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My interest started mostly when I first went to the London Expo back in October 2006 (man I feel old), and my first cosplay (although it was bought and I don't feel right uploading it to here) was my Sora cosplay from Kingdom Hearts 2 c: It was a dream cosplay but to be honest I want to remake this in my own way one day, but only after some practice!

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Tis another update on how Sisceal has done the Headband/Bandana for the cosplay with photos and another description c: Ever so grateful to her <3

"I used a strip of the blazer fabric as a base, covered it in a chain-y print chiffon, and tied it into a hoop. I then added a strip of red brocade (from Terra, so we match c: ). Next was the hard part! I cut a bigass square of jaquard and put it on my head diagonally, before putting the headband hoop over the top and carefully pinning it all together. I wore a wig to try to make my head as big as possible, so it shooould be big enough!

The finishing touches were hand-strung bead chains and a chain. I attached the tassle onto where the chain doubles back on itself, to imitate Locke’s earring (Devil_trigger doesn;t have pierced ears and clip-on earrings would be very uncomfortable!). The chains all look really droopy in the photos, as my wig head is a lot smaller than the bandana!"

Sisceal has kindly edited the jacket among other things for this cosplay c: she has also given me some progression photos and a description via her tumblr c:

"I cropped the length and sleeves of a royal/navy (somehwere in between) blue blazer, covered the lapels and sleeve turn-ups in a gold jaquard fabric and went round all the edges with gold bias. I then added some beads and buttons for extra swag!

On the left sleeve, I attacked a pretty blue/gold thingy and went around it with a laced herring bone stitch and a pekinese stitch, before adding some svarovski crystals."

I ordered a wig a little over a week ago and I only just realised that the estimated time for arrival is 26 August to 12 Sept... So looks like I may need to find an alternate for this cosplay :| I have one idea but not 100% sure on it... ARGH

I ordered a wig a little over a week ago and I only just realised that the estimated time for arrival is 26 August to 12 Sept... So looks like I may need to find an alternate for this cosplay :| I have one idea but not 100% sure on it... ARGH

I have bought most of what I need, just trying to figure out how I'm gonna make this net >= I found some perfect shoes, and now they're gone as I didn't buy them at the time *facepalm* for the 3/4 jeans... they're either stupidly hard to find or very expensive so I have decided to just wear jeans but use a mix of folding the bottom part of the jeans inwards and safety pinning them so they're make shift 3/4 c: hoping this works ^^; also may have found a Stun Club to buy but it's more like a lightsaber... but I can try to edit it so it looks more stun clubby maybe c: only a week left... oh god! ><

I think I may wear the Summer version of this cosplay for Ayacon, since all I need to do is order the glasses which isn't that hard, I need to make/buy and edit the jacket for Oct Expo anyways and I've only got 2 cosplay's for Aya when I'll be there for 3 days

Okay, a lot of things have gone wrong in this, have learned a few lessons, I'm just hoping I can get this done in time, work isn't really helping having to work on it during my time off, kind of puts you in a bad mood when things go wrong -_- ah well, live and learn.

Okay fabric is all cut out and ready to be sewn together, little hiccup with the tunic part, I forgot whilst cutting that it needs to be longer than the shirt, but all is well as I can cut out a couple of fabric strips and sew them on hopefully where the belt should be ^^

OKAY so I managed to find the fabric that I needed for the tops c: also found some trousers which would be perfect... if I could fit into them (not exactly helping self esteem -_-) so I'mma look at Primark this weekend and if there's nothing then keep looking online! Boots is what I need to think about now...

Okay so I've bought a couple of the main things for this cosplay c: lil pricey unfortunately however it's mostly because you can't find many red/orange bodywarmers xD;; still looking on how to get other stuff, 3/4 jeans aren't sold anywhere :/ will probably have to cut and hem some cheap jeans from primark or something, other than that I will keep looking c:

Srsly not pleased with how the progress of the top has been going... -_-
I think I kinda jumped into the deep end with this, I should have done something a little simpler so I could get used to sewing first off before I did this.
The problems? Basically it only just fits at a stretch which makes me worry that on the day of wearing it that the thread will break and it'll be ruined, for back up i'll be wearing a blue top underneath though, also now the mini sewing machine is acting up and now sewing properly for some reason, and my god, trying to sew ribbon onto the material is hell :/ all in all this hasn't exactly got me in the best of moods ><

So basically I have cut out all the bits of the costume, now all I need to do is the sewing... I literally can't remember how exactly to sew and am very worried about doing it myself >= also decided to go for an additional item which is added in the image here of neon blue contact lenses 8D thought it'd be interesting to try out xD

Lou (Sisceal) has just finished my headphones! 8D much love to her <3 I've been cutting the fabric for my top, done the main part, but not liking the cut out as it's my first time and it hasn't come out that good >=

SORRY FOR MASS PHOTO UPLOADS!!! >= These were all from Kitacon~ ^^

Received the fabric and other things, now I just need to create a design and then figure out how to actually cut and sew it all together xD;; one step at a time though!

Okay! I have now got everything I need! just need to paint the wristbands and trainers (which tbh won't take too much time/effort) and I'll have completed it 8D I'll upload a photo once it's all done c:

Okay, so I've gotten/ordered all of the items that I want, all I now need to do is paint the trainers and the wristbands and I should be done! woop! photo's will follow once completed!

Hoshi has kindly bought me the Pink Top and also finished it witht he Heart and P symbol which was very nice of her ^^

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