoes :)

Took me a while due to handsewing on the details, but I finished both aprons for Reese and Cyrus! They look so darn cute together *___*

This means Reese is now complete! That's one cosplay done for Minamicon :) and I can now put my focus into finishing Megatron and Sheryl in the next month :D just going to make some little props for us. I'm going to make a leaf based on the one little geeky made (go check her Reese out, it's adorable) and possibly a bug!

I made my first flower crown! Also did my first satin burning XD I burnt my fingers a lot...and might have set fire to the satin a few times.*cough cough*
But they turned out great! I glued them to a wire frame with felt covering it, and it's slightly big as I'm not wearing the wig XD

All that's left is the dress!

Yesterday I spent the day cutting up one of the wigs into wefts, and then I sewed them into the other wig. It took ages but I'm glad I did it because it's lovely and thick XD couldn't resist doing a makeup test!

I bought satin purple gloves off eBay, and some small flowers made from fabric which I then sewed onto the glove as a trim :) I was lucky as I worried I wouldn't have enough!

My wig arrived! It's gorgeously long, and is pale blue with some darker blue streaks in it, just what I wanted! Once I make the flower crown sometime this week I can do a makeup test as well :)

I trimmed the wig fringe a bit, and have made ears out of felt that are now sewn into the wig! No time to do a makeup test today but hopefully will get one done - will mostly likely get one done once the apron is made :)

Here is the top, shorts and leggings all together! Doesn't look too bad XD I snagged a pair of leather shorts in the Primark sale for only £3, glad I did as they fit really well with the metallic leggings XD

My circle lenses arrived yesterday! Here are the ones I'm wearing for Sheryl - they don't show up as well as I'd like but it's better than nothing :)

My circle lenses arrived yesterday! Here are the ones I will be using for Megatron. I'm really impressed with them! They're from Super Pinky brandwise (website was Honeycolour) and show up really well!

My circle lenses arrived yesterday! Here are the ones I'm wearing for Reese - since she has black eyes they are big and black and kawaiimoemoedesu.

My circle lenses arrived yesterday! Here's the black ones I will be using for Hex Maniac :)

Last night I managed to get some hand sewing done - I got a roll neck jumper and some white lace and then sewed the lace to the collar to make a nice effect! The lace is scalloped and I've double layered it to imitate the effect on Reese's neck. I think it works really well!

So far, I've purchased some materials for Sheryl's dress - I've chosen royal blue taffeta as the lining and some royal blue cationic chiffon to go on top, I hope it will look really pretty!

I've also purchased some pink acetate satin to make into flowers for the flower crown - I plan to use the candle burning method to seal the edges and then sew big pearls into them before weaking them into a crown shape. The wig is on it's way, I bought it from ayanamisatouru's new website :)

I also got some purple satin gloves and some pink flower shapes to sew on! Oh and also some blue contacts :D

I have my jumper, and bought some white lace that I will be adding to the neck to represent the white scalloped effect Reese has on her fur :) I was unable to get some red fabric for the apron but I'm hoping to obtain that by the end of the month!

I got some giant yellow buttons as you can see in the photo - they go onto the aprons :D

Here is my progress so far!

Wig: I've bought two Charlie wigs from Coscraft in blue-grey; I plan to take one apart and sew the wefts into the other to make one big volumous wig! I have the headband already.

Dress: I have a black jumper already, and am looking at jersey knit materials to make the dress. I also have some black chiffon for the trim.

I got some nice shoes in the BHS sale! :D and have some fabric I can use for the reaper cloth, as well as a pokeball which will be brought by my friend Sisceal <3

I also have black contacts on their way to me :D

Did a venture to Primark today, and found a decent top to wear under the jacket :) it's a bit baggy but that might be a good choice, we'll have to see.
Since I'm using silver PVC or pleather for the jacket, it made sense to instead of matte grey I'll get some shiny silver leggings, for maximum bling (well the show was out in the 80s lmfao)

I've bought a white bob wig which is on it's way to me and should arrive by the end of the month at least :) same with the red contacts! (Which I will be using instead of the red glasses as I failed to find some red glasses in the shape I wanted, or even clear ones I could paint >__<)

After some extensive looking for a skirt I've decided to just wear a skirt I already have with leggings XD closet cosplay much hohoho

I have a jumper on my eBay watch list :) I will be doing some modifications to it, and then making the apron :) bought some yellow big buttons to sew onto the two aprons :D

Essentially, I made a ton of mock up hats before settling with the interpretation in the final. Instead of making it literally going up and down, I decided to make it long in one direction, so gravity would then create the fold at the top. I think it turned out really well and I'm pleased I went with it as it made things a lot easier. I stuffed the back and front tons, and then made the balls at the end using a fabric ball pattern, stuffed that and added a bell into them (though you can't hear them that much) and then glued them onto the hat tails. I then sewed the whole hat onto the wig and it didn't give any problems at all :)

Adding some journal entries as I failed to update this before Expo due to the massive rush!

Anyway so this is how the pants were made. I used a quilting tutorial (if anyone wants the link PM me) to cut out diamonds after working out the trouser pattern and how much of each colour I would need. I made two big bits of fabric sewing up the diamonds each being 1 and a half metres wide. This was for each leg using a harem pant tutorial. I then made some trouser lining using a normal trouser pattern, and used fabric casing to gather and seal the bottoms of both the lining and the outer trousers. Then, with while attempting to wear it I added stuffing in between the lining and the outer trousers to floof them out a lot until I had a consistency I was happy with. Then I gathered the outer trousers waistband so it was the same length as the lining waistband, before sewing over the waistband casing and inserting the elastic.

And here is the front view, with the raised bangs! I have no idea what the term for it is...
This was amusing as I was unsure how to go about it, and was like "oh my god this isn't going to work how do I do this" and then I just did it and it was fine XD after a few adjustments I'm happy with it :) Not as much volume as the ref, but in terms of proportions it should be fine, as there's enough room behind it to have the hat!

Next thing to work on is the pantaloon trousers, I will start that by making the diamonds! Shouldn't be too hard as the diamonds are bigger than you think.

So I styled the wig! This is the back view where you can see I've pinned it all up and sprayed it all into place - rather than risk botching up another lovely wig by cutting it shittily, I reckoned it was better to just pin it all up so it's hidden under the hat! I intend to sew the hat onto the wig, and didn't want an issue of hair strands slipping out and looking messy >_<

I trimmed and styled the fringe, and also sewn in some wig clips (it does have one in already but considering my past with these sort of things, it was bound to slip so moaarr)

I've also cut out the skirt fabric and waistband ready for sewing up and pleating, just waiting for the zip to arrive :) shouldn't take too long to do.
I also can't find my air dry clay, so I have two choices - to buy some blue Fimo and make them out of that, or use some polymorph I have. I'm probably gonna buy Fimo I reckon, then I don't need to worry about painting it!

My wig has arrived! I bought it from the lovely Coscraft :) it's a gorgeous colour! I need to trim the fringe a bit and also sew in some wig clips because I can see it now, the weight of the ponytail will make it slip back OTL XDD

And the lenses have also arrived! I also bought some blue elastic to make a faux hair tie with, just need to find the air dough clay and make the bobbles and paint them then tie that all together. Then once I have the machine out I can make the skirt and modify the blazer. wheeeee!

As I started on Rain, sorry for the lack of activity! The only progress from before is I obtained brown polycotton drill for the skirt (which I need to get a zip for) and the contacts arrived for Gou! I won't do a makeup test until the wig comes up for sale and I purchase it <3

Everything except the wig has been bought but I will still need to perhaps get some milliput to make the hairtie bobbles. I might just go with my air dry dough though. If I can find it...

Sorry for the lack of activity on here! A lot has happened since the last update.

First off, I bought some Mehron Cremeblend stick in Moonlight White. It goes on quickly and easily, and today to my joy I found it set well with a powder brush and talcum powder, saving me moolah in getting translucent setting powder and a powder puff, hoorah! I will be doing a full makeup test, with the contacts, once the wig is sorted.

Speaking of the wig. Unfortunately the wig dying went awry, and I realised it was the wrong shade of blue, because I am a moron. So when I next get the chance, I will be purchasing a Lily wig again, but in Indigo blue this time. It's not the perfect colour but it's the closest match. I'm going to decide whether I will be cutting it or just pinning it up on the day because I don't really want to butcher another wig badly...

Aaaand in terms of fabric. I bought some royal blue cotton for the trousers (probably a bit too dark to colour match the wig but OH WELL, it should look ok) and some baby blue polycotton, only I found once it arrived IT WAS TOO DARK AND LOOKED NOTHING LIKE THE PHOTO ARGH
It is more sky blue than baby blue. But, I should have gotten samples first, and the photograph on the website was from freaking 2004 or something, so it's my problem. Luckily it was only polycotton so relatively cheap, and I will be buying some more suitable fabric soon. I bought some nice winceyette for the top which is gorgeous, and the lining also arrived. Time is ticking and I will need to get a start on patterning and working things out soon!

I got some new buttons and swapped them over on the cardigan! It looks much nicer now :D And I got rid of the extra bits like the straps that were unnecessary.

I also need to take in the blazer, I ended up having to do some surgery and take out the foam padding in the shoulders as it looked silleeeyy.
So I'm planning to take out the lining as a whole piece, and then take it in in various ways and probably add some darts into the back to make it more fitted, then doing the same with the lining before sewing it back in. It will also give me some experience with how lining works for when I make it for Rain Card XDDD

Mkies, so I got the test face paint the other day - it's Mehron FX in Moonlight White. It's a good colour, but obviously isn't very big and is more for smaller coverage than the whole face so it was kinda smeary, but then again my brush I was using isn't very good so I will hunt down a good makeup brush.
So I found out that the shade of Moonlight White (which is more of a pale pale blue which is what I needed) isn't just limited to the FX range but is also included in the Liquid makeup range as well as the Creamblend stick. So I now have to make a decision between the two. The liquid means hunting down a good brush to apply it, whereas the creamblend stick boasts how quick application is as it's a swivel case (like a lipstick). I'm leaning towards the stick as my past experiences of doing face paint/makeup before Expo forced me to arrive later to the Expo and miss out on things - although these experiences had other factors that took up time. But STILL fast makeup applying is a huge attraction to me |D so I will probably go with the creamblend stick.

