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Hello! I'm really looking forward to expo this October it should be super hyped what with the Olympic games... Saying that it might be hard to get to the excel centre especially with all my stock. :( im gonna ask my man if he can take me if he's okay with driving there. I'm going to go on a final fantasy frenzie and draw loads from it including serah obviously :) but more cloud tifa lightning squall all that jazz. Im going to be selling them at expo and taking requests preparing them for people with commissions :)

On another note I've been playing through final fantasy 13 and loving it ofc. I hear maybe a 13-3 or prequel to 13 that would be amazing all I know is its about lightning so maybe a little serah in there would be nice.

Ive completed my cosplay for miku hatsune :D Im really happy with the way its gone and people are saying its good. :) I put it on deviant art and everyone keeps callign me cute fuuuuu ^^: I dont think i am. Only thing i need to do now is get my business cards finished and printed and get some blue contact lens. In october i might be cosplaying miku again depending on what money is like. If it is i will be alisa from tekken 6 :) if not miku again. haha i wanna know what everyone else is cosplaying! Im trying to convince my friend to cosplay luka with me :)


This is the first pokemon ive cosplayed haha I made up the idea for the cosplay myself and i hope it looks ok. :) I love mightyena hes so cool the best 3rd gen pokemon from sapphire and ruby.

Im gonna have the wig from my riruka cosplay i could use for this one aswell.
I havnt seen madoka but i want to. I want to do this for the expo in 2012 october because i will be in america for may expo. If the cosplay i get for my riruka is good im going to ask the same woman to make me this.

I know the picture is Mami but i like her so i thought id put it. Haha i would love to cosplay her but i cant keep buying wigs haha

I've been looking for aaaaages for the right wig and I finally found it! Yes! I'm nit too sure if it's purply or not but I want comments :) my dress should be getting made soonish if the woman ever gets back to me.... Lol. Me and riruka are 19 :) although I dunno what has happend to her haha comment please. Lol if u type in bleach 51 into google the first pic of riruka is mine ha,

Heyaaaaa I'm doing this cosplay october and u really want some one to go as Tsukishima and ginjo. :) Would be cool
Trying to convince my bf to do it :)
Not really recogniseable but i hope ppl do haha

Ive been doing some artwork on ebay and selling it so i was hoping to take a portfolio to the expo with me to see if anyone would be interested. Also i will be doing a survey to see what peoples fav anime are so i can target there ideals.
:) also fav characters and that, I guess if you are interesed in any of my art i will be cosplaying azusa and Mio, handing out cards and probably carring a giant A2 porfolio around with me.
Haha! I will be up for selling them too.
take a look if you want

I want someone to cosplay tsumugi

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