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Fabric shopping today was unfortunately not very successful, I failed to find any fabric of suitable weight to work with - It was either too dull and dark, or too bright and flashy. I will have to turn to purchasing fabric online.

I did find a pattern I think I can work with though!

Today, I went shopping for supplies to finally make an actual start on my Noiz cosplay - I'm determined to have this cosplay complete for Hyper Japan this Summer.

I already had mint green polycotton, but comparing it to the wool I used for Noiz's hat showed that it was too pale - In some light, it even looked white and I wasn't a big fan of that. I'm happy to report that I found some more suitable fabric (although it was really pricey).

Shirt arrived! It's not 100% on point but it's a security guard t-shirt and I'm really happy with it anyway! It works~ I'm just glad I found a pale blue shirt with two breast pockets. :P

Working on Noiz's hat now! I'm surprisingly productive when I'm avoiding deadlines.

This is the lining. It's a bit longer at the front to allow seam allowance but idk if I let the but down the side of my ears be long enough but we shall see! Can't be seen here but I made the top bit fit to my hear better which has made it look dumb on the top in the photo but I wanted to test it out before cutting the excess seam off

Styled my wig! I'm not too sure about how I did it but it's going to be covered by a hat anyway~

Photo is too large to be attached to a journal, so it's been uploaded to the Photos section of this costume.

An example of the type of thing I'm aiming for.

Just started on the lower layer of the fringe. I'm trying to go for something similar to what I did for the Natsuki wig commission I did, something somewhat natural looking yet with some 'anime' form to it (photo of Natsuki wig attached in the next entry for reference).

Not only did my trousers rip when wearing them (I think I took them in too much lol), I recovered my blazer to find it damaged by the sun! I cut off the patch and threw it away. :/ If I ever wear this cosplay again the future, I'll have to buy a new blazer for it!

I had to replace my Ikuto cosplay wig because I misplaced it~ I'm still a bit sad about it but ah well, these things happen!

My cosplay wig for Ueda arrived today~ It's already washed. The colour is a bit rich for what I wanted so I'm not sure if I'm going to use it, we'll see how I feel when I start making the costume~ ☺️✨

My boots for punk Gaara cosplay! I don't suppose anyone wants to cosplay modern Naruto characters with me at all this year~?

Today I told myself "JUST DO IT" and finally finished one sleeve of my punk Gaara raglan shirt - a project I've been procrastinating over and working on and off since 2008!!!

I tried to straighten it a little to see if I could get it to behave...

Photo is too large to be attached to a journal so it's been uploaded to the photos section of this costume.

Cos-test in the black top I bought for this~ Even though I've gained weight, this top frames me really nicely?? I really like it! It's so soft and luxurious as well~ =u=

Ready for the photoshoot! I was acting photographer so I didn't have many photos taken of me.

Wearing them in a lil - Photo is too large to be attached to a journal so it's been uploaded to the photos section of this costume.

I saw these shoes in New Look and I thought they looked awesome?? They're not just smart black shoes, they have a layer of red underneath the black~

Discounted down from £25 to £9 :D

The Shinobu and Miyagi that were supposed to attend the photoshoot bailed, and because there were two sets of Nowakis and Hirokis anyway, my Nowaki and myself changed plans last minute to complete the group!

I managed to dig up some old cosplay stuff and buy a jumper from a charity shop. :)

I gained weight, and while I am in the process of losing it, there's an upcoming photoshoot I need to attend as Hiroki! So I bought some clothes a size bigger to wear for this cosplay temporarily.

I previously sewed the collar together incorrectly, so I had to seam rip it apart to be put back together... Though, honestly, I really don't like how I did the spade symbols on my collar so I'm going to re-do most of it anyway.

Before I mocked something together for a cos-test, now I'm trying to lay it out neatly for sewing.

For added stability in the front, I added a popper to the front of my waistcoat. :)

First two progress photos from this date is uploaded in the 'Photos' section of this costume.

All the buttons are on!

Because I don't have suitable boots for this costume yet, I'm going to wear my fishnet tights from Chuunin Gaara and the boots I have for Punk England.

I plan on using the kilt hose I originally purchased for my (now retired) Scottish England cosplay.

Trying on what I've got so far, if I can find a blazer on time I'll wear that but I have my brown jacket as backup.

Photos are too large to be uploaded here, and has been uploaded in the photos section.

Photo is too large to be attached to a journal, so it has been added to the 'Photos' tab of this costume.

Photo can be viewed in the 'Photos' section of this costume.