I still have the FX tube that I will take with me on Monday to colour match with fabric.

I also bought the lenses yesterday, they're blue circle lenses for ultimate uguu.

Okies so the cardigan has arrived! It's very nice and a good colour, but there are some bits that need changing - it has these straps at the shoulders (I can't remember the proper terminology, sorry >___<) that need cutting off, as well as a little tag at the back. Also the buttons are metal and too dark so will be getting some different ones when I have access to a haberdashery shop and switch them over. Fun fun fun!

Just literally won the bid on a cardigan on ebay! Will receive it over the next week hopefully so will see what it's like :D should be perfectooo

I also started the red bow, but have decided instead of handsewing it will wait until I can get some red thread and get my machine out so get it done along with the skirt.

So today I did a terrible chopping job of the wig XDD;;; but it will be hidden under the hat, hahahah |D;; The section at the front is the long bangs I've kept to be styled after it's dyed :)

I've swapped the buttons for gold ones now, just need to buy the school patch to sew on and then it's done :)

In other news I have a cardigan watched on ebay to bid on, and have been notified Coscraft will be selling a wig similar to Gou's style next month! So I will look forward to that :D

Bought the socks the other day and they've arrived today! Hooray :D They fit well hopefully without the need for sock glue XD

Thought I might as well show the earrings! Not much sparkle atm as lighting wasn't best when taking the photo haha XD

I'm not planning to start this until after October at the earliest, but will probably wait until start of 2014. This is kind of in progress as I bought Sheryl's earrings from Ebay a few weeks ago XD they're pretty and I will try them on soooon!

I was umming and ahhing about this but I think it will be a nice cosplay to do for the Friday of Expo with the other Free! cosplayers :D It gives me an excuse to gawk at men's muscles hahahaha

Anyway, so far I've gotten a school blazer (thank you, ASDA back to school range!) that has three buttons but I've taken them off and have two gold buttons to sew on (the jacket only has two and this blazer was the best deal I could find)
I have a patch watched on ebay to buy when I get the money, then I will be sewing that on (once I've detached the top pocket of this blazer)

I have a white shirt, hunting down a grey cardigan and a good wig, as well as toying with the possibility of contacts. Will need to get some brown cotton drill and interfacing to make a pleated skirt (yaaay!) and also source some knee-high blue socks. Black shoes I already have!

One thing I wanted to make for expo was the BEAAANNNSSSS

sine I lacked the time and funds before, I wasn't able to, but I can now for Ayacon and future shoots!

Ayacon hasn't started and I'm already putting this in progress XDD

Basically the wig I was going to buy from Coscraft was discounted in a flash sale, so I got it for cheaper than I was originally gonna pay, yay! It's white, because I intend to dye it blue as I couldn't find the right shade when wig shopping that was in a style I could easily manage. I will be getting Lily in white, which has long bangs that I can then style into the large bangs, and will be cutting the back a bit so there's room for the hat. I'm intending to sew the hat one once it's made, and then PIN THE WIG TO EVERYTHING IT CAN GRAB ON TO

Also in progress is the ears - I got some a while ago for James's Marshall Lee cosplay, so I'm going to paint them in the correct colour once I get the facepaint and then use those! yay

I SEALED THEM because the pencil was coming off if I rubbed hard enough

Sealed with PVA/water mix at 3:1 ratio |D



Anyway after spraying them yesterday, I brought them in today and looked at some references of wood. Using that, I started with the ends and the cross sections and then did the length, which was a bit hard but I realised wood isn't perfect like that, it is very random in lines so it ended up looking authentic. I then mixed some darker paint and dry brushed on the weathering, using them on imperfections to create that feel that wood sometimes has when treated. I am surprised at how well it turned out!





Today I have had fun spraying the crap out of the hammers. I used up a can of primer on them, making sure to get rid of the newsprint, and then used a can of Plastikote Daffodil Satin spray paint (it's a bit yellow but was the closest colour to what I wanted)

Once it's dry completely overnight, I'll be adding wood details with a brown colouring pencil - I'm using this rather than a felt tip as I'd get more of a soft feel and I won't need to worry about the felt tip running out halfway through XD;;;

Thought I'd update everyone on the progress on the hammers - they've been given the paper mache treatment, and the handles have been glued on with contact adhesive, with the wooden dowels running through them - to give them support as the bases are quite heavy, doh. Then I'll use hot glue round the seams to give them strength.

Since the photo was taken I've repositioned the handle of the right hammer, since it's wonky hahaha XD

I smoothed the paper mache over with a coat of a mix of flour, water and PVA. Gets rid of some of the worst bits, and it will still be a bit lumpy but it's better than what it was!

So I have finished all sewing jobs for the Ice Climbers! The fur is so nice to work with but a terror. I've bent one machine needle and like 12 pins, OTL. But it all looks good and proportioned ok (although the hood fur is a bit big but oh well, it looks that way in the ref)
I'm happy with the hood, especially the fur at the front - the refs show it is all bobbled into sections, so I split it into sections when pinned onto the hood, sewed lines down to make the sections, then filled each section with polyester stuffing, and handsewn the hems down so it looks nice. It works really well!
The parka fur consists of 5 parts - 2 arm cuffs, and 2 front bits and 1 bottom piece. Instead of having an odd pattern and cutting a right angle in the fur, I've sewn the fur on so it blends and looks like one consistent piece. I am also happy I was able to hide the zips!

In regards to the hammers, I have covered them in a few layers of paper mache, and will possibly give it a layer of paper mache pulp before painting and texture! We shall see :)

So the 3 cans of expanding foam has hardened so I had a lot of fun (note: sarcasm) carving the shapes out of it! Obviously there are a few gaps that the foam didn't cover, so will fill that with probably some paper mache pulp. The general surface will be masking taped and a layer or two of paper mache before using the modelling paste!

In other news I've also finished sewing the fur bits I can with the machine and will go into the process of hand sewing them to the jackets/hoods soon!

Here is the scarf in daylight with the LEDs sewn into place! Since this photo it has been sewn onto the cloak - I was intending to have it detachable via sew on poppers, but they aren't terribly big and due to the heaviness of the LEDs and battery pack, I could see it coming off =__= so it's sewn on permanently more or less which will make packing fun XDD

I've kept the edges frayed, as the tutorial said to do so, as the scarf is supposed to show some wear and tear from the journeyyy
haha I made a funny

99% because I still have to sew the LEDs in place and sew some snap on poppers so it can be attached/detached from the cloak! (unless it's too heavy then I'll just sew it on)
Will get better photos when it's daytime but for now, have a nice test shot in the dark of the LEDs inside the scarf. I wasn't sure about them showing up through the satin as well as the glyphs, but my friends on FB gave the opinion that it looked fine as it was so I'm sticking with it, can't afford to spend more time finding a different method anyways! :P

This was taken earlier today! After cutting out the various lines, and glyphs, and then cutting out the glyph shapes into the base shapes...and then ironing them all onto the satin using heat n bond....

It looks really pretty, especially far away XDD up close you can see how uneven the lines are, whoops

So yesterday while I was at Hyper Japan Stiltzkin-ing it up, mine and MangaGirl's bodysuits arrived! I've tried mine on and it fits alright and does up at the back, yaay! Always a bonus XP
The bodysuit has covered feet, but no head or hands, which will be useful as you won't see my hands anyways under the cloak but it means I can hold things easily, and my head won't be covered :D of course I don't really want to run about barefoot, even with the suit covering, so I got some plain white shoes that blend in well, they only had labels at the back which I've cut off XD
So the final stretch is in sight - all that's left is to make the scarf with the LEDs inside and then make or buy a tiny pouch/backpack for the battery pack of the LEDs to go in!

After a lot of satin, heat n bond, bias binding and patience (SHE SAYS) and swearing at the sensitivity of the sewing machine foot pedal, the cloak is done! Hooray! All that is left is the scarf, and I am excited to play with that :D :D

Here's the cloak details so far - I've done everything as the tutorial said and will be expanding on the symbols above as per my reference :) I have cut out the gold satin needed for the scarf and I have more than enough.

I am also incredibly happy that I had enough bias binding for everything. THANK GOODNESS I did not want to have to buy more.

The symbols that aren't bias binding are heat 'n' bonded to the fabric. It was peeling off a bit in places but a blast with the iron seems to be keeping that under control. I don't fancy topstitching it all =___=

Next will be the rest of the symbols for the cape, and then the scarf with LEDs! *__* also my bodysuit has been dispatched along with MangaGirl's red one, so I will be able to do a full test shot soon!


Ok so this afternoon I sewed another line of bias binding onto the cloak, and then reached the point where I had to use the heat and bond.

I have some gold crepe-back satin, it's not the same shade as the bias binding, but oh well. I ironed some heat n bond to one side, and have been cutting out the symbols that will be ironed on. I'm hoping I won't need to topstitch these on as there are 34 little buggers and I can't bear the idea of topstitching them all....but we shall see. I started cutting out the squiggly symbols and will finish cutting them out tomorrow then hopefully will get most of the cloak details done! :D

The main mask template was used from the tumblr blog I got the symbol and hood patterns from (link is further down journal), and MangaGirl had resized it for her own mask. Luckily it was the perfect size for me, so I used it to draw on some Worbla, which I then shaped with a hairdryer. It was my first time using Worbla and I am very impressed!

