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These are my trousers so far. These are also the first trousers that i've made without PuppyKitten14's help so i am really proud of myself :->

Had it for a while but only just got round to adding a photo :3
Unstlyed currently.

deal much £4
Cropping sleeves soon, but main focus is on the first pair of trousers i have ever made on my own.

Bought myself a trousers pattern, and have began the mission of making Zack's trousers.

I know this is a comission but so far the jacket is nearly done the trousers are complete and i need to sort the brown bits next to the white sworl and i have to get the wig. But these are the sworls

got the fabric for the trousers today :D
Also i have a wig that just needs styling

-Bleached my hair :P
- Top/jacket: 40%
-props + accessories: 20%

This will be done in time!!

Wig has been styled for a while just havent got round to uploading a photo of it till now :D

I have a suitable body warmer im going to edit, a white top (goes under the body warmer) and as for hair iv'e decided to cut and dye my own hair for this one.

i was originaly going to cosplay as Chris Redfield from Resident Evil 5, but as im not as buff as him it makes be a bit nervous. Also it would be more suited to cosplay as Resident Evil 1's version as ZombieNekoNinja will be my Jill (shes doin resident evil 1 style.). Puppykitten14 (my girlfriend) will be cosplaying as Claire Redfield Umbrella Chronicles style.

Thing is i rather of cosplayed as a couple with my girl friend as Telford MCM date (18th feb) is our 2 year anniversary but who knows maybe will will take two different cosplays, resident evil and something else, depending on time and money. :D

Making a new one with a lighter coloured fabric, as my legs blend in with the sash a little too much and compairing it to Sasuke Uchiha i have realised.

Drawed one out so far, but hopeing to get the two weapons done soon.

I first tried to add a yellow outline around the T as Tidus's leg detail, but as i used denim the paint wasn’t clear but faded so in the end i used gold paint to outline the T. :D

Image of anbu vest. (Needs ironing!!)

Im using my Kakashi Jonin trousers for this cosplay and will make the top out of the same fabric since i had so much left over from the Jonin outfit. Also i have the face mask (the one that covers his mouth) need to replace my ninja shoes. (they ripped :| ) I have the anbu vest also as my girl friend gave me her's. (and it fits :O )

Need to make the gloves, arm sleeve things + arm protectors, leg bandage, anbu mask, pouch.

Image shows my Ichigo wig before styling.

Got the red paint (Its the same red paint used for Tidus) for the coat along with the white material for the coat, just need the purple material that lines the inside of the coat. (Got the word 'coat' in their 3 times. XD)

Going to used Kakashi's joinin outfit for under the coat, and make the white arm band things detachable.

Im using the same trousers from my Sasuke Uchiha Hebi cosplay.

I have finished the trousers with my girlfriends help. I am planning to live in them as they are sooooo comfy.

The jacket is nearly complete and same for trousers, my girl friend PuppyKitten14 painted the 'T' onto the shorts for me. <3

Though she didnt have any yellow paint so its not completely done, but the main body of colour is done. The paint has dried dark on the denim, as the paint is bright red so may take a few coats.

all i have to do for this is make the trousers and do the purple tie

all i have to do for this is make the trousers and do the purple tie

all i ave to do with this is cut the one trouser leg down and sew my sleve onto the top

Reference picture of Terra's keyblade

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