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I started the cosplay not long ago yet I enjoy making Cosplays costumes and other object even though I don't use them =_=

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I'm still working on make up trying to get it right. I have already bought new cosmetics to use

I'm still working on make up trying to get it right. I have already bought new cosmetics to use

I'm done with eye bandage too it was hard too make but oh well

I decided to do it but yet not sure what reference should i have??????

Finally I'm hoping to start and compleate the cosplay and be happy? well either way

I'm still waiting for the pictures to arrive can't be helped T_T

So I ended up deciding to do casual Hanji Since I'm too lazy to get everything done properly but well still good luck to me ^-^

Finally finished making of headphones. It took longer than expected since I did everything from scratch. But feeling so proud of myself!!!

Going to style the wig, hopefully I won't have to give it a cut since I'm really bad at it but yup.

I wanted to make the overcoat Kaito wears but seems like I won't be able to make it I won't be able to have enogh time !

I started making the headphones more likely I'm experimenting this stuff right now wish me luck people

I relized that I have a awesome blue wig and laterly I'm indspired by Kaito's Character so I should give it a try yet still planning XP

I'm finally done with vorpal blade it actually took me two days but in last journal entry I wasnt able to change it to right date. So yes Im done with vorpal blade. It dosnt look that good but yes but hopefully is okey

I decided to start by making the Vorpal Blade first. I will be making it from cardboard and foam so it wont cost me much either. This means too much cutting ahead me.ghaaah!!!! good luck to me!

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