I had some thin black cotton which I then stretched over the mask. I smothered the edges with PVA glue as was reluctant in using too much hot glue, and then stuck the cotton over so it was smooth and no wrinkles at the front. Then glued the edges round the inside of the mask, as well as cutting and gluing round the eyeholes. I then hot glued some white chiffon into the eyeholes, as well as some gold bias binding into the circlety pieces. I then sewed some elastic onto the edges to go round my head securely when under the hood!
(yes you can sew through worbla, although I used a leather needle to keep it safe so I would advise that)

I made both pairs for me and neko_riddles at the same time - we bought cheap Primark trainers as a base, and I used these to create the boot cover pattern, which was made from white felt. I then hand sewed the fleece parts (the beige and coloured bits) using a stab stitch (which is invisible if you're not looking at it closely lmao) and then glued the white studs using felt again.

In the next week or so I will be adding white cotton lining to the inside of the leg parts, as the trouser ends need to be tucked inside and it is visible through the felt.

Then I cut smaller pieces that I attached to the main frame to create channels - this will help the expanding foam not become one big blob, and also give it some support when carving. They look like bee hives LMAO

Taking a break from sewing for a bit and starting the hammers!

My plan for these will be to make a frame from foamboard, fill the gaps with expanding foam and then carve/sand, then if I have time some paper mache layers, then prime and paint using modelling paste to create a wood grain texture. The handle will be foamboard stacked up and taped together before paper mached and then glued into the hammer.

So this is the first part - the basic shape. I created a shape on paper, then used that to cut out 4 big pieces. I cut slots down the middles, so I could slot them together into one 3d shape.

Fleece arrived this morning so I've made mine straight away, will be making James's next week once I've drawn round his hand this weekend LMAO

I've cut out the cloak, it's a 3/4 of a full circle skit (this is only half, the quarter isn't pictured - I'm doing the triangle details before I construct it together.

The cloak is made of white cotton (so it will wrinkle like a bitch, yay) and the triangles are made of grey polycotton so since this photo I've pinned it all to the cotton so the edges aren't shown. sobbu

Such joy such joy

I'm using this:
Which is a resource post containing a tutorial and PDFs of patterns for the cosplay. It's come very helpful especially with the symbols, which I have cut out ready to use as patterns once I get to that stage.

So I foresaw the hood being the difficult part of the cosplay, so I started that first. I have a ton of scrap material so made some mock ups. The first time, the pattern was weird and it was too narrow and didn't fit me right, so I reprinted out the pattern but bigger, and it fits a lot better. In fact, once I've made the mask and seen how it fits with that on, I will probably be taking it in a bit as it slips back really easily atm XDD;;

Once I've made the cloak, I'll cut the hood out for reals so I know how much fabric I have left.

Start of the hood! There is a piece that goes underneath this to cover the neckline of the jacket - I will finish this once I get the fur trim done so I can get it all sorted in one go.

Trousers at 100% completion - elasticated waistband and pockets on both sides! My first trousers with pockets I've made...aah

They are both made from same pink fleece, trousers look darker as I'm wearing black leggings underneath, so will have to bear underwear colour in mind on the day :P

Jacket still needs the fur trim added. - 70% completion!

This is technically in progress now, as I bought some gold crepe-back satin for the symbols which arrived today! I also have some bias binding leftover from Dilandau that I intend to use for the trim and symbols :) I also have some black cotton and white chiffon to use for the mask, which will be made from Worbla provided by my Traveller buddy MangaGirl.

We will be wearing bodysuits under the cape to keep the illusion |D

As of today, Ice Climbers is in progress! I bought some fleece from, in both light pink and royal blue (I had to compromise on the blue colour because it was really hard to find the right shade with indigo in it)

Next week I will be buying the fur trim, white felt for the boot covers and some more beige fleece for neko_riddle's mittens (I will be reusing my mittens made for Stiltzkin) as well as a unisex elasticated waist trouser pattern! (I will also need elastic as well!!)

Then soon after I will be purchasing the expanding foam and foam board so then I can start construction on the hammers :)

So originally the crosses were painted on the shoes, and this was annoying because they kept coming off obviously from scuffs. So before May Expo 2013 I ended up saying "sod it" and destroyed my fingers by sewing the crosses on with white embroidery thread and a really strong needle XDD

I'm glad I did though because they look tons better!

LSP debuted at Expocomiccon, and ended up winning Best Performance with my Marshall Lee!!! wheee 8D highlight of my weekend right there!
I regret the time it took to get ready though, we only got to the expo hall at 12pm, and I had a couple of rushed photos on the way by the lovely MangaGirl, but apart from that I didn't venture away from the cosplay desk too much which I regret because it was such a lovely day and I missed so many lovely friends over out at the West Entrance ;3;
The reasons were, painting Marshall up. I'm not sure if he will rewear Marshall in the near future, but I'm going to look into grease/cream makeup instead of relying on Snazaroo. The face was perfect but the paint on the arms did rub off slightly and looked a bit obvious. Not horrific but you could tell. Also, I was REALLY REALLY CLEVER and decided to wear the shoes walking to Expo from the hotel. HAHAHH the gel insoles I bought didn't work very well with my pop socks and now I has blister on my big toe and it was painful by the time I got into the hall >__< this is something I will need to bear in mind when buying new shoes for Ayacon. I won't have too far to walk, but wearing flats when not having photos taken is a must, I think.

In terms of other improvements, I plan to sew wig clips into the base wig, as during the day the ponytails pulled it back and by the time after the masquerade, I was constantly yanking it back forward again and again. Wig clips will help, yes.
Also I want to change the position of the star. Where it sat was good, but it doesn't feature very well in the photos. Part of the reason could be because of the wig slipping back hence changing the angle of the star, but this will be something I will be playing around with. I'm thinking of bringing it down further down onto my forehead and attaching it somehow (possibly sewing onto the base wig?)

Everything else seemed to work alright. The dress was fabulous and the leggings worked well despite trying to ride down a lot OTL and the jewellery worked fine. I have been thinking about adding beads or sequins to the base dress, but it's not essential I don't think. I don't want to go overboard with sparkles, even if it IS LSP we're talking about here.


After hunting for the perfect wig, I managed to find one on the website of Cosplay Buzz. They do have an eBay store (wig-fashion which I know is well recommended) but it worked out cheaper getting it from their American website than on eBay! Of course, it came from China either way XD

It is a lolita wig, the base wig is long and curly and it has two curly ponytails (similar to a Miku wig) which as you can see I have attached to my wig to create a kind of beehive effect. I really like it :) the fringe will need a trim however!

Next job is making the star, then getting stuck into modifying the dress!

I should probably put this up too XD base dress I won off eBay, it doesn't fit me at the top (curse my lumps) but I plan to take out the zip down the side, sew that up, then cut a line down the back and sew in a corset laced back using countess satin in a nice lilac colour :)

Colours not accurate due to my iPad camera being not very amazing. Buuuuu

As of today, Cadence is officially finished! Well, apart from contact lenses, but I couldn't really afford them - never mind! It was a good experience learning about wefting and what works!

I've bought pink polycotton for the dress, which I will be ripping up and dirtying a bit. Opted out of purple lenses for the time being due to money restraints. Also decided to go barefoot rather than have shoes - this won't be too much of an issue as the con is mostly indoors :) Have a lot of scraps I can use for the cutie mark sash! Scraps are good

I've bought a red polo shirt, and green polycotton to make the dungarees - I already have the wig and cap and some scrap material for the neckscarf! I also have some yellow felt to make the number 6 to go on my pocket, and just need to hunt out some red fabric paint or bias binding for the dungaree detailing! :D

Made from stretch leather, and the red parts are craft foam covered in red stretch leather. They are hard as hell to put on and move my fingers in but they look good and I can still hold a sword, so yaaaaaay

I bought some headphones that were similar in the style of FEMc's, they were in white so I painted over them with red model paint (the kind you paint gundams and like warhammer stuff) that I had left over from Yosuke :D

Red cotton with black sharpie details. yummyyyy

My wig arrived, it is GORGEOUS. I am scared to touch it too much in the fear of frizzing it too soon...........

I will do a wig and makeup test at some point. If I have time I need to make the sword and finish off her stocking...if not...then oh well |D

The wig arrived the other day, just need to give it a mini style with hairspray to get the flicky look!

I've started the dress now, sewn up the bodice and am currently on the skirt. The skirt isn't as poofy and full as I was hoping as I was running out of material due to having to double layer the dress (tshirting isn't the opaquest of fabrics...) but I can manage, I have enough scraps salvaged to make the hat at least :)

Also have the crop trousers all cut and the hem rolled up and sewn :)


I've started the headband thingy, moulded it in shape just need to attach some wire into it (EVA foam) so it will keep it's shape definitely when PVAing and painting it! Got the purple gem for it all ready!

This was the beginning, cardboard base stuck over saucepans the right width to keep in shape as I added expanding foam over them. They are currently still covered in foam curing and the next time I'm free for cosplay I will be attacking them with a craft knife and sandpaper!

If for some reason it does pearshaped my back up plan is to use upholstery foam to build up the layers.

The top and skirt are finished, just need to take in the skirt as it is too big on me all of a sudden! The bow and SEES armband are done as is the logo transfer (I had fun with that, lolololol......./sarcasm)

My hair hasn't grown enough :( so I have my eye on some ponytail extensions I can use. If the one I get is a different colour to my hair I will try and get my hair coloured in the similar shade. Don't want it looking too fake now lmao!

I doubt I will get headphones in time, and the evokers are in the safe(ish) hands of CrystalNeko XD

Its not perfect but I'm still proud of the fabric paint stripes! Just fits a bit weirdly at the top, ah well. Looking forward to getting my wiggy wig :D will also be making a sword and a bone headband likely :)

I've sewn together the sees patch, which will need the black detailing, and also the ribbon, will just need to make a fake bow and be able to pin it to a band :) the evokers for me and CrystalNeko are being made, they're looking awesome so far - I will be starting on the actual uniform tomorrow and get that sorted!

