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I'm in love with these monstrosities! Convinced I won't be able to move without knocking things over left, right and centre, but it'll be *totally worth it*. It actually fastens itself, now, with a line of snaps down the inside front, but it's still covered in pins and about 80% there.

I'm about to add the gold crossover neckline and the embroidery, hem the sleeves and the skirt and style my wig! It won't be 100% for LFCC as I would eventually like to add the chainmail fastening at the back of the belt and the red lion embroidery on the skirt panels, but I'm hoping I'll be able to run touch-ups in time for Manchester Comic Con next weekend!

Even with all that embroidery, I didn't actually have anywhere to put it... There are still some issues with this dress - I literally had *lines* on the gold fabric to follow, and my grainlines are still off, the pattern doesn't match at the seams and the neckline is slightly off - But I'm chuffed!

This was my first foray into altering commercial patterns, as this one had the hip panels sitting somewhere mid-thigh, rather than at the waist. I've lengthened the gold ovals and shortened the side-fronts of the bodice to make it fit more accurately, and I'm delighted with the outcome.

My aim for close of play today is to have the entire structure of the dress completed, so I can leave Friday for embroidery and detailing. We'll start with altering the neckline to fit my chest, adding the ties and snaps to close the front and hemming it for length. I've also got an inside facing to add - Which I won't sew down until the embroidery is on, to make the inside more pleasing - And those monstrous sleeves. Think happy thoughts...

Still on the look-out for that one unpolished citrine ring for Cersei's other hand - I saw one almost identical in New Look about two years ago and daftly didn't pick it up! I've learned from my mistakes and now buy *everything* for potential future costumes when I see it! - But I'm loving the pendant. It's a Chinese knock-off of the screen accurate one, in a slightly brighter gold, but it looks great with my colours.

Slightly-slopping hot glue detailing on the buckle and horizontals of the rectangles, then covered with several layers of PVA glue and water mix, to prime the foam. Painted with a full coat of brown, then gold, then detailing in a darker brown and green, and highlighted with a pale yellow. Possibly looks more like leather than metal, but Cersei's armour corset from the Blackwater looks leathery, so it's still character accurate!

I don't have the funds for Worbla, so I'm using what I already own, which is a huge chunk of craft foam~ The belt, as it currently stands, has three layers: The curved-edged base, the rectangle on top, and the ornate clasp. I'll be adding further hot glue detailing on top and painting it a gold-bronze in the hope of looking like metal. Eventually, I would love to make a Worbla version with all the chainmail links and everything, but, for the moment, it'll probably just be tied with some chain or ribbon around my waist.

All four sleeve designs are completed! I'm so super-pleased with this, you have no idea~

Two sleeve designs fully completed! 1/3 of the way to finished, I'd say, with flowers and detail to complete on both the other two sleeve sections and bust designs. Also half-way through the back of neck design (not pictured) which I'll be taking to work on Wednesday to finish on my lunch break. Hella cool kid...

Just finished all four sleeve sections! Here they are, with the almost-finished bust swirls. I've spent 40+ hours on the pictured designs, but still have the flowers to add, and the final back of the neck piece to get done, but I'm delighted with my progress. Should have all the embroidery totally finished by the weekend, ready to begin dress construction!

My aim for this costume is to finish it with enough time to do a wig and make-up test, as Cersei's eyebrow game is ten times as strong as mine. I'm usually working up until the opening of the con, though, so that will be a massive achievement! Here's hoping~

First two sections of the sleeve embroidery are complete! These layer over the top of the sleeves, and will have green and purple flowers accenting the flicky bits (technical term).

Holy hand-embroidery, Batman! Again, super-wonky photo in super-worse light, but I am so astonishingly pleased with this so far!! About twenty hours' work later, I've almost finished the gold for the front of the dress! Might give myself a day off before starting on the sleeve embroidery. The detail on the back of the neck comes last, because the wig will hang over it anyway, so it's not imperative to have finished, in case I need to prioritise other things~

Photographed at totally the wrong angle, so they're not that wonky I *promise* - Even though I mis-placed one of the swirls and will now have to add an extra one just so it can be seen - I'm about two-thirds up the front of the dress.

