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I've been cosplaying for a while now, with my first convention being London MCM Expo in May 2009. I cosplay mainly from Sailor Moon or Takarazuka, but also like doing costumes from other stuff as well.

I love challenging myself and really want to get better and better, which is why this hobby is just so much fun!

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Some progress pics from when I made the chainmail belt. Still need to finish the buckle.. *sigh* XD

Wow making chainmail is FUN! Never tried it before, but there are some great tutorials online, and I thouroghly enjoyed making this. Still need to make the belt-buckle of course, and in the photo it's just modelled on a random dress. ^^

Finally getting round to fixing the wig... Still needs a lot work, but I'm getting there! Having a lot of fun with the colouring and styling, even tried crimping to get the extra poof! Love that Ardas wig are so heat-resistent. ♥ Still can't quite believe I left my hotel-room with the the original style, it looks horrendous! XD Oh well, new style isn't done the night before the con with kitchen sheers, you learn something new every day! :P

This is what I've got so far! Yay boobs! (or lack of xD) I still need to play around with the pleather bits a bit, but the basic bra is almost finished! Yay! :D It's a good way to keep busy, keeps my mind off that I'm not at Expo this weekend. -_-

Finished the inside bra so far. Man this is gonna take some serious spiritgum to keep in place. Well I mean, it sticks on it's own, but I'm gonna be terrified of nippleslipping so I'll glue it down as much as possible. xD

I've also realised that I HATE sewing in pleather. I opted for a more realistic leather look rather than the über-shiny plastic pvc most Starlights cosplayers go for. I'd like to think their uniform would be made out of some alien kind of leather, rather than plastic. ^_^

My sewingmachine hates me by now though. :P But atleast I've learnt a couple of neat tricks by now! ^^

Yay I just bought a wig! ^___^ I need to fix the fringe a bit, but otherwise I'm pretty happy with it! I went for a more greyish blue since I like it and it seemed to be the general vote by my lj. xD

I actually went ahead and took the pictures! Yay! I also took an old white shirt and added the armpuffs, which still need a crapload of starching, and an old black vest. I need to go buy the trim for the edges, but I'm not sure what I'm going for yet. I want to avoid the neon-yellow-owmyeyes that most people seem to go for, but we'll see.

Still haven't decided what to do about the wig. I've got a load of the official artwork (and quite a lot of fanart xD) and the damn woman just keeps changing colour! >__<

Why is it always so hard to find the perfect wig? I'm looking at white wigs, blue wigs, teal wigs, light blue wigs blah blah blah. It looks like I'll just get a longish white wig and cut it myself. *sigh*

I still haven't taken a picture of the skirt and shoes I have, I'm sort of slow. xD I might also have a shirt that I could cut the arms off and add the puffs, but I haven't found a good fabric for the armpuffs yet. Or for the vest. Now have I decided what to do about the cufflinks and brosch. Leaning towards resin or possibly mosaicbits, but it depends on the weight. I dunno. We'll see. :P

Because I don't trust painting a pair of shoes (or rather my lack of skill in it :P) i bought a pair of dark orange/tanned heels off eBay today. It was from a shop so they had lots of sizes and all that jazz. Chose my size, bought it, paid for it... and then found out they didn't have my size anymore. So in the seconds it took between me pressing "buy" and "pay" they sold out... -______- Emailed them, so now I just gotta wait to hear from them. So annoyed!

I've spent th past few days going over the gray base wig I had with different shades of green, a little bit of blue and even some yellow and lots of black sharpies. I've tried to get all the roots coloured, as well as some nice streaks. I'm still working on the actual styling though, it's hard to do gravity-defying stuff! :P I need to adjust the curls a bit, and make the fringe do the flick better, but atleast the end is in sight!

I also need to practise my otokoyaku-makeup A LOT! And start the jacket, which I've been unable to find a good fabric for and is completely panicking over... *sigh*

Taking pictures in the fading light is terror. There are no good places in my new apartment to take pictures so I've been putting this off for ages. Finally decided that I might as well just take some pictures and make the best of it, and some came out ok and others not so much... ^^; So yeah, will upload them later today once I've eaten and shopped them a bit. :)

How hard can it be to just find nice orange fabric! There's even TWO fabricshops in the town that I live in now and neither have any nice orange fabric. I refuse any type of satin, and I will not be seen dead in the neon orange stuff. Just... no. I'd like to keep peoples eyes from bleeding please.

