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This is my re-enforced petti and I'm so pleased with it.

I went out and bought two lengths of plastic pipe, and bent them into hoops with the help of David. (They were hard to bend D:) And I've also connected them with lengths of fabric and made a waistband to attatch the fabric strips to, holding it all together. I'm wearing my original petti over the top to give it that softness.

My sister sent me my little set of beading pliers in the post... over 2 weeks ago, and they're still not here yet. I went to the sorting office yesterday and they said they'd have a look for me and took my number. If they're lost forever I will be gutted, I love those pliers and can't afford a new set at the moment.

I can't really do much more to the jewellery without them, I have all the things in to finish the necklace and to make her hair-tie and bracelet, but without my pliers it's almost impossible. If they're not here by Thursday then I will try doing it with scissors. T_T As it's all I can think of.

I've done the wig!! Finally.
This took about 2 hours to do and I found parts of it very difficult. But it's only my second attempt ever at styling a wig, so I don't think it's too bad. I would hugely appreciate any constructive comments, as I'm still in the learning stage of wig styling.

Next up I'll probably try again at fixing the colour on the skirt. I'll make the jewellery soon too, but DAT TOP.

I'm scared to try it. T_T

Also the picture is me styling ze wig. Putting it into a ponytail made most of the curls fall into one curl and go a bit... bleh. So I re-curled it around a tube of mascara using hairspray and a hairdryer.

Now my mascara tube is sticky. o.e

Gonna shoot this tomorrow so when I get back from Cornwall I'll have plenty of gorgeous pics to upload. <3

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