Two whole swirls! One of them is pretty noticeably heavier than the other, with thicker stitches, but I guess I can neaten the thinner one up when I sew it onto the dress at the very end? Here's hoping, anyway.

First swirl completed! This will go on the front left and I'm so damn happy with how it looks, you have no idea~

I have never hand-embroidered a day in my life. This is shocking, and I can only hope I improve xD

In order to not fuck up the gown itself, I'm following Michelle Carragher's 'How I Create an Embroidery' tutorial on her website, by drawing my design onto some gold organza before thickly embroidering around it. When it's done, I'll paint the back with a layer of glue, cut it out and sew it onto the finished dress.

Various initial designs for the bust and shoulder swirls of Cersei's gown. I want to stick as closely to the original as possible, without making it super-hard for myself. Gold swirls first, then adding the purple flowers, feathers and bead adornments. There's a gorgeous bird on there too, but I'm not sure how far my skill will stretch! Hoping to make a good start on the embroidery before beginning construction on the dress, as this is definitely what's going to take the time.

Bought fabrics for Cinderella the other day :3 On the right is the ‘silky satin’ for the dress, in the most gorgeous silvery-blue I have ever seen, and on the left is the glitter chiffon for the skirt poofs and sleeves and stuff, also black sparkly velvet choker (Y)

I wore this costume on Sunday of WLFCC, and absolutely adored it from the off! Still, even the practice of wearing it brings up problems I hadn't even considered, and unless I make a list of them here and now, I'll only go and forget before Expo!

* Still have four black satin buttons to sew on, on the sleeve cuffs.
* Mofidy shoes. Maybe find more SA buckles.
* Sew lace panels more securely to inside of bodice. Lower one side slightly.
* Attach skirt to bodice - Double-thickness of thread? Snaps? Hooks-and-eyes?
* Re-jig bumroll - The knot at the front made it difficult for the front 'v'-shape to sit flat!

Hideous shift in lighting, but I've finished attaching all the skirt trim, and have made good headway on the bodice! My fingers feel like they've been gnawed at by small animals, but it's totally worth it (Y)

Eyelets added to shift! I, along with every other sane human, completely hate eyelets, so I literally only set the ones you'll see underneath the front split of the bodice. If I have the time/inclination, I'll set them all the way down the front, and on the sleeves. I really love the fit of this dress, though, even if you'll never see it underneath the skirt!

I have genuinely never made anything more ridiculous than these sleeves in my LIFE. Took the black panel out to add the lace, and am experimenting with the cuff pleating on the left-hand sleeve, which is why it looks so sassy! Really loving the progress on this one~

The burgundy and black brocade panels are all stitched on - Just need to add the lace to the top of the black panels, and work out how to have them stand up. I'm thinking either interfacing again, or some wire???

Those were the FIRST SLEEVES I HAVE EVER MADE IN MY LIFE and I actually don’t think they look too bad. Okay, so they did cut off my circulation to begin with, and the range of movement still isn’t great, but I’m really pleased. The shift still needs eyelets all the way down the front, and down the sleeves, but I’m definitely not going to deal with them this evening (Y)

It still needs lining with the burgundy satin - Thought I might use the wrong side of the fabric, because I hate costume satin with a passion - And the brocade, as well as gathering at the waist and somehow fastening to the bodice, but the overskirt is getting there!

It’s hardly the swankiest of things, and I haven’t hemmed it because I don’t have the right shoes yet, and there’s a dusty white mark on the front that I really, really hope scrubs out, but, aside from that, I’m super happy!