I've finished all I wanted to adjust with Celestia for Expo! I've made a new horn out of FIMO air light, which now attaches onto wire wrapped round a headband which is hidden under my wig. I've worn the wig (with the sewn in wig clips to anchor into the hair on my forehead to prevent slipping) along with the new horn and the crown (with glued on hair grips to also prevent slipping) and it all works well, we'll have to see for sure on Saturday!

I've done any repairs needed on the dress, and also added a beaded trim using leftover beads from the collar-cape. It looks more consistent with the rest of the outfit even though most people won't see it at all XDDD

I've adjusted the cape so it is now attached to the collar in a smaller section. Hopefully this should aid it draping better over the wing harness. What I will do on the day is put on the collar FIRST rather then the wings first - then I can safety pin all around the collar to my dress and it should hopefully not budge throughout the day. Fingers crossed!

I've also added the marabou feathers to the outer part of the harness. Didn't add any to the inner part as it would rub on my back and get matted, plus while people may see the outer part they won't neccessarily see the inner part.

Mkay think that's everything! Look out for Celestia and Nightmare Moon at Expo!

I then applied makeup over this, I used darkish red Snazaroo and black Mehron FX for depth.

Then you apply foundation once it's dried over the scar for healed scars, make sure to dab rather than spread to keep the colour peeking through :D you might need more than one layer of foundation depending on how dark the facepaint is.

First of all, I used liquid latex that I bought off Coscraft. I applied it to the bit of my face the scar would be on and as it was drying, stuck on little torn bits of toilet roll. I then let it dry.

Ok so after giving her a good run at Kitacon, there's a list of things I need to improve for May Expo, as me and Goldie are entering the sisters competitively in the masquerade (also for fun but we want to see how far we'd go XD) which means I must make sure nothing goes bad!

This means I will be remaking or rethinking the horn. It worked generally but it kept falling down my forehead during the day, causing me to push it back up a lot. This caused a lot of readjusting to be done during the day and there are photos were I wasn't aware of it.
Also, the crown will need some clips or grips glued onto it - the combs at the back weren't enough and if I tilted my head too much upwards it fell back. This also caused the wig to slip back and I had to keep pulling it forward, which really didn't do much. SO I've bought some wig/toupee clips that I will be sewing into the hairline of the wig that should hopefully anchor it onto my forehead. The horn will be remade - well, I might make a new one out of light air clay but if I run out of time, I'll use the one I made, but get rid of the elastic and make it detachable onto a headband with wire sticking out (a similar process that I used for Wanda and Cosmo's crowns from Fairly Odd Parents) and hopefully this should anchor the wig also as pushing the horn back every 5 minutes didn't help.

Funnily enough the wig got more tangled wearing it normally in the evening than how I had it during the day!! I will need to detangle it, and the ends have gotten a bit frizzy again ¬__¬ hopefully it should be ok, might need to give it a quick hot water treatment. The amount of combing I gave it has made the dye at the ends fade a bit though :( I'm hoping this should be alright as I don't really want to have to dye it all again!!! It should be ok though as Celestia does have a gradient effect in her hair.

Ok onto the main dress and stuff. The wings will need marabou feathers stuck onto the harness for added fluffiness, even though it wasn't really seen it would look nice anyways. there's a hole in one of the dress's seams so a quick sew together will fix that up - I need to remember not to yank on the dress when getting up as I imagine that's how it happened.
The collar cape needs some serious TLC. It didn't work out how I was hoping at all, the cape was too heavy to drape properly. The collar ended up being dragged over the wings and it just looked messy, so I'm going to unstitch the thread connecting the cape to the collar and reattach it but to a smaller section of the collar, the section directly above the wing harness - hopefully this should prevent the dragging of it. The collar itself will be attached more to my overdress, last time I only used like 2 safety pins and I obviously will need more. If I don't use safety pins I might sew some velcro to keep it put, on both the front and the back of the collar. If worst comes to worst - TIT TAPE.
I also need to remember, when I swish my cape, do it SLOWLY. I think I did it too quick as none of the photographers were ready, plus the way it draped badly it probably wouldn't have looked good anyways! Lmao.

I think that's everything, don't think there's anything I need to add. If I find some gold pearl trim for the bottom of the dress to go with the gold trim I'll use that (to match with Goldie's silver trim)

But yeah, time to sort that out and I also need to work on my reference - since it's an original design of an existing character I need to make them epic so I can be awarded points on accuracy XDD

THUUUS the costume is now back In Progess XD

Moving photos from front page to here :D

I've fixed up the wings, added a couple of feathers here and there and a WHOLE lot of white ribbon and white marabou feather trim (hence the mess in my lounge *cough*) but they look decent now :) The harness, I've covered with white ribbon but for May Expo I'll mimic Goldie Neko's Nightmare Moon wings and cover the harness bit with white marabou feathers :) (yes I'm rewearing Celestia for May Expo :D)

I've tried most of it on and it fits fine, just will need some safety pins here and there to keep the collar/cape from slipping back (the cape is heavy!!!) and I would have taken a photo but noo it's all a surprise for you ;D

I managed to buy a skirt, a blouse and a cardigan today, I'll be adding the cutie marks to the cardigan pockets! Can't wait to have this finished :D

Just bought the wig that I'd chosen, it's a light pink/medium pink mix which will do perfect for Cheerilee :D
Gonna scour for a purple top and skirt/dress with a lot of poof, and possibly some purple tights too!

3 of 4 colours done - waiting for the pink to stew for an hour or two before doing that bit. I used a different ink for the purple and it really shows - last time the ink I got was metallic and so the colour didn't show up very much - this is a standard purple (mixed in with some blue to make it more indigo) and it's such a big improvement! Still undecided on how to style it once it's done - whether to keep it straight or curl it a bit or even just a wave. I don't want to curl it so much that it gets damaged and frizzy again >__<

The guantlety things made from shiny gold lycra, and the bangles were from Primark, there are 2 on each arm :)

So instead of making a necklace out of foam like last time, I'm implementing it into the dress. So this is the base, made of gold crepe-back satin, and I'll be detailing it with sequins and beads. lovely jubbly

Main dress has been sewn! It's made of white crepe, which is lovely and drapey but very see through! So I have a few options of what to wear underneath. Possibly another shorter dress or a camisole. I've done the armhole hems (which are pretty shite so never look at them EVER) but have yet to hem the bottom of the skirt.

The crown is officially finished! I've painted it, varnished it and added the details with glitter and glitter glue. It's sparkly!

I've also made the fringe on the wig, where it seperates, then as a final measure I've glued hair grips to the inside of the crown, it keeps it on my head so it won't fall off and break! wheeee :D

Will take a pic sometime next week once I've got some lipstick in the right shade I want for a makeup test!

My wig has gone uber frizzy since I last wore it (Ayacon - almost a year ago, yikes) and so will need to calm the frizz using the hot water treament. It shouldn't affect the dye too much, it needs rubbing alcohol to strip the ink away. If it does look a bit faded I still have the ink from last time so I can redo it. I recently bought a new purple ink since the purple ink last time was metallic and had shimmery bits in it which of course meant there wasn't as much pigment to dye the wig with, which is why the purple section looks faded compared to the other sections!

I'm redoing the dress, want to go for a more mediterranean/greek goddess feel this time like I've seen in many gijinka designs, I will be adding a cape to the dress with the cutie mark on. I'm also making gauntlets out of pringle tubes and foam |D

Since I am now poor I can't buy much more to go with this cosplay, but I managed to snag some beautiful gold pearl beads - rather than make a new necklace I'm embedding the necklace into the dress so it's more an applique with the beads and some purple sequins for the gem. I'm remaking the crown (after RIP first crown at Coventry station) with a proper sideways headband this time and foam. I've also been experimenting with glitter glue and glitter paint to create the 3d effects (I used hot glue last time but I want MOAR SPARKLE)

I've bought Janis's wig, so she is now in progress! I have a potential pattern to mod for her dress and I've been researching different materials to use for the crown/belt :) The chunky bracelets I'm thinking of using pringle tubes cut up and then smoothed over with an air dough...the belt will be a material base with the different squares seperate from each other, as the refs give that feel that they aren't connected completely. I'll be using a pink crepe that I still need to buy but I'll do that as soon as I decide on what other fabric to get for my other cosplays :)

Chie is now officially completed :) I cannot wait to wear her! It shall be epic stuff!

I finished off the fog glasses, and I bought some black leggings from Primark that I chopped up into shorts, they're a good length now :)

HOORAAAY I set myself a goal of one day to make the skirt...and I managed it |D

It helped that I'd made a pleated skirt before, only once before though, but it still helped :) I had to make two sections in the end, plus I'd made the pleats too big on my first try and had to unpick and start again, but it all worked out fine in the end 8D I'm getting good at sewing in zips too, hehehe.

Much love to CrystalNeko for obtaining and dying the fabric for me :) IT FRAYS SO HORRIBLY AARGH thank god for lint rollers...

PRAISE THE LORD!!! *cries with joy*

Longest bit of hand sewing applique...EVER.

Now I can turn my attention to the skirt, and to get around to painting the glasses!

I sewed the second sleeve of the jacket! Took forever and it looks wonky but OH WELL. it is done now. I've gone so far as pinning the greeny bits and will sew them on next chance I get |D

I've sewn on the yellow strips onto one of the sleeves, yet to start the second sleeve (need to stop putting it off and actually do it)

It took me 2 days of on and off work to sew them on, because the sleeve was already closed off due to it being a readymade jacket I had to handsew them on rather than use the machine. Also, the base jacket was stretchy and so some bits look awkward, especially the gap in the middle.

I realised the strips are too big but I really don't want to unpick it and start all over again, it looks fine and it's not like my whole arm is going to be yellow =__=;

The shoes are standard black shoes I got from shoezone for just over a tenner, and then I added the crosses with white acrylic, using a chopstick XDD;;

It'll probably chip off a bit. Plus they are a bit messy, should've used a smaller brush but I couldn't find anything (or I couldn't be bothered, take your pick :P)

I'm all ready to mod the green jacket, got some good material to add onto it!

