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Whilst I have done cosplay before, it's mostly been done badly despite the effort I put in. >_< I think half the problem was my weight and I just didn't feel comfortable and confident enough in the outfits... now that I've dropped five dress sizes though... I am more than comfortable enough to wear these things! XD

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The wig arrived! :) It just needs a little straightening and styling but its such good quality!

So the first part of the cosplay bits and bobs have started arriving~~

That's right, I have officially made start on my Thrandy cosplay buy buying the lace front wig, the elf ears and all of his pretty rings.

I'm not sure how to go about making his fabulous crown - but my gf suggests wire and hotglue - so we'll see how it goes, I guess! Watch this space! :D

Yet another instance where I just left it all to the last minute, but I powered through! Head isn't as neat as I would like... but oh well. I might revisit it at some point. :)

Well, not too sure now whether this is actually too big or not - I could stand to take it in about an inch or two before it comes too tight... HMMMM.

So my thinner EVA foam arrived (I'm trying to keep the head as light as possible, with the two opposing weights of the screen and the aerial at the back to keep it balanced (there will also be velcro... lots of velcro...). I started planning out how big I want the head to be - this is the second run, the first (from my original guesstimates) was much MUCH too large!

I like this size though - so when I'm feeling more up to it (on a bunch of codeine atm and it's messing with me something terrible) I'm gonna add in the hole for my head, cut the acrylic down to size and fix it all together with hot glue. (:

I slipped a disc in my back so I'm off from work and dosed up on some strong painkillers - clearly now is the perfect time to start working on some schematics for the head!

Today I ordered the EVA foam to finish making his head (I already have the dark tinted acrylic sheet for his screen!) and found a military green bag that would be perfect. :3

I've hunted down the coat sewing patter too- and on my next pay day I will head to Abakan and stock up on all my fabric! :D

Everyone I show this too keeps saying "the dog doesn't have any ears!" hahaha! (:
I've got the fur ready... very excited to see if this will work out now! I've ordered my nose from DreamVisions - and have to wait for that to arrive. I was originally gonna have Ifrit's mouth open but I think that's a little too difficult for my first try, so I've changed it to closed mouthed... xD

This is my second time attempting to make a fursuit! However I'm too embaressed to upload the old one... hahaha!

Started playing about with the feet to start with - my plan is to do hands, feet, tail and head first and the bodysuit can be worked on last. (: < this is a video of the rough prototype of the claws on the shoes. :3

Today I found the dress making patterns I'm going to use, and planned out the baboon mask - I'm going for something more realistic and creepy - rather than sticking to the blue colouring of the anime mask. I hope it will turn out well!
I'm resin casting it and will start the clay face on Monday. I've ordered silicon and I have some resin left over from my Meredith armour, but am not sure if it will be enough... :')

I'll probably have to buy some more.
But I bought sandal socks and the wig! So this has finally begun!

I plan to make a resin and latex scale suit of Otachi... not sure when for, probably Manchester or October MCM...!

I'll be building up a latex bodysuit, the tail will be foam... I've made plans to rig the wings... and I'll be resin casting the head in a similar fashion to a fursuit head...

The big project of 2014!

I'm doing Naraku and Sesshoumaru with my girlfriend for WCC in April and MCM in May, so plenty of time to get to work!

I'll be making his series!costume and his baboon mask and coat. I'll be resin casting the mask which I'll start asap - and then handpainting the designs onto the fabric because I really think I'd struggle to find a close match! s:

I'm starting to browse ebay for wigs already and I think I've found one that might work... hmmmmm *rubs chin*

On hold for next year due to money issues (:

Its' not as neat as is could be, but I've run out of time. I might remake bits of it ready for next October to coincide with the release of the third game... but who knows? (':

Just gotta scale the back of the corset - I decided to remake the headpiece last minute - I have sixty hours until I leave for London. DEAR GOD.

It's taking a long time to cut out and snip at all these scales, and then sew them - I'm trying to work out how many I need. :3 A lot of its hidden under the armour so I'm going to be lazy and only do what I need. :')

So my leggings arrived - and with them it means I no longer have anything to buy for this costume! Just gotta finish making the armour, coat and scalemail vest! Woot!

Okay so today I applied resin to my chest armour and made all the templates for the shoulders. I also bought belts for the chest piece! I'm hoping to have the entire armour finished by friday! (:

I also went websurfing for the wig and brown trousers, both of which should know be here by Thursday. :)

Okay, so how I do my armour is probably very long winded - but I cut out the main bits in thick eva, then add craft foam for the embellishments over the top - I heatform it all into shape and then seal it with pva. When the pva is dry, I add the extra embellishments like bolts/studs etc - then another layer of pva. Then I slap on a coat of plastic resin and then I spray paint it - depending on how much shine I want - sometimes I slap on an extra coat of resin and sand down the rough bits. (:

I'm just making the foam base and slapping on the first lot of pva now- ready for the embellishments!

Finally got my ass in gear with the armour! I've finished the hip plates and finally got around to making the foam base for the breastplate - I've started off with the collar and will move onto the chest before adding the shoulders. (: Hopefully it will go well first time, but if not I have time to redo it!

This talented man was able to make Meredith's lyrium sword for me and it's perfect! Just under the height restriction, thank god!
Now I just have to get my butt in gear with the scalemale undershirt, the armour, headpiece and if I have time... remaking the coat. (:

I decided to make the breastplate by layering up craft foam on top of a bra that I coated in resin to make it hard - I've never done it before, so fingers crossed in the end it turns out okay...