It’s just a simple gathered rectangle skirt with a waistband and a hook-and-bar fastening on the front to form the split, as there’s another layer to go underneath, but it's the first time I've made any type of skirt other than a full circle on my own, and I love how it turned out :D

Pinned the bodice it to my skin, and it doesn’t look too bad! I think the interfacing was thicker than I needed, so I don’t think I’ll be boning it??? Idk, I might. Depends. Still got to work out if I’m lining it. ARGH.

(Billionth journal update without actually achieving anything, but it makes me feel accomplished okay.)

Lovely little stash~ I was lucky enough to find the burgundy fabric for the dress on sale for the grand total of £1 per metre(!!!1) so I snapped up, like, six metres of that, and I’m probably going back for more. The lace is for the sleeve cuffs, and the black fabric is for the underskirt. It’s got a little bit of a pattern to it, not quite as prominent as hers, and I really like it. On the left are some of the buttons, the gold one you can barely see, and two of the many satin-covered black ones. These, and some black frog fastenings I haven’t got my hands on yet, are on the shoulders, cuffs and centre of the bodice. There's a whole pile more of lining and interfacing and notions, but they're DULL.

Made a totally ghetto bumroll out of a pair of tights and some scrap fabric, which works surprisingly well. It’s totally inaccurate for the time period (1570s, not 1750s, history student), but it gives the same effect as Elizabeth’s bustle. Tried it out on a random skirt, and I think it looks great! Best of all, cost = £0 :D

Cutting it perilously fine for WLFCC, but I'm determined to get there - Doesn't look too tricky... Brand new pattern, so I whipped up a mock-up bodice to get the fit right, and I think it looks really good. Most of the seams are in the right place anyway; I just had to replace the back fastening with a front one. Excuse the pyjama bottoms - And welcome to my new university room! My mirror need a good clean...

Anti-clockwise from top left:
* Beige suede cord to lace sleeves to jacket and sleeves to other bits of sleeves.
* Cream cotton for sleeve puffs and modesty v-neck shirt thing.
* Pale brown pleather for the mock skirt.
* Gorgeous white and gold brocade for the wide-waisted belt. Not totally accurate, as hers has a touch of pink to it, but I fell in love with it on sight, and will happily take any excuse to use fancy fabric in projects.
* Front belt buckle, going to be painted silver, but I'm leaving the gems in because they have the same sort of feel as the rest of the costume. Would you believe it, this was originally the pendant of a necklace from Forever 21?!
* Ever-so-slightly off-white pleather for the majority of the jacket, sleeves, collar and peplum.
* Scraps of ribbon and lace for hair.
* Slightly beige-y-er pleather to make my own binding for the jacket trim.

Not pictured:
* 300 Swarovski crystals in silver settings to adorn jacket.
* Crystal flower hair pins.
* Earrings & necklace.
* Boots, leggings, gloves and wig in the following post! :D

Tonight’s endeavour - Bit dodgy because one side isn’t tacked up yet, I need to alter both the front and back neckline into v-shapes and shorten the shoulders, but it’s working out. I know they don’t feature on Morgana’s, but the curves of the princess seams down the front look really nice, so I might keep them in and have the blue outerdress follow the same lines. And the train looks super princessy! :D

First round of fabric shopping for Morgana, for May Expo:
* The pattern is one I already had from way back when, with Merida in mind, and should pass, with a few modifications.
* The most gorgeous colour-changy blue and purple chiffon that I am positively in love with for the outer dress.
* Obligatory action figure ;)
* Gold lace for the sleeves, which legitimately look like medieval arm-warmers.
* Black and gold beaded trim possibly for the arm cuffs, but I don’t know if I like it enough.
* Crappy purple satin to make a mock-up of the under dress. I have my eye on some perfect fabric - Just need to work out the logistics of my pattern first!
Hoping to make a start within the next couple of days - Really looking forward to this :D

Mock-up of Bella's skirt in hideous costume satin? Don't mind if I do! Approx. 3.5 metres of scraps in there, which makes it gloriously full. I haven't cut the waist yet which is why it looks all lop-sided, but I'm fairly convinced this is all going well - So far... Hoping to make a lot of progress this weekend!