Also need to get the badges sorted. I found somewhere that can do them for me, just need to sort out the images for it!

Also bought the wig yesterday so that should arrive soon! I'll need to trim it as it's a little long at the sides.

Got some nice shoes that I'll add the white crosses too.

I added a collar to the waistcoat today! :D It looks rather snazzy. So now Shizzy-chan is finished! I can't can't WAIT to wear him, it's going to be epic!!!

Moved from front page, just a WIP shot of the Hand sonic. This was when it was made from cardboard and expanding foam, before carving and paper macheing :D

I'm moving this to completed - all I need to do left is fix another velcro'd strap onto the hand sonic to make it balance and stay still and not flop about orz.

Everything else is done. I'm not 100% happy with it, but oh well :P

I'd put up a pic but I didn't get one taken, I will once I've worked out how to do the chiffon bits! I have a bit of chiffon but no idea what to do with it orz! Was originally going to use it as an overskirt (I might still do but no idea how to attach it) because I like the way it dulls out the budget satin's in your face shiny XD


I've started on the dress! I've made the skirt, it went a bit skewiff but OH WELL. I like the swirly effect it has |D

Now to work on the bodice, and make sure it all fits well. I love the hoop skirt, IT'S SO BIG AND SWISHY SWISH SWISH


It'll be fiiine.....riiight???*gibbergibber*

I made a duct tape dummy, but I started overheating so we were in a rush to cut it off me, and now it's collapsing in on itself when I try to stuff it :S it doesn't look good at all, so I guess I'll have to work around it for now...

All I have left is to finish making the hand sonic prop - it's currently being paper mached for extra strength (I originally made it from cardboard and expanding foam, then I put masking tape over it all and now I'm paper macheing over it, before I put gesso on for a smooth surface and then painting :D Also need to make extra bits from air dough and stick it on, as well as a strap underneath to fit around my wrist to keep it on me!

I also need to finish the jacket, I need to buy some more suitable buttons first and then that will be sorted :D

So after 3 days work the wig is dyed and curled! *collapses*
Excuse the crappy photo and lighting - you can't make out all 4 colours in this one so for a better idea of that look at the WIP on the front page XD

So, I was thinking about Celestia's horn, and I'm taking some inspiration from another of my favourite stories, The Last Unicorn (if you haven't seen it, DO. It's amazing and I adore the characters).

In the story the unicorn is transformed into a human, and in doing so, her horn is represented by a star/flower mark on her forehead. I'm going to do this with my Celestia as it's a similar thing, a unicorn (well, pegacorn) becoming human. :D

Pic is of the human unicorn from the Last Unicorn, her human name is Lady Amalthia I think.

Purchased a Nerv ID card from Etsy, with Shinji details on. Gonna wear it for photoshoots and stuff maybe. Also just something to throw at people. :P

Also comissioning a binder from Sephirayne, so once that arrives Shinji will be finished and I can take pictures :D

Bought some cheap shorts to wear underneath the skirt, to be more comfortable to avoid panty shots >8D

Finding a waistcoat with a collar is difficult >__< so I'm going to get a normal one and then make my own collar for it, hopefully since it's black it won't be too hard to match colours or materials :)

Found the perfect shirt for him the other day, it's a mens shirt so the staff were confused when I asked to try it on XD

Got a black top to go underneath too. Just need to see about black trousers (and looking at a ref he seems to have a brown belt too) I have a couple of pairs but I might look into getting a new pair?

So far I have the contacts. After looking at funds I realised I wouldn't be able to afford making the wings this time :( I'm borrowing some smaller ones from my dear friend and one of my cosplay waifus CrystalNeko to wear so I won't feel so bad :) I will make some wings at some point but they will do for now!

Still need to buy and style the wig, work out and make the hand sonic, and make the uniform :)

I've been paper macheing the gun, almost dry :) then I have to make a big decision - try and make the paper clay work? (it gave me hell when doing the wrench) Get some gesso and use that to smooth it? Or keep it as it is (not really wanting to do that D:)?

I've finished the overalls, need to practise the skit in them though. I bought a belt which'll be easier than making one, and easier to attach stuff to it :D The wrench is finished (BANE OF MY LIFE) and now I just have the belt and the kneepads to make, hooray :D

Cosplay is finished :) Got the R out of red felt and hand sewn it onto the top. Also made a white belt out of pleather and stuck on some yellow felt to hide where it joins (as in the ref I presume). Got a hat as well :)

Tried it all on, will need to wear black leggings underneath the skirt or many panty shots will ensue D8<

If I can still fit into this o///o I will be rewearing Feenie for October Expo |D

I'm moving Shinji up to In progress since I've found and bought a really good wig for him, hooraaaay :)

You won't see any more progress for a couple of months though :3

Tomorrow I'm off to buy the top and hopefully some red felt for the R on the front (I know in the ref it's yellow but GoldieNeko's is red and it will be more recognisable as red ergo)
I've got a skirt off Ebay, and I already have some grey tights or black leggings to wear underneath. As for the boots, I will probably wear black boots as finding white boots that are cheap is a b*tch (and I don't have much time to start experimenting with boot covers)

Also looking for a hat DX

Gotta move that gear up! Once my uni work has been done, I'll quickly make this (will have to since the performance is going ahead!)

I've bought a yellow hat, and a white shirt that I'm going to dye red. Will make the patches out of yellow felt likely. Will make the dungarees and the belt. Fun times! 8D

As for the boots, I had some wellingtons I bought a while ago that don't fit me on the calf. Since I should use them for this, I cut off the tops so they fit me better now :D

Also got a pair of gloves coming from home so I can do one up in grey felt hopefully.

Complete! I'll try and get piccies of the whole thing tomorrow :3

Well that was anti climatic, it's ok, you can all return to your homes now :)

So, I'm already making a start on this ^^;

Bought some purple shades off Ebay, they look pretty snazzy.

Also bought a wig off my good friend DementedKid, who has done an equally awesome Shizuo cosplay (and thus my cosplay has been inspired by hers :D)

But other than that I won't do more to this until at least May/after Expo :)

I finished off the tunic, only need to buy some tubes, cover/paint them orange and then sew on the fabric cases on the tunic below the shoulders for the ammo thingies. Also need to hem the bottom but I'm unsure as to whether to keep it long or chop it a bit - Nausicaa's skirt is rather short but I'm a bit uneasy with baring all like that so I'll decide once the leggings have arrived and I can test out viewability of underwear :P

White leggings bought off ebay, also white shoes. The shoes and leggings looked like the same colour on all refs, and I just need to make spats out of the darker blue material.

The gloves are finished :D first time making non-stretchy gloves, hoo boy. I used a glove pattern I found on google along with a tutorial, but the tut was a bit pointless, a lot I figured out myself. Also got the tube bits at the bottom of the gloves with the "dots" made of out the same material as the tunic. It's annoying to verify exactly what the gloves look like as every ref is different :S

Next I'm currently making the belt, I've got a buckle that I'll be gluing craft foam to painted gold. Either that or make out of air dough, or have a mix. Then I'll make the little bag she has, the spats, and then decide on whether I'm making the sword and mask thing. I probably should since it'll be more accurate.

I'll put it up to it's real soon. Or maybe I'll keep you all hanging. We'll see.

It's nothing too epic though :P

The pom pom was done by taking a felt ball pattern (you can easily google it) and cutting out 6 of the sections from red silk. Then I sewed the sections together to form the ball, filled it with stuffing and made a circle of silk to close the top opening of the circle, while gluing the other opening onto the top of the wire. It's not too heavy and bounces nicely :)

I attached the ears on. I also made some "tufts" by cutting out semi circles of fleece, closing up the circular side when folded in half, then filled with stuffing and stuck onto the sides of the face. It's a method I learnt when making Gardevoir's spikes on her face.

I made the ears by getting triangles of foam sheeting, cutting it down the middle without cutting it straight off, and then gluing it together so it formed the 3d shape (if that makes sense). Then I covered them with fleece, then glued red fabric (same as the nose) onto the insides.

I added the nose (an oblong shape of foam sheeting, and stuffing in a red fabric casing) and the eyes (black felt) to the face. I also added the wire for the pom pom and painted it black.

Covered the head with fleece! It's a bit of a crappy job, but it was my first attempt so I'm happy.

Don't really have a method for this, just basically threw fleece on and then glued and cut it to size in different sections.

I cut out some foam sheeting and glued it around the wadding, except for the muzzle part, to give the fleece a smoother surface to cover!

This part I added more wadding to try and make it less cylinder, more sphere - I think it worked alright. I also added the top layer on one half to create more shape to the mouth/nose area (so it's a sort of muzzle)

I also cut out the mouth hole at this point - this is where I'll be looking through (yup, that mouth hole is level with my eyes so this head is quite huge!) and my next step will be to put the rest of the wadding inside the head to cover up the wire mesh completely.

I've tried out the head and it gets hot quickly, imagine what it'll be like on the day, geeeeeeeez.XDDD

Now for my secret weapon - WADDING!

I bought some expanding foam after looking at examples of other awesome cosplays using it. However, when I also bought some wadding I found it was thick enough to bulk up the mesh without need of the foam! I still have the can of foam for whenever I do a prop :D

So this is putting the wadding together. No real method, just laid the wadding out (I got quite a thick density, about 2. something grams) and then rolled the structure to get an exact one. Then I hot glued it all together, and trimmed the bits at the top, which here aren't done yet.

This is the head with all the wire panels joined together.

I was a bit disappointed in the shape, it looked like a LEGO head rather than a sphereish shape :( but never mind, for my first attempt I'm happy with it :)

As you can see I was able to fold in the top panels.

I attached them together using duct tape!

I snipped the panels into triangles rather than having just squares - this enabled me to fold them in far easier at the top end!

