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LARPer and maker. Modelmaking graduate with film prop-modelling experience, specialising in pattern deconstruction, sculpting and mould making/casting.

I haven't cosplayed since before University but hey, things might change. There's some inspiration floating around and I'm kinda excited to get back into the hobby.

Well... I started cosplaying early in 2009, after hearing about it on deviantart, but my first cosplay was probably in 2007 (I didn't know it was called that then).

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[can't remember when I finished it, but it sure was a while ago]

The head is just about done! I'm going to be remaking it with a moving jaw, since I didn't have time to add one in before the charity event I originally made this for.

Since I won't be getting the swimming cap or face paint within the next week, I wanted to see what it will (hopefully) look like. I also need to re-paint the latex parts, but I ran out of paint so that'll have to be done later too.

Prosthetics made from latex, craft foam and kitchen roll.

just gotta drybrush it now! :D And glue the nose on when it's dry

I actually really like where this head is going for once...

really need to make some proper c4 packaging instead of using this fleece... also need a black tie, black gloves and a zentai style mask or facepaint. I apologize for my lack on make-up, I just got this together quickly for a Midnight Crew themed chat.

Made the tunic today and almost finished feathering the larger wing.

After this picture was taken, I feathered more of the wing and added the feathers around the collar. The whole thing looks ten times better now.

Just need to finish the last bit of the wing and finish the frame for the tail now!

Almost done! Just need to buy some more glue, then finish feathering both sides of the larger wing.

- Wire doubled over then bent to shape
- Simple felt tube made
- Craft foam rings to pad out the tail/keep its shape
- Stuffing at tip of tail

- Wire frame bent into shape (skeleton)
- Chicken wire attached to wire frame (not primary section though)
- Wadding sewn onto frame, including section with no chicken wire
- Primary feathers pinned into place to check length
- PVC pipe added to support the weight of the wing
- Primary feather sides sewn together, with wire in to keep their shape
- Primary feathers hand sewn onto frame
- Secondary feathers sewn on, working upwards.

Just a quick test of everything I've gathered so far. Just need to sort out the wings, tail and weapon(s) now! Going to make one of the wings removable so I can cosplay both version at once almost. It also gives me an excuse in case I can't make the second wing in time.

[EDIT - Decided to make a tunic instead of using this shirt]

The wig arrived in the post today, I love it so much! It needs a bit of trimming down and evening of the layers but that won't take long.
Also bough the white shirt, will be making/obtaining the sword next I think, then I'll start work on the wings.

I didn't manage to finish it before expo, mainly because the jacket went terribly wrong and I didn't have any time to fix it, but luckily I got a substantial enough amount done for people to recognise me~
I really want to remake this costume one day, when I'm better at wig styling, since I want to use a different method next time.

taken a little while ago. It's almost done now!

Since I don't expect to be able to try on the wig before the expo once it's finished being styled, I decided to give it a test run this evening, which also helped me to see where it needed extra support. At one point I was tempted to just let the tails hang loose (like the one to the left), but decided, primarily due to this picture, that I might as well go the full mile and get it as accurate as possible.

At least five hours of styling here, mainly on the two tails at the back. I think the front part took no more than 15 minutes ^^; I still need to spray paint the bottom part of the wig and add some more wire to extra support, since although it is literally caked in spray until solid, it just can't support its own weight.

That's right, I've actually started to get something done xD I just need to hem the bottom edge of the skirt and sort out the ruffles, then the top part of the dress if I don't get that done tonight. I'm actually quite pleased with how it's looking so far~

EDIT: erm :/ I don't like skirts or dresses anymore.... the triangles along the bottom are proving difficult to get right, so I think I'll give it a rest for a bit.

I just bought one of the wigs from eBay, and am waiting to see the results of the second one. I'll try to finish the fabric wig sometime this week, so I don't loose interest in it once they arrive xD I'm really happy with what I've ordered, but it's completely wiped me out.

yeah..... who knew two days off sick would bring so much progress, eh? Anyway, I've got the pattern for the jacket just about done, and have started on the wig, though I have no idea whether I should glue or sew it together. Anyway, I'll test out how the edges will look either way and decide then.

Just finished the petticoat, and am working on the skirt. I'll hopefully have the brown dress and shoe covers finished by the end of this week too. No progress pictures yet, but I should post some more during the week. This is going to be so awesome! I've also found a pair of leggings to adjust, since I can't bear sewing elasticated fabric yet, and I'm using some killer heels (because I can't wear them for long without my feet complaining xD) originally for another cosplay as the base boots. They add a couple of inches to my height, but it's worth it due to the overall effect.

Everything's done~ I'm going to wash the top before I wear it to any more conventions, since I managed to spill a LOT of face paint onto it XD I don't know how I was expecting this costume to come out, since so much went wrong when I was sewing it, but it was so awesome at Metrocon, since loads of people recognised the character, even though I'd made quite a few changes to it.

Ok I've decided not to scrap the top, even though I'm not 100% happy with it. The brown stuff is being cut out at the moment, and the trousers need ironing and dying. But all of that shouldn't take too long~

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