My very first convention was Fuyucon back in 2009. I cosplayed as Akita Neru from Vocaloid, Hoshina Utau (Dark Jewel) from Shugo Chara and Mio Akiyama (Don't Say Lazy!) from K-On. It was an incredible experience and in fact one that changed my aspirations. I'd finally discovered something I was passionate about and wanted to excel at. I was now hooked on Cosplay! So ever since, I've always aimed to improve my skills and learn new techniques, and one day hope to achieve all of my dream cosplays, gradually becoming braver and more ambitious with them :D You can keep up to date with me and check out more of my work on my Facebook page and other social media.

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I haven't even officially started on this costume yet but I didn't have any costume for the Friday of Kitacon, so I threw some things together that I had at home that I thought could look like Cerise Wolf and it didn't turn out too bad! hehe XD

Now that Kitacon 2015 is over I have finally slowly been updating my progress on this costume. I am currently continuing work on our props and pictured is the epic axe I'm building for Iggie's Battle Anna :P I changed up the design a bit for Elsa as instead of a sword, I am making a staff for her as I thought it might suit her better. Stick around for progress on these! :D

Yeah I suck at updates, my apologies!
Good news is that Myrtenaster is taking shape now finally :D After having worn Weiss twice now I really miss having a prop and I've been putting it off, who knows why?! urgh >.< Been feeling much more motivated though lately so fingers crossed it's done for the next time I wear Weiss!

Ah I was just bored this evening so I decided to try an Elsa inspired style with an old wig. Think I'm gonna need lots of hairspray lol! Cannot wait to start on this cosplay though! <3

Got everything even my gloves and basket now, just a little bit of finishing off to do on the bodice and I'm done! Yay :D

So I forgot to upload the pic I took of the fabrics I bought a while ago now, so that's them. And thought I'd upload some pics of progress on helping iggie with her Crescent Rose. Just working on the engineering of the thing. I must be weird coz I'm having too much fun working on these props :D

Planning has begun for how I would like to create Myrtenaster today, lots of neat ideas that make it all seem possible. This will be my first big effort with an important prop, hopefully it goes well! We will be getting the materials for it soon and I may attempt to keep a blog of how it goes ;)

The wig I will be styling for her has arrived :)
I've always wanted a white wig <3

So I got the cloak, omgosh I love it so much! I confess I bought it on etsy, just because the fabric is so awkward to find! It's just lovely to swish around in so couldn't resist going out in the snow in it :D

This photo was taken by AJ, and there are plenty more on our Facebooks hehe.

So I was browsing Disney the other day (post christmas) hoping to see the dolls down in price for the sales, and hooray they were! But then Argh! Just Cruella AND Maleficent sold out?! My two faves! T-T So in a slight panic I began to wonder if they'd still be in the shops, so quickly booked a trip with peeps to go to White Rose and low and behold there she is! (and quite a few of her too) Biiig phew! XD So yay she's safe on my table at home, what a perfect reference :'D

Finally wore this cosplay again, was still fun though I wish I had made the cane she has in the clip.

Pokéballs in process of being painted. Standard and Ultra balls now painted, still need varnishing. Just the third ball now (as seen in background) waiting to be painted and varnished! ^.^

Dont worry! XD
This was taken a while ago, it is well under way now.
Sooo much red and black <3

Pokéballs now ready for painting and then finishing! ^.^

Yey finished in time for my first con! XD Turned out to be my fave costume of the weekend too =D

Unfortunately when I wore this to Fuyucon09, I had no pictures taken of it >.< so will be wearing it again, one day =] Sorry all >.<

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