Well my friend Larissa got me into Cosplay in the first place. We both cosplayed for San Diego Comic Con 2009 but it was my first time actually doing it, I had alot of fun regardless/ ^^

So if it wasn't for her, I wouldn't be into Cosplay in the first place ^^

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I decided to stick with my original first draft of this dress because the fabric I tried using for the finished bodice ended up being too flimsy to point that even water from my iron could stain it. :/ I ended up revisiting my first mock up I tried out as a result. The organza for the bertha ended up being the wrong color but I thought i'd test the layout of the bertha. I'm still improving it to try to make it movie accurate

I finally started working on my mock up for my Cinderella patterns. I've been playing with it to get the exact look in the film and I think I finally managed to get a center panel without the need of a middle seam! YES!!! Now to wait for my actual fabric to get here. Then it shall finally begin :)

So my butterflies finally came in :D ( They came in a lot quicker than I had imagined. They're so beautiful and they have such a magical shimmer to them. There are tiny sequins on the wings and it sucks because my camera isn't picking them up D:

I finally started ordering and gathering my materials for my Cinderella ballgown. I already bought the bodice fabric, the lace front wig and a few of the butterflies. I just started organizing my skirt materials but it's been a challenge since I'm trying to get the right shade of blues to add to the layers. It'll take some experimenting but I think I can do it. Also I'm trying my hand at using Victorian patterns for this gown :D Yay for authenticity!

I revamped my old Cindy glass slippers to look like the ones worn by Lily James :D Lemme tell you, imitating Swarovski crystal with vinyl is not as easy as it looks. The effect is actually iridescent cellophane for fairy wings cut into little squares and are glued onto the vinyl shoe. I had to glue it on the top to cover the mess of glue from the rhinestones :O

They're not done yet though, I still have to add the butterfly centerpieces which my friend Chad is in the process of making for me.

Everything finally shipped and is on it's way. I can't wait until I finally get to cosplay as my favorite swimmer! :3

Okay....Here we go :)
The tail is finally complete. Now it's the time to test it's durability. I'm not sure what'll come of this whole testing process, but with all hope, the tail will last. If not, at least I've got good pictures of it to remind me of what a good job I did before trying a new method :) Whatever happens, happy swimming

There were a few flaws in my original design. I want this tail to be multi-functional for both cons and for mermaiding so I'm going back and reevaluating the design to allow that. I want this fin to be perfect in my own eyes and I will strive to make this to the best of my ability. I'll definitely wear it for later cons and photoshoots :3

I've wanted to get Disney park inspired shells for eons now :D Lucky for me that angel-secret finally started selling the park shells. I'm thinking of getting them in white so I can paint them myself since their purple looks really awkward :-;

So I got the front somewhat painted similar to my test swatch :D
I'm extremely pleased with the colors I chose and I'm very proud of this. It's now the perfect shade of Ariel green~

I have glitter all over my floor but it was totally worth the mess :3

The scales are there, they just don't show up as well on camera.

I finally started drawing the scales on my tail :)
I've gotten halfway through the front of the scales in 2 days, GO ME! :D I'm so excited with each new scale I make.

So I've been just cutting scraps of the neoprene and testing the painting on it. I'm aiming to get a color similar to Traci Hines's new tail that she uses for her music video (That movie accurate sort of green blue) but it's been kind of difficult. This was my failed test but I think I know what colors I'll be using. I'll also be stenciling the scales on instead to make them more durable.

Ehhh.....It's been a long day struggling with these sleeves. William Ivey Long made these monsters impossible to replicate. I'm not really happy with their turnout but I think I'll remake them with the accurate fabric sometime after I debut it. At least I got the sleeves to fit comfortably on me, and I still have some wiggle room to dance at the ball with :)

Working on adding detail work tonight for my Cinderella dress. I just added the glitter ribbon along the front and back of the bodice and then now I'm adding this sort of bejeweled lace detailing on the back of the bodice. I may add more on some places, maybe on the sleeves and on the front before I get to the sleeves. All in all I'm pretty proud :)

They're just pinned on for now because I'm adjusting them a little more , but just the back closure to go and then the bodice will be done :)

