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British, 29 years old, lived in China for four years (2015-2019) back in the UK. Been cosplaying since 2008 roughly, don't cosplay as frequently but still around.

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First try with the paint and wig~~ Wiggins unstyled as of yet but pretty happy with the make up!!

Adding the last bits to the dress~ adding g a train to the back and something around the waist before I start adding gems and working on the jewellery~

So I wasn't happy with the make up and stuff on my first run a year ago.
Bought new stuff and gosh I'm so much happier and now really excited to rewear Molly at London MCM!

Bought some of the FIMO effect clays and decided to test them out to how they look once cooked. These are the glitter blue and gold clays. I also bought the glow in the dark one but it sorta ends up looking skin coloured once cooked...
I'm going to be use them to make some claps and beads~
Going to finish off the dress today by adding a trail on some description. I finish the circle skirt the other day too.
Not too much too really apart from make horns and jewelry now.
Never made horns before so it's gunna be an experience...

Been trying resin for the first time and am making the jewelry and decorative bits for the dress instead of buying them for a change! Quite happy with the results so far!

Been working on it for about a week on and off between that and job interviews and other life things.
The top caused me a fair bit of trouble but I think I've reached a point that I'm happy with.
I have a lot of decoration and bias binding to do and an underskirt to make but I'm winning!
Should have it done for MCM london!

Started work on the Tunic and finished it within 24 hours and forgot to take any progress shots D;

However I did a make up test with the wig and I've been doing my best to take progress shots with the cloak (which is as of yet unfinished when I need to wear it tomorrow D;)

I found the fabric on TaoBao and fell in love with it D: it's so shimmery and pretty D:

It would need styling and things but I think it could work.

Someone I follow posted this so I reblogged it and am keeping here because it'll be super-dooper useful :D

So the hoodie arrived, I've got the dye on the way too~ AH THIS IS GOING TO BE AWESOME <3
I can't wait for October <3


It has been shipped :D expecting it in the next week or two <3

Dylon 200g Machine Fabric Dye - Pebble Beige

type of dye I'm after for the trousers

paints for hoodie

hoodie, now to look into paints.


Not sure which to go with omfg

or (obviously try to get the silver if I were to go for that)

but omfg I dunno which D;

Doing some of these poses with Posscat xD

Bought the foam board :D now time to create~

Only need to get the Stipple Brush for the stubble and am all done <3
Though due to medical reasons I may be unable to wear this to MCM Manchester D:
Calling hospital tomorrow to find out.

Now all I reaaally need to do is buy a Stipple Brush and some paint to do his stubble with xD
But that can be a last minute buy I think~

Will be using the same wig that I have for my Dean Winchester costume for this costume.
I think I already have a white and black scarf akin to Drake's so all I need to do is focus on his sam-browne-belt-wanna-be xD

:D Just need to work on the edges and it'll do~~

One glove down another to go! Using white Leather paint. THIS STUFF IS AMAZING <3

After five days I am finally nearing the completion of my wig styling. Only got a little bit at the back left to do! Hope to have it done by the end of the evening :D


Is now dyed, made a little hiccup and didn't leave as much white as I had planned but never mind D:
Hopefully tomorrow it should be ready for me to do the tribal markings~~
Then I need to finish the pouch and start on the jacket and the actual costume is done, all that will be left will be the boomerang which my dad has said he'll happily help my with~


Have now bought everything for the costume! Only thing I have left to do, which I will buy with my April paypacket is the tattoo paper for the L'cie mark~~

Thus making my cosplay complete!
First of three to do~~ <3 So happy!

buttons -

dye -

Only have to add on the little strap things to the back and sew on the elastic bit on the bottom and they're finished! I'm buying a belt on friday along with a black shirt.
Going to start on the pouch tomorrow hopefully. Thank god I still have leather over from doing my Pirate costume.
Need to get some practice in at covering my tattoo now I have the makeup.
Saturday I am going on a material hunt across North Wales to find yellow material and bits for the jacket~ So hyped to get this finished!


Being made :D Hope to have them done by tonight or tomorrow <3 <3
Nice to be able to sit and work on it actually

Material has arrived, as has the dye, for the shorts! Going to dye the material today and see how it goes. Went with linen because it has a similar look to the texture in the cg images of Hope.