Photo can be viewed in the 'Photos' section of this costume.

I decided to put together stuff for Gakuen fem Russia:

1. White Short Sleeved Shirt is from when I cosplayed Gakuen Prussia.
2. Vest is from when I cosplayed Gakuen England.
3. Tie is from when I cosplayed Ronald Knox.
4. Coat is for Valentines England.
5. Corset is from 2P fem Russia.
6. Shoes are from 2P fem Russia (or I might use the ones I bought for Cardverse).
7. And the wig I'm going to wear is from 2P fem Russia.

Photo can be viewed on the 'Photos' tab of this costume.

Pic can be viewed in 'Photos' tab on this costume.

Former wig, I like the colour of this one more. I think I fixed it. c:

Finally finished... only took about two hours.

I don't know how I've been surviving this long without a clamp.

Straightening the base wig (former Barnaby Brooks Jr. Wig)

Coat arrived, but it's a bit too thin and flimsy for my liking? So I think I'll have to get it open and interface it to stiffen it slightly~

(Photo can be viewed in the 'Photos' tab)

Fitting the new sleeves into the hole left by the sleeves I removed.

Couldn't sleep so I decided to continue work on my casual #Gaara #cosplay ~ I finally finished seam ripping the sleeves off my scrap leftover t-shirt fabric, the triangle shape to the right needs to be cut out of the rest of the t-shirt scrap two times and added to the sleeves before they can be added to my cosplay shirt.

It'll feel good when I can finally call this cosplay finished!

More cosplay wig progress - I tried it on and I really don't like how it looks on me. T^T ;;

I've been working on slicking down the back of cosplay wig because it's originally a really poofy Sasuke/Zack wig? It's going well but I think it'll need more trimming and cleaning up later, but I've been offered ice-cream and I'm broke so even though I hate chocolate flavoured ice-cream it's probably going to be my last for a while so that happens first. :D

Sewed in 3 rows of blonde into my cosplay wig ~

Trying on my shirt with the sweater vest, it just needs a bit of paint on certain squares and a bit of repair work~ After the wig and sweater vest, I actually only need pale grey jeans and a bow tie! I'm so close~

Can't see much but I tested the wefts by using hair slides in them, I think the black bits in the front definitely needs to be shorter but I think the yellow will be thick enough with that much in.

I cleaned the wefts up, in preparation to be attached to my wig!

This was originally a wig to be styled for a Birthday gift, but one of my housemates fucking destroyed it. :| So, I chopped it up to use for a part of Jackson.

It took me forever to do the makeup, I tried really hard to imitate Kise's eye shape with it! ; 3; But I'm not very good at it...

I hope to add a longer "tongue" in the middle that's a different colour, and a large spade buckle type thing~

About half done. Got back pains so I'm going to tidy up my mess and take a break.

You can see more of how much is left from the back. XD

This cosplay wig still needs more work but I've done a lot so far... The fringe has been cut how I want it but it needs styling, everything else needs further layering and spiking with spray & glue~

lol brb casual sobbing as I cut this beautiful cosplay wig ; 3;

Le wig is drying, both 1P and 2P England - 1P had eyebrow on, and I don't believe I washed 2P yet! It pains me but I do have to cut this wig...

Just quickly sprayed it up and arranged it for the cosplay meet~

Shirt arrived for 2P fem Russia, but I'm also planning on using it for Cardverse England with a custom collar too (wearing a collared shirt underneath the frilly one in this)~

Trying on the wig~ I don't want to style it! ToT

The wig is really long at the sides and back but that can be easily fixed. Got worried because the fringe looks like it's been cut but when I tried it on in the mirror it's long enough to fall into my eyes so I'm relieved!

My eyelashes arrived! I'll do makeup tests when my replacement cosplay wig arrives.

Trying it on to see how much to cut off for my fringe. My cosplay wig is here! Just washed it and combed through it.

The bitch is styled! Time to shower~

Found it in a charity shop! I like the colour better~

I did it by plucking just a few strands out of my weft bag, knotting the ends together, and then carefully plaiting them. I rubbed glue to seal the end.

I then threaded it into a needle I own with a large eye, and pierced into the skin top of the wig and knotted it into the wig.

I didn't mould one of them properly so I have to do it again. T^T

I altered the sides of my trousers slightly to make it look more 'trouser'-like and less 'lounge'-like! xD

Touched up my wig and pinned my tie back.

(Photos are too large for the journal so they've been added to the Photos section).