After the New Year's Day Parade, and our photoshoot with Nick Acott, our Disney group were approached by the national magazine 'Take a Break' (A mighty 86p, available from all good newsagents!), who wanted to do a feature spread about us! We all had interviews over the phone and sent off our photos about three weeks ago, and the finished article was published today. This is the first time I've been involved in anything of this scale - Especially considering I'm the youngest of the group, and the newest to cosplay! - So it's really, really exciting to see us in print! :D

Just arrived! The image on the far left is literally the only reference I had to work from, but I think I matched it quite closely. It's a little big, but this goes on the left thumb :)

What began as £1 manicured nails from Primark have become a deliciously vile extra! I didn’t manage to take any progress photos, but these are just layers and layers of acrylic paint, with the back of the nail bed coloured in with black Sharpie to make it a little more 3D, then sliced into with scissors. Probably going to claw my own eyes out.

I wanted something new that I could actually attack with a pair of scissors and a glue gun, rather than something from my own wardrobe - Not to mention shorter and tighter - So this is the Jane Norman military jacket I'm hoping to modify into something resembling John's! Needs a load more buttons and that braid, which is proving particularly hard to find, and since it photographs far more orangy than the dirty, blueish tone of the original, possibly a dye bath.

Hilariously dreadful photo of the boots for the reboot of this costume, feat. my left thumb. They're not as exact as I could have gone, because of the lacing up the front, but they do have a buckle across the top, they're real leather and they're really, stupidly sexy, so I couldn't exactly pass them up. Also found a perfect pair of pre-ripped tights in Primark for a mighty £1.

Boots arrived today - Definitely not as shiny as the flash makes them look! Snagged off eBay surprisingly cheaply, for hardly-worn, real leather Clarks boots, the accurate length and everything. I never wear heels, so they might take some getting used to, but they're so comfortable! I initially wasn't too keen on the tassels, but Bella's outfit is a mess of fraying and lacing, so I've definitely warmed to them.

I'm taking part in the London New Year's Day Parade for 2013 as Rapunzel, with a group of Disney characters, so I decided a cloak was definitely in order. This is some beautifully thick velvet, shot through with metallic thread so it actually sparkles in the light, and a lilac faux fur collar from Marks & Spencer I was given for Christmas. I absolutely adore it! :D

It's done! Now, for the finishing touches...
* Black heeled brogues with satin bows.
* New 'DW' logo badge.
* Chiffon bow for hair.
* Velvet bow for collar.
* TARDIS key.
* Sonic screwdriver.
* 'Light' hat.
And the finished skirt, complete with front door sign and St. John's Ambulance badge.

Paint job's pretty splotchy, but, as I am no da Vinci, it will certainly do. It's going to be a sonic-pocket on the right hand side of the skirt! :D

I know there isn’t supposed to be an apostrophe-’s’, but I left too big a gap between ‘John’ and ‘Ambulance’ and it needed filling! I was going to print the logo out, because there are some fancy squiggles between the cross, but I couldn't work out how to PhotoShop it to exactly the right size, so I gave up and painted it instead.
The black rim is the lid from a pot of cream, with which I'll fasten it to the skirt - Nifty thrifty cosplay!

Plenty of time…
Made the new overskirt, in a heavier Duchess satin with a more appropriate black elastic waistband, sliced a chunk out it to show off the petticoats and hemmed the whole thing with black satin bias tape, because my ability to neatly sew curved hems remains questionable. ‘Pull to Open’ pocket, complete with sonic screwdriver, is going on the right hand side.
Still torn whether to position the windows horizontally, or on a slight angle. I’ll try the whole ensemble on later and see what sticks!

