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Quite quickly however I tried it on and it will need a lot of work done to get it to look like McCoy's hair however it is really good quality and the perfect color so I am determined...

The fringe part is the wrong way round which is pissing me off...

Booked my tickets for the official star trek concert next year so I will be debuting this outfit there and I will be possibly getting the real boots for my cosplay!

Just now :3 The instructions are on a disk which I find a little odd however I managed to convert the .doc file to .pdf and the instructions seem simple enough. Now I need to go and find the 'sparkly' fabric.

Starting the tunic today. I have done some tests with some scraps of velour so I can get a good idea of my aims.
Sewed the most of the bodice and will add sleeves tomorrow.

See photo....
Trying to be careful since bear it in mind I am using the actual TOS fabric.

Found the right stuff for the collar...
Last night I traced out the pattern.

Found the duty tunic pattern included separate sheets for L and XL sizes so I will adapt the size L pattern.

Did a wig test yesterday...
Boots already owned from a cosplay I didn't finish...

Although this is marked as complete it requires a little work I need to make it look more zombiefied etc.

Bought the stuff I need for my duty uniform shirt I just hope it arrives before I go on vacation ;;u;;

I'm also having a hard time finding a wig. I'll probably get it from Amphigory though u_u.

It arrived today so I am going to take a photo soon.

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