Unfortunately the top edge didn't work very well, and I began to lose confidence in this D:

But a quick chat with people on Facebook and text (love to you all who helped out) gave me some ideas on how to proceed.

I began to shape the bottom end, for where my head would go through. To do this, I snipped down the side in sections to create panels, and then I folded them in. I made sure there was room for my head!

I got some wire mesh from B&Q for about 7-8 quid per sheet, I got 2 sheets. If I did this again (I doubt I'll make a head out of wire mesh again!!!!) I'll get hexagonal mesh instead of rectangular, because hexagonal I feel will be more flexible. Meh too late now :P

Anyway, I then shaped the wire sort of round my head but not really close, a few cm away so I had room to be able to move my head in and out. It turned out to be a cylinder, and because I needed more I had to cut a panel out of the second bit of mesh sheet and then duct tape it to the other bit. It's not as bad as I thought, I was afraid there would be a pointy dent bit where the joint wasn't secure enough but it turned out alright.

Almost done with this!

Once it's done, I'll put up pics of the finished costume. And you'll be like "well that was boring." :P

I bought a pattern for the blue under dress, needs slightly modifying but it's a good shape :)

Just need to sew the cape, dress and bow and yikes, I'm all set! Might scour ebay for an Entei plushie lmao!

I've almost finished the bodysuit! Just got to elasticate the other leg bottom :) (I've elasticate the leg and arm holes to make it fit more)
But I am loving it, it fits well with the style and it's nice and warm too (which means if it's warm I'm screwed)
Next I'll make the mittens and spats (basically removable shoe covers) and then I'll take some pics :) and then I start the most important part, the HEAAAD

I've got the basic shapes for the jumpsuit cut out, just a matter of sewing it all together D: I'm scared LMAO. It should be fine.

Fleece is a lovely material to cut though. Mmmmmm <3

I bought a long foam pipe thing from B&Q the other day, and am using that as the base for Nausicaa's gun :D I've got some cardboard boxes that I gutted and have basically done a cardboard, foam pipe and duct tape job. I will paper mache it then paint it over. It's wonderfully lightweight so I'm happy!

I also got a better wig (the first one I got was too red T__T) and I've cut the fringe. I'll need to put some spray on it to seperate it a bit though.

Now I just need to start the blooming costume T__T

I've got the fleece material for Stiltzkin and the why aren't I doing it D<
Oh yeah, uni has been exhausting but after tonight (when I have a performance) I should be fiiiine!

Going to have a daytrip to Hobbycraft and B&Q, Hobbycraft to geek over craft supplies and B&Q to look for chicken wire for the shape of Stiltzkin's head!

I think I'm a bit scared with starting this, I don't want to get it wrong :(

The fleece is nice and snuggly :) I use one bit as a blanket sometimes when it's cold so it'll be sad to cut it up LOL

As of today :) went out and bought some brown fabric paint and then made a stencil for the butterfly pattern on her mesh top. I then painted onto the sleeve. However, since the mesh top is very thin, the pattern has taken but only faintly. I've decided that it will probably look better in broad daylight (rather than artifical light) so will keep it that way :) if it looks crap when I put it all on for a photo, if I have time after finishing my boyfriend's costumes, I'll probably embroider the pattern (which was my original plan but I want to press on with other things!)

Pictures will come soon. :)

Pretty much finished! The dress is hemmed and modified slightly, the headscarf is also hemmed and got velcro on which will be fixed to a headband to prevent it from slipping in the wind during the day :)

I can't sit down much in the dress, it's a very tight fit O_O this is good as she has a tight dress but this also means I will be standing up a lot during the day. This isn't really a problem as I'm used to standing a lot during expo lol.

Hehe, almost ran out of brown thread when hemming the headscarf, Well, I did, but then used a different colour but for the under bit so you can hardly see it. Managed to salvage some leftover brown thread for sewing on the velcro. Still, VERY CLOSE CALL. I was like "NOO I DON'T WANT TO BUY ANOTHER SPOOL OF BROWN THREAD JUST FOR 10CM OF STITCHES T_____T"

I did take some pics but I'll have a final pic done once I've finished the patterns on the sleeves of the mesh top. :DD

Painted the base earrings and pipe, waiting for the little bits of ther earrings to dry before painting and then fixing them onto the base. Can't wait :D

I've cut out the main material and lining material for the dress and had enough for all pieces, thank god, but need to do this right first time or I have to spend MORE money on fabric T__T sad times. Trying to figure out how to do the lining but I have a good idea ;)

Had enough satin left over for the headscarf, wheee! need to work out a way to keep the headscarf in place behind my ears so the wind doesn't blow it away........

So I've started my earrings and the pipe thingy. I was going to use FIMO but then I found this air dough in wilkinsons, aimed for kids, so I thought well why not.

IT'S AMAZING. I can't wait to see what it's like when it fully hardens (lol innuendo).

I've used a paintbrush I hardly use as the base of the pipe, cut off the bristles and then shaped the dough as the two gold bits and then I'll paint it all when it's dry. I've done two flat circles for the earrings and then I'll make the "dangly" bits which I'll then attempt to glue onto the circles lol. They'll be painted gold.

Will be starting the dress in the next few days - got some lining material and at some point will buy the zip!

Coming along smoothly, it is. 8)

So I finished the cardigan, and put everything together. It's mostly good :) the cardigan being satiny silk slips all over the place on the lycra zentai suit T___T but oh well. The red gem sticking out my back is a bit annoying, but re adjust that.

The gloves fit fine, and the skirt is cool.

All in all, I look like a gardevoir so I think I did a good job :D

My shoes arrived! The heel isn't too big, perfect :) and they fit really well, I might put gel soles in there anyway though.

I'll take a look at the ref and see if I should wear tights and if so what colour.

My first attempt at the mesh top was botched up so I've bought myself a proper top pattern (rather than cutting up a crappy primark top which failed) and am going to use that for the top. Only problem is I will need to buy more chiffon (the patterns are always bigger than you think for a good reason!)

Tomorrow my flatmate's printer will arrive (my printer died on me earlier this week T__T) and then I can print out the dress pattern I still have saved on there lol. Then I just need to buy a zip and any lining and get to work :3

Oh and I'm still umming and ahing about the gold earrings ¬_¬

So I made the front red bit, out of red acetate satin and leftover upholstery foam. I hot glued the fabric to the foam, but I'm not really happy with it :( I messed up a couple of times and it's all creased in some areas, so I might redo it when I get my new foam.

I've started the skirt, all from scratch 8D pinned the white and green bits together, now deciding where to have the slits (on close inspection of the references, her skirt isn't whole, it's made up of four segments) and whether to use interfacing at all...

So I got some brown lycra, not the exact shade of brown as the satin for the dress, but that can't be helped -_-;

Lycra is AMAZING for gloves. I drew over my hand/arm on newspaper and used that as the pattern, then sewn the bits of lycra using a small zig-zag stitch on my machine. I had to undo and redo some stitches to get a better fit for the fingers.

It's a bit botchy, but I'm really happy with my first attempt at gloves :3

I've bidded on a pair of brown heeled shoes on ebay :) they look accurate enough, not too high heeled because I will be walking in them all day. Will still put gel soles in though to prevent tired feet >_<

will let you know how it goes!

So, after a few days, I finished Gardevoir's head.

it looks almost nothing like the pokemon XD this is because the proportions are all wrong. Gardevoir's head is HUGE compare to her body, whereas with me it's the other way round XD oh well :)

Anyway, the white spikes I made, I sewn onto the suit itself, while my wig head was inside it to stretch it out enough. Then I styled the wig so it sits behind the spikes, and also did it so it came down in the middle.

Then I made two eyes out of red craft foam, and painted the shadows/highlights with acrylic. I used an ink pen to do the black outline where the pupil has to be, which I cut out using a craft knife, as those are my holes for me to see out of. I can see about 80% out of this, which I'm happy with :)
Then I hot glued the eyes onto the suit. I needed a black outline for the eye so I dipped my mechanical pencil in black fabric paint and drew out the line carefully. I didn't have a paintbrush small enough you see and with the pencil I could do it accurately :D

All in all a good job. Now for the rest of the costume. Eep.



Spent the afternoon making the facial spikes Gardevoir has. Once I attach these to the zentai suit, I can style the wig easier because the wig has to go behind the spikes you seeeeee sew the spikes on, or to get the hot glue gun out |D

Picture of the wig when it first arrived.

So I'm starting the butterfly brooch. I've done a template out of cardboard, and then I'll cut the shape out of craft foam, then paint it gold :) it's hard because every ref I find of dee, the brooch looks different >__< but I'll do a rough mixture of each.

As for the earrings, still not sure what to do with those. Might try and find some earrings that look like it D:

So the beads I got for her earrings weren't big enough int he end, but I have found some PERFECT ones on ebay that I've been watching for a long time now, until I have the money for them as they are expensive (BUT IT'LL BE WORTH IT THEY ARE AMAZING)

In other news, my boyfriend neko_riddles at the August JAF recently, he bought me a Teto plushie TwT they had a stall with Studio Ghibli plushies and we both saw the Teto, and I didn't think he was gonna buy it but he crept away at some point and bought it 8D it's so cyoot. Gonna have so much funs with my Teto x3

other than that, no progress on Nausicaa until after Expo, and then I can focus on my 2011 cosplays!

My wig arrived! It's gorgeous!!! I adore it already :) it's a lovely green, and I think it's the exact shade of colour as the material I'm going to use for Gardevoir's green bits, such luck!

My mother says "you've got a green wig now, I think you're set on wigs for now!" and I shook my head pitingly. Oh mother, wig buying is NEVER over...

