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I have only cosplayed twice and I have enjoyed both times so I'm looking forward to a creating some more. I love creating detailed cosplays.

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Well all the shorts need is hemming then they are good to go. I cut up a pair of unwanted jeans I had since I was a teenager. Hopefully I should have enough material left over to make some gloves. :3 really happy with it so far.

I got my wig today : 3 so yay!I need to sytle it a little though. I also have the socks and started to paint the necklace.
I need to:
Make the under dress
Make the top dress
Make the wigs

finnished the shoes and I found out a nice pair of thights although I am a bit worried since the shoes seem to be a bit smaller then I can remember but never mind. Orignanily they were black but painted them white for a Dizzy cosplay that I backed out of so they look a bit weird after I repainted them. I'll re painted them at least twice more before I wear it so that they dont crack. I need to pick up the materials for the main piece so right now I am working on the sword.

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