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Been cosplaying for a few years (though didn't really take it 'seriously' until a year or two ago) and fully intend to continue for as long as I can get away with! <3

Tsupo and I are the 2013 UK representatives for the European Cosplay Gathering in France; we'll be the best reps that we can possibly be :3

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Been working reasonably hard the past few months! Got all my armour patterned and half of it cut out in worbla's finest arts (stuff of the GODS). Here's an example of my bracers so far~

Gotten cracking on the gitaroo! I've gridded it all out to make sure all the proportions are right and it's come to 1.5 meters in length. Good god it's massive. I guess I'd never noticed how big it was in the game, but upon inspecting the reference art... eesh. It's got a cardboard base and expanding foam to cover it, so it shouldn't get too heavy. I hope!

I've got a Plan for where all the LEDs are going to go, I just need to order them. I won't be able to put them in until I get carving that foam, though. Ooft.

Hokay, I've more or less sorted out how I'm going to do most of this in my mind.

There will be foam. Lots of foam. But, hopefully, it'll all work - I'm just worried that the coat will end up a little weighed down with the foam embellishments and embroidery. Hopefully not, as leatherette is pretty stiff and that's what I intend to be working with... At any rate, we shall just have to see on that front!

Though god damn there are quite a few layers to this 8\

Should be getting all my materials together after Christmas so I can get down to work - ohhhman I hope I don't mess this one up D:

Here, have a Hanbei pic.

Hokay, went and got all the items required for this (well, most of them) yesterday, so I now have no excuse not to start sewing stuff!

I think I seem to generally be going for darker colours than the anime version (the fabrics/trimmings were much nicer and generally less naff). Also, went for some satin instead of matt stuff, as satin looks nicer in photos than BAM FLAT PURPLE CHASM.

Also been considering how I'll make his weapon. I do want to try and make his sword capable of both normal and whip form, but as for the actual method... Magnets, maybe?

Given I got mugged, I now have no iPhone to take snazztastic progress pics with. Hm. At any rate, I've had two evenings of work so far and I've managed to pleasantly surprise myself with what's gotten done. My red fluffy ... leotard jumpsuit thing is tacked and fitting, so I'll just sew asap and HEY PRESTO DONE.

Indeed, having made the thing fit me, I then had fun cutting holes in it, cleaving off a leg and generally making a mess with tufts of fluff.

Started heavily abusing my so far rectangular manskirt, soon to be mangled asscape, with scissors. Next comes the fire (no, really, fire) and fabric paint. If I have time I'll make a few extra layers for the manskirt to make it bulkier and generally more fabulous.

About to go do me some poofy sleeves/half shirt thing. Of course, that'll largely get ripped to pieces as well...

Oh and of course, once they get here, I'll stick my feathers to everything in a great, cataclysmic mess. It's going to be glorious C8

I didn't actually get a photo with everything on - massive derp. To put that into context:

Had somewhere between an awesome and traumatising day at Hyper Japan yesterday, but nevertheless it provided me with some pretty valuable knowledge...

Basically, everything lasted for about an hour or two before the knocking became too much for it and the velcro just kind of... died. I suspect this is largely due to the fact that lycra doesn't seem to like stick on velcro. Stuff fell off, but none of it broke as a result, so fnnngh thank god.

One wing managed to cling on for dear life, but the other had velcro trauma and died, so looks like I'll be adding lead inserts in the front to balance the weight better and it's wing harness time. My staff also kind of snapped in half (which isn't all that surprising, given the clay at the join hadn't actually set the night before and was held together by painted duct tape 8,D). SO, I ended up on stage with things awkwardly hanging on, one wing and the top half of my staff with the other lying somewhere back stage. The photos make me criinnnnge.


Looks like my wig will also need some tlc to return it to its original glory in time for Expo.

At any rate, I can safely say that when it's all on it looks pretty badass.

Spent my last free week of summer wrestling with wires to make the shoulder wing shapes. It has... been somewhere between a success and failure. At least, one worked, and the other refuses to. Hurr, well, at least other things have been more cooperative~!

On the material front, cape is pretty much done (though cba to stand up and take a pic of it) sans collar, and my jumpsuit now has sleeves and almost has its gloves attached.

Just started on the gauntlets today, though I figure I'll need to saunter out at some point at get me some more thin, pliable wire as my thicker stuff has decided to act like a jerkface Pokemon that won't stay in its pokeball 8\

I'm kinda debating whether to go with gesso or paperclay for coating/strengthening stuff at the moment. I might go for a healthy mixture of both~

Whenever I see Emprawr around, his jumpsuit always seems darker than the material I bought, so I'll be dyeing it to satisfy my crazy need for nitpicking <3

In other news, I now have giant sheets of styrene for armour coating, wire mesh, wires, spray paint... Now I just need to start the armour properly.
I'm still terrified of the wing things. I don't even know how I'm going to pull those off :\

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