There was a pattern sale online, so I managed to get a pattern for Dee out of it :) I'll get the material as soon as I gets moneys. I need to mod the bodice of the pattern, because it looks more shaped like a bra (cleavage much o_O) so what I'll do it make the bodice and then pin it to my bra and trim it to size :)
I'll make a chiffon-y shirt for underneath, and then probably fabric paint the tattoo thingy on her arm onto the chiffon. I'm either going to make the gold pin/earrings out of fimo or craft foam painted gold. Other than that, this cosplay should be quite simple and I can see it being done in a couple of days x3

Can't believe I haven't updated this @_@

well, it's in progress :) James and I have been working on the designs of how we're going to tackle the two pokemon. (he's doing Gallade)

We're going to use ZENTAI SUITS >8D so we can look like the pokemon, because they're very humanoid. So we won't be doing gijinka, but the actual design :)

Got Gardevoir planned out ^^ will buy the wig later in the month, my zentai suit is on its way.

I got a nude coloured top and some bandages which I'll put together at some point :) I'm a little unsure about taking the wooden pole though as the weapon rules state you can't have anything heavy, so I doubt it'll be allowed as I could quite easily hurt someone with it :( just to keep safe I'll leave the pole behind I think.

Nanako is now finished! I made some hair ribbons yesterday :) I'm really looking forward to wearing this on the meet!!!

Ok so after some faffing around with the pattern (I'm reprinting it out as we speak as the first time I printed it out the setting were wrong so it came out too small! It looks much better now but I'm wasting so much paper ^_^;;; lmao.

Anyway once that's sorted I WILL get cracking on the dress then it's finished :D
As for the pink shoes, I haven't been able to find any suitable pink shoes within budget so I'm going to wear my Phoenix Wright shoes. Yes they're men shoes but they're the closest to smart school-like shoes I have :P

The fabric arrived this morning! I chose first class delivery because it was only like 20p more than standard class so I thought what the heck lol!

THe polycotton is perfect, just what I wanted. I wanted something light and cool for summer, but didn't want anything satiny/silky because since Nanako isn't that I doubt the dress would have that sort of material. It seemed more like a practical dress than a party dress, ya? (lol wakka speak)

so I've bought some fabric online, polycotton in red, burgundy and pink. I've also found a better dress pattern that I will have to download. I'll do that once the fabric arrives :) also bought a zip in case the dress pattern requires it (couldn't see the info for the dress ie what it requires because the link was broken >_>)

A friend of mine is kindly lending me one of her wigs for JAF :) so that's the wig sorted! Everything is pretty much done except for the bandaged top which I will start doing at some point this summer!

I found a suitable dress pattern online, once I get the chance I'll download it and print it out at home. All I need to do is cut the little v neck (it's a high neck dress, couldn't find a dress with the right neck) and then I'll be set. I have a sort of idea how to do the three colours, it'll take a lot of experimenting though.

Listing as completed because all that's left to do is to style the wig which I'll do Friday possibly.

Looking forward to seeing everyone!

So, I bought some more yellow fabric paint and have done the yellow bits on the petals and base. The base hoop pattern, I used a stencil for that I crafted but it's such a shitty stencil job >_> but ah well, it looks decent I suppose. But yes, the flower is done! Pictures will come tomorrow, and now I can work on the white floaty bits. The wig will be styled at the apartment in London, with everyone to help so I don't make a cock-up of it! fun times.

all petal structures have been made and silked. Am now doing the yellow bits, firstly spraying on diluted fabric paint. If that doesn't show up to well I'll do some more spraying and if that fails then it'll be a case of using up loads of fabric paint (and I have a feeling if that happens I'll be taking a trip to fabricland again ^^;;;)

TOP PETAL HAS BEEN OWNED!! and shown who da boss!

Done structures of three petals out of bamboo sticks :) half covered one with silk, and will silk the other two tomorrow, and then see what I can do with the last two petals. AWESOME


Less than a week to complete the flower and it's giving me a headache! I made the top petal out of wire, and the wire is a bitch, and I glued the gems down and it was bringing down the silk a bit so I put some foam at the top to hold the gems straight and then velcro'd the petal to the hoop base's too top heavy and it's wilting ;_; (pun not intended)

SO! Last minute buy of supplies, I've re-thought it through and I'm going to buy some wooden sticks from somewhere! Anywhere!!! Wilkinsons?! B&Q?!! ANYWHERE that does these, so I can get it done and dusted in time to show it to everyone X_X
I've come too far to give up on this now! RAWWWR FEEL MY DETERMINATION!!!!!

I'm putting this costume as finished because it pretty much is now; all that I need to do is make some more bits out of fimo and then it's complete :) couldn't find a good pink belt so we looked in the fabric shop and found an awesome buckle thing that I've used with some pink trim :) so all the clothy bits are done :D

Turned this to secret :)

I won't be revealing this until nearer the con lol :P but I will be making cosplay progress soon.

I finished the dress! It's pretty awesome :)

and I've been doing the silk dying! My mother has been such a great help to me with this, I don't know what I'd have done without her! I did the blue bits this afternoon and they've become a beautiful colour - what I have done is instead of cutting out the shapes and then dying them individually, I've dyed the whole lot of fabric in the bits needed to save on dye and manageable bits :D will do the purple bits tomorrow! and I have an idea on the basic frame of the petals, so that's awesome too! EEEEEEEEE

So I'm taking the wig with me to Minami so Fifi (CrystalNeko) can help me style it :D got the hairspray and hairdryer ok.

Started the dress today, ahahah. Since I decided the pattern was way too irregular for this, my mum helped me construct a pattern from scratch by pinning the fabric to me, and we've basically done things step by step and keep pinning and repinning to me. So far I've finished the front, with interfacing at the top to keep the rounded shape, and it's hemmed, and the top of the back is hemmed plus one side is seamed together, just got to work out how to do the other side, as that is the side that will have velcro sewn on to generally keep the outfit together, plus I have to get some elastic to hold up the dress. Then I need to think about how to fix the dress onto the nude spandex boob-tube I made to help the dress fit better (and then I can wear a proper bra during the day YAY)

Got a bit annoyed so am leaving it for tomorrow, will probably start the silk dying too. Bought a hula hoop today, only problem is it has bead things inside so will have to saw it open and get rid of them, then tape it back together and paint it white. Then that will give me a base for when I do the flower!!!! ahahahahahah.............

So my mum bought some jeans for me, a sort of stonewash colour, and I found they wouldn't fit when I put them on T_T I've put on weight on my tummy which has made it not fit properly. I will possibly be wearing a binder which might help, but for now I shall wear some light blue jeggings (YES JEGGINGS 8D) I found that I've worn today and they're comfortable plus can turn at the legs to be cuffs :)

Still on the lookout of a pink belt and can't wait to start on the FIMO stuff!

WELL! I have spent almost all day on this hat! I was really confused as to how to make it work, and a few tries failed, but then I remembered on DeviantART I'd faved a fleece hat tutorial. Ok so it was cotton instead of fleece, but it still worked :) The original pattern was too small for the wig as well as my head so I enlarged it and it's perfect! (maybe a bit too big now lmao!)

I also finished Yokomon, and put the yellow pipecleaners into her "flower".

The only thing left is to get a decent pair of jeans (the ones my mum bought me were too tight around the waist :( so if I can't lose a bit of weight by May I'll use the larger jeans I can find) and get a pink belt and then I'll be finished! WHOOOT

Well I bought 10 metres of satin fabric today (only for £13 - WIN!!! And yes, it is decent looking satin, not the 99p type >_>) and so I can start on this finally! I have the pattern that I'm going to mod, and then I have loads left over for the floaty floaty bits (that I still have no idea how to do >_<).

If I'm lucky I might have loads left over from this costume to use on Gardevoir....hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm :3

So I'm making my own yokomon plushie, cheaper than buying a biyomon plushie for like $40 lol! I have loads of pink left over so it's awesome.

I've made the head (used a ball pattern) and stuffed it, have made six finger feely things which are currently drying from the glue and I was gonna work on the top bit but I'm very sleepy right now and can't work anymore no matter how much I want to! So, work shall continue tomorrow!

I have finished the top at I go sleep =w= pictures tomorrow kay? lol. (and by finished I mean, with the white bits on too)

Guess who found a tshirt in uni-qlo that's perfect for Sora?!

Yeaaah :D just gotta chop off the sleeves and add the white bits to it :D

okies I lied neko-riddles suggested uni-qlo >_> eheh.

I am currently painting the shoes to look like sora's :) the red is a bit too pink but it shall do, it looks fine otherwise. It was a bit difficult transferring the pattern from the refs onto the actual trainers, as the digimon shoes are shorter in length than our shoes (they must have small feet or sommit) so I had to expand some areas to fit in D:

So I added the last bits of stuff onto the costume, with more feathers. I know it doesn't look that different from my old lugia costume, but that's why I only called it lugia version 1.2 :)

Bought some black canvas shoes that I am planning to fabric paint the red bits on :) so progress on sora is awayyyy!!!

Yeah put the reference pic up of how we're gonna look like and as you can see Lugia has been updated slightly :)

Ok so the wig has arrived! It's so purty and I don't want to cut it but I must ;_; le sigh.

have no idea how I will start styling it xD if anyone has any tips then please tell me, it's heat resistant so I can use my straighteners with it...

So, my boyfriend's taking me to the Japanese Arts Festival, and we wanted to do a debut of a couple cosplay. Soooo seeing as I didn't really want to make more costumes for this year (already got 4 more or less in the works for this half of the year alone!) I decided to bring back Lugia for the masq, and we're going to make a Ho-oh gijinka costume for him :) so yeah if you guys go to the festival and see us and don't be afraid to come up and say hi!

It's very tempting to do a skit just what about lmao xD

Doing concept sketches for the dress and flower. It's going to be costly -_-; hoping for lots of xmas money to fund this lmao xD

Already in progress as I've bidded on red gloves on Ebay x3

Should be simple to do, will be a lot of modding normal clothes so doubt I'd take this to the masq, oh well ^^

Thus the end of October Expo is upon us, and we can start planning for May...