I just finished adding the top trim to the gown as well as finishing the comb for my wig with all the ribbons in it :) Oh my god, I was not expecting my comb to come out this nicely. I added a butterfly and some flowers on them for originality. Plus I think the green flowers would have fit Anna a lot better as far as contrasting to Elsa XD

So I'm giving in to buying the Soraia Mist Upholstery fabric from Joanns because I love the texture on it much better than the fabric I originally picked. It also is a lot cheaper and I only plan on using it for the pleats :) I plan on adding rhinestones to it a little bit later on but I'll have to play around with where to put them :o

I finished adding the bottom bias tape and the bodice is completely lined. I added a fancy gold gimp trimming along the bottom to give the yellow bias a bit of a more royal touch since the yellow was waaay too light for my liking. Plus I think the gold looks really nice against it. I have to add a floral trim along the top and then add more of the gimp then turn this into a lace up bodice then I can add the sleeves to it :)

I spent yesterday and today actually sewing the bodice of the dress together. I just finished sewing the crinkled organza overlay onto the pieces and now I've pieced them all together. I just started sewing some sequins on the bodice and it looks really nice so far. I still have a little ways to go before I finish it. But I don't have that far to go now :)

I already started cutting out the bodice already. Well the base layer of it anyway.
I have to get the overlay as well as cut the sleeve patterns and get the overlay for that as well XD

I used a taffeta fabric from a Wedding dress that my neighbor gave to me that I completely ripped apart XD

So I was lucky that one of the patterns I already owned in one of my drawers already was perfect for Anna. I just have to add some interfacing and some stiffener to give it a little bit more body. Everything's just pinned in place for now.

The Center panel may be removed and redone since I painted it before I pinned it on and some of the edges may get cut off if I sew it at the allowance it's at. :/ But all the rosemaling is hand painted and it's freehanded.

I found this really great printed fabric from Spoonflower made by my friend Aimee that allows me to make the box pleats in the skirt. I'm pretty stoked! It's a little bit on the expensive side but it saves me a lot of work DX

Im really in no rush to get this hat done, but I figured I might as well make it for ALA.
I have a lot of fleece I need to dispose of anyway XD

It's about time I say goodbye to another little mermaid wig that I've been using :( After cutting it to a reasonable length and trying to style it again after washing it was not the easiest thing. It's pretty much unstylable now but the good thing about this one is that it's heat resistant so if I wanted too I would use a curling wand on this one :)


I managed to get super lucky and I found the exact fabric that the Disney parks mermaid tail has. It's a fish scale-esque sequin fabric that has a very beautiful shimmer to it. It even changes color in the light XDD I might have to line it though because it's going to be really itchy fabric Dx I'm kind of thinking I'm going to regret this decision later when I'm sewing it :/

So....I plan on wearing Cadence again after Anime Expo. I think after Anime Expo I didn't feel as great wearing the costume, a lot of the elements were very last minute and I never really got to do what I originally planned with Princess Cadence in that short timespan I spent working on her.

But now I think it's about time I give her a fresh new update. :) Just like Ariel I'm going to be reworking her quite a bit so she'll look brand spanking new for Anime Los Angeles this coming year. All I know so far is I'm planing on getting a new wig, a better pair of wings and a new horn and ears. I may get a tail as well for the back of the dress ;D

Okay so I just finished the blouse and the cape today.
Now it's just the corset and some little details then Anna is ready to hit the movies :)

Ughhh I'm so excited I can barely breathe!!

The cape is almost done. All I need now is the collar and maybe to adjust the clasps once the collar's in place, but it looks pretty good I'd say :) The skirt's all done and it fits a lot better now and all I gotta do now is the blouse and adjust the corset then Anna's done :)

So I decided on making the swimsuit to go along with this :)
I'm planning on wearing it under my slacks when I got out for the con and since there's a pool in the convention venue I'll definitely wear it for the rest of the day after a quick shoot :)

Just finished painting the fleece for the long part of my cape :)
The paint ended up looking a little weird and bumpy in some places but I think it was just because of the material I was using :/ I like the result though. It turned out a lot better than I expected. I'm getting to work on the caplet tomorrow before I start painting it :)

