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I've been cosplaying since 2009 and my first con was j-culture where I was Deidara from Naruto.
I haven't really got a favourite cosplay at the moment but I did really enjoy wearing my roselia gijinka that I wore at Kitacon.
I'm also trying to make my own outfits now because I can't really sew but I did do a few bits for Rin Okamura's outfit like sew on the bias binding and sew the inlineing for the sword bag so I'm getting somewhere x3

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My Luka is in a way finished as I had all the main parts for her but I'm gonna redo the headphones cause they were a rush job and the dress in the photo wasn't the original one I was gonna wear but I couldn't find it so I had to wear that dress.

So basically expect a redone version of her at some point but for now, shes in the completed section :D

Hiya everyone! My keyblades nearly done :D all I need to do now is make the micky symbol, paint it, then attach it to a chain which will then be attach to the keyblade.
Fixing the keyblade up has only cost me £30 aswell and its only that much because I got the keyblade at MCM manchester and it was that much :D All it needed doing was painting the handle part as the yellow bit was orginally brown and I already had the paint for it so I started soon after MCM ^__^ I touched up the black and blue part as well and I'm really happy with how it turned out :D

Anyway, thats all that needs to be said right now, thanks for reading :3

Just making a journel to tell you where I'm at with this cosplay and I'm technically already over half way there :D

I already have a plain black dress that will work nicely for this and neko-axel is making the white belt that on the dress for me :) thank you for that by the way Axey ^__^

The main thing I need is the magnet headphones and I have an idea on how to make them :D
I'm gonna buy a pair of headphones from poundworld that are a similar shape and colour to the pair Luka wears and if I can, then I'm gonna print out the wings and the design on the side of the headphones and stick them on in some way. for the wings, i'm gonna stick them on card then put them on the headphones so they don't flop around xD

Anyway, thats that for this journel, thanks for reading ^__^

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