I hope I don't spend too much money on this, ohohoh, but it's the sort of thing that reeks of spendage xD

YUS! As you can tell from the pics, Feenie is now complete! The wig (comissioned from the amazing SephNoir) arrived and it was so awesome me and picklesofdoom just had to have a mini photoshoot xD
There will be so issues here and there (normal hair, wig cap showing) but I'll practise this week trying to prevent that!

Anyway, the skit is now GO! The audio was finalised and sent off and now I can hurriedly make Laurice's stuff before I collapse in a heap and take a sigh of relief......before May that is. Then the REAL fun begins, eep.

So the tie came the day after I'd bought it (hooray for fast shippings) and it's perfect X3 I just had some trouble tieing it because I suck at doing ties >.> lawl.

But this means the clothes part is dooone! Now I shall wait patiently for the wig and consider whether to draw Feenie brows on my brows...8D

So yeah, I did the tie and it's epicly failariffic T-T I can't be seen wearing it! *snobsnob* I think the problem was I used the wrong fabric, I really should have got some silk, but when I saw the cheap fabric (I don't even know what fabric it IS o.O) I just bought it anyway >.> so I dunno what to do. I could dish out for some silk, or a red tie. o.o;;;

Curse you cheap fabric. D< and the tie was going so well, and then you went and mucked about.

Sooo...I finally finished it xD

I glued the foam fins onto the leotard and then the tail and the feathers...and then I put it on. I seriously can't put it on by myself, I'll need someone to help me >.> lol

But the funny part was putting it on, and all these noises like snapping where coming from it and I was like "oh darn..."
The top fluffy bit has come almost off, it's only attached at the ends. It looks alright the way it's just a bit annoying, but oh well. The only things I need to really fix are the feathers, and that's easily done.

So, my mum took some photos of me (without makeup, which is why it's not completely finished) and I don't actually look too bad...I think I might need to lose some weight, of course, but it's not blindingly obvious 8D yaaaay!!!

Just letting you know I'm hoping to finish Lugia within the next few days :3 "hoping" having a huge emphasis >_>

So I finally attached the "wings" onto the leotard. It made me think a lot because it was very hard to do Dx I ended up grring under my breath, but I managed to get it done ^^ next thing to do is to affix the fins onto the back, and also the tail. Then it's a matter of sticking loads of feathers here and there, and walla! We have a Lugia xDD

After a few weeks of nothingness (D:) I managed to dig out my sewing machine and then do the buttons and buttonholes on the shirt. It was surprisingly easy and I don't know why my Nan made so much fuss over buttonholes >.> but there you go. (it kind of helped that the sewing machine manual had a section on doing buttonholes, shhh)
So Feenster is more or less 75% done. Now I just need to wait for my wig (I commissioned it from SephNoir, yay) and then make the tie once picklesofdoom comes to see me with the fabric xDD (it's a long story that)


I updated Lugia's design, it's going to stay like that now xD
I mostly changed it to fit with the wig I bought :3 now it's more blue than purple, hur.

I gave the Lugia brown eyes because that's my eye colour and I has no moneys for contacts atm xD

Dammit, Mel, buy that binder!

I spent this week with my nan making Feenie cosplay x3 I made the shirt (just need to put buttons/button holes on) and altered the buttons on the jacket. I found some shoes in Oxfam (they're a size 7 as well 8D perfect!) and bought material for the trousers and tie. I was so lucky to find a colour trousers very identical to the jacket ^^ happy Melzi!

Now I just need to make the tie, shouldn't be too hard. :D

I still need to buy that binder.

I found a black briefcase thing which could be awesome for Feenie! Then I can put my "official documents" into it xDD

I bought it at my local church fete. It was amusing when I showed it to my mum and she recognised it as the case she donated to the fete many years ago. Oops...but then again, no one else had bought it since I'm recycling! 8D
It's actually a tape cassette holder, but I plan on prying the plastic tape grooves out so it's hollow throughout ^^

So the leotard is ready to be painted on ^^ And I'll need to sew the sleeves onto it. I would have taken a piccie but my camera suddenly died on me Dx nuuu.

I've also done a new design reference, since the actual costume has altered somewhat from the original design. This is why I love my own designs xD I can easily alter them if need be. I mean, Freya's design altered many times over the time spent on her ^^

So being bored this afternoon I decided to start making the wings. I was wondering how to do them and a clever idea from CrystalNeko was to have the fingers all floaty floaty, to make it more elegant looking ^^

So I set to work making the pattern. Halfway across the wing it's closed, so it's like a sleeve, and then it opens out to the fingers. To prevent the fingers from fraying I did a zigzag stitch along the edges ^^ it looks pretty cool :3 I won't put the feathers on until it's fixed onto the leotard!

So, my FIMO arrived today, and immediatly I set about using it!

I used a gold metallic FIMO for the attorney's badge, and managed to do the ridges around the edge - the middle is a little weird cos I failed at doing a tiny scales on it!

I then used a pack to make the magatama. This one is special because it's glow in the dark 8D the downside is that it has to be dark for it to glow like the magatama does, but when it does glow, it glows bright! I experimented it;s glowiness many times by stuffing it down my top (which my brother found both worrying and amusing)!

So my makeup arrived, a Mehron FX in a blue colour and a silver glitterspray. My wig also came, courtesy of Fifi (aka CrystalNeko) which was awesome :3
I need to rethink the makeup, methinks. My mother insists the white Snazaroo (that I previously used for Freya) is good enough (I wanted to use white Mehron FX but we'll see) but I need to redo the blue bits, because they look so messy >_< (maybe someone else could do them rather than doing it myself? xDD)
Also the glitter spray, although is supposed to be for the face, is not the best. It made the makeup run and didn't sparkle at all. Plus doing it yourself and not knowing where it will end up is not a good point xDD

The funniest part was when the postman came with another parcel while I had a white face. I said, "Don't ask." he just laughed and walked away quickly. xD

Ok, so I got a jacket off Ebay, with the intention of hemming it to fit better.

I put it on...and it fitted perfectly.....>.> *spooky music*

Now I just need to change the buttons to blue ones, then it'll be my Feenie jacket x3

Finally! I have finished!!! 8DDDD

I'm so happy, and it looks so pretty!
Putting the whole costume on has taught me a few things.
1 - white body paint is annoying. I have decided to do only my face. ^^;
2 - wood varnish works well on spearheads xD (it was the only varnish we had on short notice)

Anyway, I'll look forward to seeing you all at Expo! TOODLES!

OK! So I now have started the waistcoat!!! *OMGSHEACTUALLYSTARTEDITGASPSHOCK*

It look so cool! I sewn the ribbon onto the edges I needed it, it look reaaaally awesome!
Oh, and I got the skirt done as well. The belt, my Nan surprised me with. Yes, she actually embroidered all those sequins!!!! O_O I admire her patience and goodwill to make me that.
I also made the ears (they look so cute hehehe) and the tail, which also looks awesome.

Hehe, I'm just giving off positive vibes about this so far 8D

I can now say it is officially finished! YAAAY
lol that's all I have to say >.>

After many hours of having the sun in my eyes and wasps in my conservatory (why didn't I close the door? >.>) I had a good news and bad news with the fabric paint and the t-shirt.
Bad news was it was really fiddly to get a straight line. I used a small paintbrush and a small roller that I got in Hobbycraft, it seemed to work alright but it just looked really messy on the edges.

Then my mother, bless her, suggested I could have used masking tape to keep it straight.

Epic facepalm moment.
I did that for the back side, as in the picture, and it came out lovely. Then I neatened it up with the same method on the front.

At least now I know what to expect when using fabric paint!! 8D

Now that I've finished the bandana, all that's left is to paint the stripes on the t-shirt, and then I'm done! wow!
And then I have to work my socks off on my Freya outfit! Not so wow.
But still, I feel really happy with this outfit. Pirate pose!! 8D

Well, the new design is up. Looks better, doesn't it? ^^
Going to make a trip to Hobbycraft soon, to get supplies. Whoop!

I can't believe I haven't done anything else yet!!! ;A;
Well, I've sketched out a revised version of the costume. Should be putting it up soon.
The problem currently is if I don't make 90% of the outfit (as in handmade) it might not be allowed into the masquerade. So, I've added a lot more handmade stuff, and have changed some bits on the jeans....I hope it gets in. I'm not too bothered about my Team Aqua not getting in, since that was just part of the Pokemon group for fun (ok, so it'd be really sad but I'd still be with the group for most of the day)...

Sorry for the panicrant =< now I need to convince my mother to hurry up and help me with this waistcoat Dx

Finished the t-shirt transfer!! It looks awesome on the top. I was going to chop off the sleeves of the top, but my mum wouldn't let me T-T (she wants me to wear it as a casual top sometimes 9w9)
But that's one thing done :D and my sewing machine FINALLY CAME WHOOP! Now I can get to work with the waistcoat! *boogies*

Found the perfect black gloves!
Spent the afternoon doing the white circles to go onto the jeans x_x It took so looong dammit.
Soon I'll actually sew them onto the jeans....>w>, Mumsy?

Wig has been bought *sings* Lalala! <33

Material is ready ^^ shirt for top has been bought, ready to be transferred on and modified.
Jeans ready to be shredded and patched up.
Wait, I have to wait for my new sewing machine to arrive. ;A;

Okies, now Xmas is out of the way I can finally try and start this!
I bought a white top, which instead of looking for a striped top that is accurate, I'll be painting the stripes on with fabric paint ^w^
Need to get pale jeans though....>_< and black gloves!

Well, I'm very nearly finished with the costume - piccies up soon :3
this seemed like a good one to make, though a lot of the things like the pink leggings and whistle and neckscarf were bought on Ebay, and the only thing that I modified was cut off the sleeves of the yellow t-shirt and sew on the buttons. Well, I'm still learning :) and considering how in May I comissioned my Tohru costume, I'm quite proud of myself.

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