So far I just got my material for my Cape and my clasp :) The clasp is a little bit on the small side but it's the perfect shape and I love it so much. The cape fleece is the exact color of the Disney Parks Anna and I literally started squealing. XD I also got my pattern for the blouse Now to wait for the oxford to get here then....she will begin :)

So the skirt is finally almost done. I haven't been able to work on Anna recently because of my little commissions but I actually like how it looks so far. I still have to finish up the underskirt for this then I have to adjust the fitting so that it goes over my hips to put it on ToT

I just have to take in the seam allowance on the hips, then but the waistband on. Oh and add the scalloped lace and sequin trim on the underskirt hem

It may not be made of diamonds but it's a real sparkly one to say the least XDD
I was lucky to find a similar style of tiara that Cinderella wears on broadway on Ebay :)

I'm just kind of Material scouting for now but I managed to find these really nice plastic clear slippers for a Cinderella costume on Ebay. Luckily they run to about a size 12 so I'm pretty content :)

I hate the butterfly motif on the front but I'm coating these things in a crapload of rhinestones so it won't be seen

Oh gosh!! :DD It's finally happening

Anna is finally in the works. I just started her skirt. Most of the panels are cut and the scallops are all sewn in but I'm still painting the rosemaling to all the panels. I'm even adding little tiny rhinestones in the rosemaling to give the dress a little bit of a princess feel. Luckily I'm using stencils this time around so the result looks a lot cleaner than when I did Rapunzel :3

Managed to find this really nice one on ebay. I might have to make it slightly shorter and take off the braid

The Corset for Anna's costume looks more similar to how Rapunzel's is styled. But since I'm wearing the cape over the close for the most part you probably won't see much of the shoulders, so I'm going to cheat ;DD

I found this really pretty corset with rhinestones in it. All I'd need to do is just paint the floral embroidery on the center.

Like my mermaid fin, my blue dress might receive some minor alterations to it ;D

Mostly I'm getting a new hair bow and the corset will be adorned with some blue rhinestones. That's pretty much it. So yeah, that and a restyle on my current Ariel wig, courtesy of my lovely merbuddy TheAngryTeacup who offered to style my wig free of charge :)

The pendant was kind of a mixed bag. I initially was kind of hoping that the heart would actually be a bit larger in size but I really shouldn't complain about it since it ended up being the perfect shade of aqua anyway :3

The gold filigree design on the sides were made from leftover sculpy clay that I salvaged from my Ariel shells. :) I'm quite happy with it but I really think I might change the chain. I even placed one of the spare hearts on the bodice of my dress ^ 3 ^

With some of the money I managed to score from my aunts after Christmas ended, I literally went on a Princess Cadance shopping spree XDD. I already ordered my rhinestones for the cutie mark Pendant, my wings and my new Cadance Wig which I managed to find a couple days ago :3

This one was a lot more reasonably priced and sort of had the shades of color I was looking for. XDDD Now I just have to buy my Shining Armor his wig, my boots, tights, gloves, fabric and pattern for the skirt. Oh! And the stuff for the crown :3

Just finished the Horn and ears out of some sculpy that I had lying around leftover from my Ariel bra. ^^

I even added little clips on the ears so they can sit on my head ^^ But I put them in after this was taken X3

I forgot to upload a close-up shot of my Cadence bodice :o

So here it is. All hand glued

I haven't been able to get much done for this costume as of yet. For now I actually just finished my tiara and I already have my horns baked and are ready to be painted :D

Lot of rhinestones were used while I was making the crown. I just hope I have enough for my Ariel fin and the skirt for Cadence by the end :|

Well so far my Blouse is done and my petticoat underskirt is done,
My corset just arrived in the mail today, and I love the thing to bits ;D It's the perfect shape and it holds up so well

So for now Ariel's about 90% done :D Just a few things left to do then it's done :D

Finally started cutting my cotton for Ariel's blouse :D

Wish me luck guys ^^

I'm so happy with this bow. My friend Richard made it for me and I love this thing to pieces. It's alot bigger than I expected it to be, but whatevs XD

I love it so much ^^

Ok...I found my dream corset out of the blue

It's the perfect shade of navy blue :3 I don't know when I'll get it. Hopefully sometime this year

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