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The actual costume is basically done since I brought it second-hand. The outfit itself is from Acos and the wig from CoserStudio. Currently just waiting on the base shoes and a couple of extras.
Progress on the bow is going well. Still a lot to do but the basic frame is done, apart from one joint I haven't covered yet since it refused to stay together. Nothing Gorilla Glue can't fix! In the photo it's held together with masking tape temporarily.
So far the bow is made from wooden dowels cut at an angle, which were then hot glued together.

The boots arrived and the costume is now around half way there (not including the gear). I've actually got the wig and jacket but I haven't put pictures of them up. I decided to just buy the harness and skirt since I really don't have time to make them thanks to deadlines falling way too near May expo. The harness has been brought from redstar-cosplay on ebay since I've seen a few people recommend them before.

Edit:: For some reason the image has been squished so I apologise for the awful quality.

My friend got me back into Attack on Titan so this cosplay will be happening sooner than I thought. I so far have the jacket and wig (brought from CosCraft). The plan is to get this done for October expo to go with my friend's Levi. Hopefully I'll manage to make the 3DMG over summer.

I've been having a hectic time recently so I decided to just buy the costume. Not that I mind since I really like the end result. These aren't my proper shoes - just stand ins. Just got to style the wig, sort out another the bow and it's ready for Exeter expo!

It took longer than I expected, but the bag is complete. It's made from felt since I couldn't find any fleece in the right colour.
Also I apologise for the bad quality of the images.

Made using this tutorial:

The outfit is finished! That means I have have more time to work on my other cosplay for Expo.
The shoes do still need a bit of editing, but that won't take long at all.

I will post a progress picture tomorrow. Proper photos will be posted after expo, possibly before if I can convince Taesiee to take some photos xD

I have practically finished this cosplay. I'm just adding all the final details like the shoes and styling the wig. I actually have the wrist bands :D
They were a god-send. I'm so fussy with cosplay, I like to have everything.

It's come together very quickly, so no matter what happens I shall defiantly have at least one cosplay for October MCM. I'm thinking to wear this on the friday, or at least that's the plan.

I'm slightly worried whether the cosplay actually suits me or not :/
I more than often cosplay females, so its kinds weird considering this is my first proper crossplay.

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