I'm actually really scared to be starting this, haha! I have the EVA foam ready, and I've made some card template mock ups, but even so... I'm a bundle of nerves!

So I got around to making the belting and straps for the gauntlets. I thought this would be the end of it but I think I might paint on some cracks! O:

This was the easiest part of the costume to make! I've had a bit of a disaster with some fabric paint on the coat - so I've attempted to wash it off and am just waiting for it to dry now. I'm sure I can salvage it! Ordered my boots and ordered my wig too! Yay!

I think I'm going to use actual scalemail for the final October project, but for April, May and August I'm going to be making faux leather scalemail which I will paint with metalic spray paint instead. Having to cut out 800+ scales is taking its toll on my hands... :c

Managed to get the first go of the gauntlets painted - will probably redo them at a later date, but I'm pretty pleased with how they've turned out so far. (8

Decided to make a practise pair of gauntlets just to try the method out, before redoing them neater... I completely had no idea how long it takes glue to dry!

Finished sewing the coat together! Now I need to sew in all the details!:3

I wanted to use suiting fabric for it, but it proved too expensive (maybe when I remake it for October)so I opted for a cheaper cotton blend, which will help keep me cool in the middle of summer, when I'm going to using it (both in London and in Glasgow).

I cut all the pieces out today - and then had a minor freak out because I thought I'd forgotten how to attach sleeves... hahaha! Its been months since I made any sort of top - I usually stick to scarves and shorts!

Anyway, have everything attached now - just need to neaten it up and add in all the hand stitched details tomorrow. :3

Forgot to buy clasps for the bag, so I spent my evening cutting out and editing my sewing patterns instead ready for the grey layer of her undercoat. :)

Just got confirmation off my friend (darkshines) for the commission and she thinks she will definitely have it done in time for August (which means Glasgow and October MCM!). :D Its a shame I won't have it for May, but she did say that if its done early then she will let me know - I have every faith that she and her boyfriend are going to make the most perfect sword ever. >3<

I just can't wait!

They're making it to stand four and a half foot tall, which is shorter than Meredith's actual sword, but will be easier for me to tote around at cons. (8

Ah this is going to be sooooo epic! :B


I was originally going to buy aluminium scales and actually make it by hand, but I've decided to make fake scales with cut out faux leather (spray painted) and then sewn together one by one, first... then if I decide it would look better with the real thing, I can redo that after May. (8

I just couldn't wait and so I started distressing the bag already~

Sewed the pouch together - need to add the fastenings and distress it - which I will do on Monday when I start working on the undercoat!

Still need to buy the buckles for all my belts...

But on the plus side, I managed to track down some almost like-for-like gloves on ebay which I am now bidding on - fingers crossed I win them! :3 Hoping to start on the gauntlets this week too! :3

I couldn't get many good references of the little pouch she wears on her b elt so I took some liberties with the design and made sure it was big enough to hold my phone, some money and my hotel keycard (priorities, man!). I'm going to stencil either the Templar cross or the Kirkwall Insignia onto the front pocket at a later date.

I made the patter for it myself, but cut out the basic shapes to paint metalic detail onto them first. I will neaten the cuts tomorrow and sew them together with some red/gold stitching detail to match the sash. Then I'm taking a break over the weekend and started on her actual underclothes on Tuesday. (8

Oh, and I commissioned a friend to make the sword! Eeee~ <3

I decided in the end to go for paint, rather than ribbon on the sash. I also made the bit that ties around my waist but the fabric is a little thicker than I would like (remember I'm using Curtain velvet) because I folded it over twice... I may redo it and make a clasp fasten so it looks accurate... but without me having to physically wrap it around myself.

So I deciuded to do Meredith's fancy red sash in two halves to avoid it sitting funny when tied. Again, I used curtail velvet. I attached a cord so i could tie it around my waist and made a template for the pattern...

Now I have to decide between fiddling with fusable web and ribbon, or just painting the design on...

So I went out and bought the fabric today (I used Curtain velvet and ribbon). I attached the ribbon using good ol' fusable webbing.

I was originally going to make a shirt to attach a standard hood too - but I decided that a cowl would look better/more accurate. I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out. :3

I've never made armour before, so this could prove to be fun! But I've found a few tutorials about craft-foam armour, so I'm going to give that a go. The underclothes/hood etc shouldn't be that hard...

I have until October. Lets do this!

Doing this because my friend is going as The Hulkling and we have a possible Wiccan too~ :3 Young Avengers, yay! (:

Today I bought the pants! :D They're a size too small because that's all they had... but I have a few months to slim down. ;D

So, I've ordered an old fashioned wooden bow from China which comes complete with five arrows. I'm going to edit and paint the bow myself so it looks like the one in the movies...

Hopefully it should arrive about mid August, which would be perfect timing. (:

...then I'll have to practise holding it because I don't even know what to do with a bow, haha! the original choker that I made from an old choker that I had turned out to be waaay too thin! So I butchered an old fabric headband of mine (stiffened it a little by sewing cardboard into it - this will hopefully make it strong enough to hold the flowers without creasing~) and ordered a few more flowers to pad it out.

The flowers should be arriving by the 28th and then I'll be experimenting with some velcro. :'D

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