So yes. Completely pointless entry, just ranting cuz I'm annoyed.

Ok so restyling this wig turned out harder than I thought. Since I commissioned it I don't know what fibers it's made out of, or what products she used in it. I tried washing it carefully but it still flicked out. So I just cut it, lots. It's not perfect, but I think it's a bit better. I should've done a before and after pic but I forgot. :P It's not finished though, it's still a teensy bit unever but I've run out of time today so the rest will have to wait 'til another day. ^^

Short random entry;

I love Beeeeth! <3 <3 <3 She's making me the earrings, brosch and chain just as I want them! So I can get sparkly glitter in the resin for my stuffff. :D *happy dance*

I've also got Chuuchan on board for tips. ^^ And I really should start this soon, since I do have most of what I need already! :P

Scratch that chain, Beth has opened up her store again! SCORE! I'd much rather get stuff off her than anyone else. <3 So yes, getting the earrings, brosch and chain from Tsukisales. Yaaaay! <3

Yeah I probably should learn to do resin props and what-not myself but not for this costumes, that'd cost more and take too much time. :P I've also found a pair off KICKASS sexy heels on eBay so... hehe. Because I think Venus looks much nicer with high heels than with the pumps she wears in some pictures.

Yes, I'm taking liberties. :P

I can't decide which wig to go for. I want a shorter curly one because it adds volume and looks much better than going for the long wavy ones. I've got two possibles but I can't decide which blonde tone to go for. Probably the milky one because it's a bit more colourful. An ash-blonde Venus just doesn't seem quite right... This is the one I'm thinking of going for, but I'd brush out some of those curls so it's not quite so curly. :P And then obv style it and all that jazz.

Also been thinking a lot about construction. At first I was just going to do what I did for Uranus but yesterday I just realised that "oh right, seams..." On Uranus I hid the front seams under golden lamé, I'd not be able to do that here. So I'll probably head over to Steve's Mars and have a look at how he did it. ^^ Except I'll most likely do the dress-version again, I dunno know yet. :) I will be starting the body as soon as I have a chance, except I don't have a machine anymore so it'll have to be by hand... *sigh* I was going to buy one but mums says she might buy a new one and then I can have her old one. I must save every penny that I have for other things. :P At least there is a fabric-shop in the new town that I just moved into! SO AWESOME! No more driving three hours to buy fabric. <3

And I just realised I have left-over blue and yellow fabric as well. Meaning I already have the white, blue and yellow, along with the hairbow and gloves. I'll start the bodice as soon as I've settled into my new apartment. ^^

I need photos of this costume. :P Am currently planning to do a photoshoooot. :D I'm also gonna try and re-style the wig, I don't like how it flicks out. :S Plus the tail might be a bit wavy, since I've been away for 6 months I've had to store ally my wigs so I braded the pigtail loosely. :) Next time I order wigs I'm gonna try and get an extenstion weft for it too so that the tail will be a bit thicker. :) Before I didn't like that the wig was so dark, since the Myu wigs are meant to be much brighter, but now I quite like it. With some re-styling I'll be able to use it was anime and manga Seiya too. ^______^

I need to style my wig. With all the xmas shopping I can't get the green extensions yet, but I will style the fringe and what-not, and get some pictures taken eventually. ^______^ In my generic Tod. :P I'm itching to start sowing again so hopefully I can get my butt to a fabric-store and get started soon! :D

Ok so I never actually got any GOOD shots of me from Halloween, like where you can actually see my jacket and boots but oh well. I'll get some done when I get back to Sweden. :) I'm bored though and feel like uploading SOMETHING, so here you are.

Alrighty theeeeen! Since I have the need to claim my rightful place as TenTens Tod I'm starting this costume best I can. My wig will arrive tomorrow, and although it'll need a shitload of styling I'm wearing it as it is for Halloween tomorrow. ^____^ I plan on buying some greenish extentions for it, as well as flicking the fringe up; otokoyaku-style! But for now it'll do. I'll put some pics up, but it's not gonna be a specific Tod outfit since this is just for Halloween and it's a bit of a rush job. So see it as a generic Der Tod. :P It should be dark and sparkly though, and I have the wig and boots. ^_______^

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