I decided to go with a fishnet armband instead of a fabric one because it's on a joint, and I know a fabric one would restrict my movement a little or feel uncomfortable.

(Image is too large for a journal so it has been uploaded to Photos)

Emmie lined the collar of my vest for me on the 20th April, I only just thought to take a photo of her hard work! Thank you Emmie!

The photo is too large to be put into my journal, so it's been added to my photos instead.

Done!~ It was really fiddly and difficult, the patch was sew-on only but it was really hard. ene ;;

And I only had brown thread so, to conceal it, I had to kind of sew on the brown areas of the patch and avoid the white bits. orz Which made it extra hard!

Sleeves have been removed; and the holes are hemmed.

I think if I go back to this shirt, I'd interface it so it crinkles less and take it in a bit.

New wig arrived in the post, I simply couldn't stick with that other one! XD

I wore it with my 2P Military Cosplay, just to give an idea of what they look like~

Seeing how it looks with the lace and such.

I sewed it all together onto a bit of elastic and this is the result! I really like how it turned out~ They're a little difficult to put on but they do the job nicely. If I had to remake it, I'd have sewn it onto the end of some sturdy white fabric and had it so I slipped it on like a sleeve and buttoned it up so it fits snug around my wrist.

I gently removed the lace from the ironing board, and it ruffled all nicely how I intended~

On an ironing board, I stretched the lace out and pinned it all in place, gradually layering it up how I wanted it.

I separated each layer into its individual strip and trimmed it so it's clean cut.

I originally made these wrist cuffs for 2P Military England, but I have since retired that costume. Because I will be using the same wrist cuffs for Cardverse England, I've decided to upload my progress for it here.

Luckily for me, I didn't have to shell out loads for individual strips of lace and such. I found a lace shirt in a charity shop in layers (shown in the picture).

I cosplayed a 'Victorian'-esque version of this outfit to a cosplay meet~

I bought a new wig for my cosplay but I'm not fond of the length or colour, it's not like the listing picture at all! T^T

Lining my shirt with ribbon using hemming tape... sewing didn't work out so well so I'm doing this.

Finally working on the final patch for my bomber jacket!

Shaped it a bit more and gave it a bit of a trim~

I used wire cutters to chop off the top of my frame to make it more accurate~

I kept the lens to glue back to the frame so I still have that there.

I used to own a blog called "ask-2pmerica".

Bought Vintage 1980 glasses~ Don't need those silly mirror ones!

Sold my former one so I bought a new one~

Just in case I can't find any better.

I dug out my old waistcoat and replaced the buttons on it~

I ended up going for these boots instead.

The eye looks a little high up but it's going to have dots underneath it.

I thought it'd be trickier with the drool but it actually wasn't!

I kept on going wrong with the mouth so it kept fraying, I had to keep cutting the fraying bits off and it obviously decreased in size as a result. :(

My friend designed a drunken face, which I decided to go with~

Sketched on the Konoha symbol to go over with my sewing machine (satin stitch).

Zip finished up~ Just to do the face on the hood now.

Peeling off the tape edges was so satisfying! The edges were so crisp~

I sellotaped the outline on and sponged on white acrylic paint.

I cut straight through the middle of the front of the hoodie, for the zip, and I also ironed on the UK flag patch.

Since the hoodie needs altering, I planned ahead and purchased some things to do it with~

A nice view of all the stuff I wear underneath my jacket. xD

Showing off more of my make-up! (Mostly my eyes)

Felt like it had been a while since I wore England.

Washed the wig... ugh, it's such a mess. It's going to be a pain to work with...

I purchased these shoes for Matryoshka England, but I also plan to use them for this. ♥

I bought these shoes for my cosplay.

I purchased the patch for my blazer from Ploy. ♥

The bow is really small but I didn't have much to work with, if I had to do this again I would definitely remake the bow into something a little larger and more fabulous!

Everything is literally attached at the collar! xD

The capelet of my cape is finished; took forever to do! This is what it looks like underneath, I quite like it. ^^


(The photo is too large to put here so it's been added to the Photos section)

I finished sewing the fur to the collar.

Hannah was lovely enough to provide me with black fur to attach to my collar, looking good so far! Thank you Hannah~

The gloves were too long and went right up my arm (which was a pain in the ass to put on with a shirt on top) so I just cut them down and hemmed them off~ (I used the scrap fabric to make sleeve cuffs!)

I ended up having to do darts all along the rim of my capelet! It was worth it in the end and ended up looking fantastic, but it was such an awful pain to do them all! T^T ;;

I then started attaching the sleeves... excuse my derpy face here.