Wig has been ordered and should arrive within the next two weeks <3 All that's left is the scarf which will be bought with my next payday <3


Bought some ribbed material for the shawl and also some white linen, which I'm going to dye when it arrives.
The linen is for the shorts which I have decided to tackle first and then hopefully the jacket will be with the next pay packet at the end of March.
Not left a cosplay this late before.


She told me last night that she had a coat like Sherlocks. I sorta half believed her. She gave it to me this morning... FML.
It's perfect!!!


I only have four more buttons to attach and I need to hem the bottom... BUT THEN. IT'S DONE.
Six straight hours today.
Mainly spent on finding the best way to stain metal.
Who knew my copic markers would find another use?
Going to pop into The Works and get some white acryllic to mark my guns tomorrow.
ONLY TWO WEEKS AWAY. OH GOD. SO PUMPED <3 My first ever October Expo!


Hopefully should arrive sometime next week or early the following week <3

They should arrive by the end of the month hopefully.
I'm going to order shoes and socks at the end of the month as the shipping time is short and both will be UK sourced.


I'm not physically making this purely for the fact that I'm doing it as part of a group and we all want the same material to be used. So we're buying it. I've never done this before so I'm more than a little wary but everyone else has their costumes and they look pretty snazzy.
Ordering it on Friday along with the wig.


DAMNED FAMILY MEMBERS D:< My Uncle put on my Yukio wig for a laugh whilst I was at work AND HE COMPLETELY MESSED IT UP. It took forever to get it right and now it's just that little bit too messy D: Damnit. Going to take forever to get it right again /slinksofftocry

Made the pattern for the cape. Now to see how badly it turns out.

Jut to keep it here incase I loose it <3

I genuinly can't wait to do this cosplay :D I have most everthing but the top, gloves and cape :D None of which will take long to do~
I have a shot of everything, but green-ness, that I currently have.
The shoes are somewhat different to the ones she wears due to the fact that I have serious medical problems with my feet and I can only put up with two days of excruciating pain rather than three. Although they are decent enough considering I'm being a cheap skate XD

Buying another as I detest the current one I have XD New wig should arrive in two weeks or so~

It's really quite thin and likes to move alot so is dificult to keep in the same position.
Going to buy a wig from the person I usually get them from and see how that one is.
I'll find a use for both wigs eventually but yeah.

It's in the oven cooking :D Now I have to wait 20 more minutes to see what a failure I am at making things with Fimo clay XD

My amazingly awesomely cool friend bought me a pair of guns today <3 AND SHE'S GUNNA SPRAY PAINT THEM BLACK AND VARNISH THEM <3 I love her to lots of little peices :D When I get them all I have to do is give it a wood effect on the handle :D Piss easy~

Not sure what to do. I'm a little stuck. Some images show him with BLACK hair whilst others with a dark brown!
Not sure which to go with D:

I havn't worked on this a while.
Reason being?
I'm almost done and as per usual have allowed myself to get distracted with another cosplay D:
I think I may need a good kick up the backside soon as it's not exactly difficult to buy a shirt and edit it and made the cape. Only things that WILL be awkward will be the boots AND the damned gloves. If I can be bothered with the gloves >_____>;

Been sick since Friday but the post arrived with the paint and I couldn't resist the temptation!
So I hauled myself out of mess and toyed around with it. God I'm going to get frustrated in October D:


Both of the above are now done! :D
Al I ned to do is buy a white shirt and alter it and then do the cape which should be easy~
Then all it is, is little bits like shoes, gloves and buckles :D

It arrived! SO HAPPY!
Now down to styling as it is farrrr too long and not poofy outy enough <3


Been shopping and got EVERYTHING but the coat buttons.
I got some beautiful wool for the coat and some gold lining, gold piping and some lace.

A month into the cosplay and I only have to do the coat and buttons and stuff <3
Going faster than I thought.
My hands are now covered in cuts and are rather sore. Never done so much sewing before in my entire life.
Going shopping tomorrow to get the last few bits and bobs that I need~

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