I then attached each side of the shirt at the shoulder seam and the side seams, I noticed the union flag didn't quite match up properly on either side but no fucks were given~

At MCM May 2011, a friend of mine gave me two one-sided Union flag t-shirts and told me I could seam rip them to make England's casual Gakuen Hetalia outfit. I was really pleased and instantly started work!

I am a procrastinator, this probably would have taken a day of solid work, but doing it on and off took me forever and I finally finished carefully picking both t-shirts apart on this date!

I immediately began sewing, starting with a zigzag stitch along the base of the shirt to allow the stretchy fabric to... well, stretch.

I didn't buy it on this day, but I at least found one I liked the look of! (Red)

My false fangs arrived, really like how subtle they look.

Began styling my wig - Nantucket was such a pain in the ass!

To alter~ I was really happy when I found this, it doesn't need a lot of work and it was really cheap from a charity shop!

The colour is really nice, it's two-toned light brown and blonde.

My interfacing for my waistcoat and my cape~

I couldn't find a short that was more accurate, so I went with this.

And I also attached it in place with a nice silver button.

To see if it looks good, wasn't sure if I should keep it long (like this) or not.

Folding all the bits in and glueing them into place...

I know it looks a mess, but I couldn't think of a better way to get my fabric around the rim as cleanly as possible!

I pinned the rim together to the side bit to prepare it for sewing... it's going to be so fiddly.

It's kinda crappy so I'm probably going to replace it. :U

Purchased by Scotty! Thank you, Scotty~

And just about dried, ready to style~

The photo is too large for my journal updates, so it has been uploaded to the photos section.

This is the mini top hat I plan to use for the base of my hat.

Scot made me some Scottish Fold ears for a kind of human/neko version of England! Cute!

Thank you Scot~

Just sectioning off my second England wig, ready for styling~

I do plan on making the brown one out of faux leather one day.

I tried to batik my shirt... it didn't work out, never again! X( I'm only ever painting in the future!

The boots I purchased for this arrived~

Collar of the jacket... I don't like how I made this jacket exactly (it fits me pretty awkwardly) so I will definitely remake it if I ever decide to re-wear this costume again!

This is one of two costumes I purchased tailored from Ebay. I purchased the jacket, tie, shirt, trousers, and sam browne belt. The only parts of the costume I bought then that I still use now is the jacket and trousers; the rest of it was kind of crap and got replaced individually.

Cosplayed this to October, though it wasn't nearly done (want much more makeup stuff) and I had to borrow a lot of it. ene ;;

I think it'll work very well for my design~

Borrowed some people's stuff, which inspired me to create this design of Marluxia~

I purchased this lovely two-toned red/black wig, it looks kind of more natural at a distance, the fibres blend together to make a dark red colour~ I really like it!

I bought my shirt and tie for this cosplay way back in 2010 (I'm writing this 7th November 2014).

I purchased fabric and intended to make the costume through 2010, but I felt really beaten in by my friends (who doubted my skills) and ended up purchasing it tailored for me towards the end of 2010.

I think this is a bad way to treat a friend; I wish they were more encouraging and supportive of me... And perhaps if they didn't think I could do it, maybe they could have helped me a bit more.

I purchased my wig and it arrived on this date~

As I post this journal on the 7th November 2014, I know that I purchased my sweater-vest early 2010 with the intention of making Gakuen Hetalia England my first ever official Hetalia cosplay.

Unfortunately, I ended up putting it off for a few years.

Boots I plan to alter for my cosplay!

Finished the costume as best as I could the night before! I was so knackered at MCM, lol.

I took some photos in my bathroom to test out how Genin cosplay might look on me~

After being Eiri Yuki (blonde) for a month, I dyed my hair back red to bring Gaara back!

Uploading this here rather than a cosplay photo because it looks awful. xD I made the cosplay in a few days with no access to anything like a sewing machine, etc.

I will buy better straps to wrap around the middle at a later date.

Newspaper layer.

(For some reason I put the "shopping list" for my Gourd on my Genin Gaara costume rather than this one, even though I intended for it to be my Shippuden gourd. xD)

Acquired the trousers for my cosplay!

Start on my 'proper' version of this cosplay~

Added a small bit in-between my first and second toe to make the sandals more accurate.

Visited Bushy Park with a friend and discovered some cool pose ideas. :)

First attempt~ I know the forehead symbol's in black here, I'll get something red to put it on with soon enough.

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