Sort of set the thing on fire the first time I tried to iron a letter on, #whoops. A hasty dousing later, I flipped to the other side and produced this! Not too shabby for a second attempt...
‘O’s, you are drunk.
Sash ties in a lovely little bow at the back; I sewed one of the points the wrong way, but I didn’t cut anything off, so I’ll fix it if I have time tomorrow :D

I've printed just your average white cotton with some black and grey rectangles to give my idea of windows. Some of the lines are a bit squiggly, but seeing as they'll be plastered across my arse, I'm hoping no one will notice... They just need drying, hemming, and attaching to the back of the skirt!

They've finally arrived! I guess the postal system is already clogged with Christmas mail...
Aren't they stunning?! They look gorgeous with the oranges and yellows of my petticoats; looking forward to wearing this! :D

Crazy progress! This is how my skirt looks so far. There are three petticoats, all identical circle skirts, in three different shades of organza. They're all shimmery! The blue skirt on top was just a test run to see if my measurements worked; I'll be replacing it with a much thicker, more lustrous Duchess satin, with less hideous shine, and adding all the relevent detail, but I’m pretty impressed with how it’s turned out so far!

I don't usually craft, partly because I seem intent on destroying paintbrushes and clogging glue guns, but I put my horrendous track record aside in the hope of constructing Rapunzel's crown... And I did it! It made not be the most spectacular thing in the world, and I'm definitely thinking of re-making it after my stint at at Waterstones on Saturday, but it will certainly serve. And it's sparkly. I love sparkly (Y)

I was running short on time befoe the convention, so, at LFCC, I just wore a short-sleeved shirt underneath my bodice, which served alright for the puff sleeves. Now I've had time to have another crack at them, I've sorted that right out. Although I’m not totally happy with the colour - Couldn’t find any cotton in exactly the right shade of lilac - I tracked down the sweetest purple flower trim for the cuffs, which sets the sleeves off wonderfully. I’m especially happy with how they puff out properly, just like Rapunzel’s do, rather than lying flat!

Just have to sort out a bald patch on the front left-hand side and thicken up the fringe D:

1. Make shit with tights.
2. Sew that shit to a wig.
3. Smother that shit in flowers.
4. ???
5. Profit.

Once upon a time, I told myself I had enough silk flowers for Rapunzel’s wig. Then I went and bought a dozen more.
I’m hoping to touch up the wig a little more this evening, as I haven’t so much as looked at it since my last journal entry. Whoops. Ideally, I’d love to get this finished over the weekend, but my absolute deadline is August 3rd, as the lovely LikeHaiHelen has organised a cosplay picnic! :D

...I've held off from posting a Things I Would Do Differently, because I have every intention of updating this costume this summer. Not only have I a couple of gigs at a local castle and a storytelling at the bookshop I work at (Oooh-er!), but I've been toying with the idea of hiring myself out as a party princess. And Party Princess Rapunzel definitely needs more hair.
So have an in-progress wig photo! This was made by slicing up a metre of cotton quilt batting and stuffing it into beige-coloured skin-tights. The three lengths were then sewn into the crown near the base, and the hair (Which was already two wigs spliced together) was wrapped around it and plaited.
It worked surprisingly well! There are still a few bald patches, though, which will be covered with extra wefts and flowers a-plenty, and the bottom fall of hair needs sorting.
I tried it on earlier and I don't think it's any heavier than it was before - Just a lot thicker, and therefore harder to sweep over my shoulder, leaving it hanging down my back instead and potentially tugging it too far back from my hairline. Hmm. Visible wig cap is definitely something that needs seeing to.

So I didn't actually update this throughout the whole cosplay-gathering process. I suck so hard. However, this is the regular list of Things I Would Change If I Get the Opportunity To Wear This Costume Again!:

* The wig is one of the biggest issues, I think. I brushed and hair-dried and sprayed it out a lot straighter than it ended up, but forgot to RE-brush it before wearing on Saturday, after it had come straight out of its box, and the curls had sprang back in. However, I did love the dreadlocks and green cloth additions, which made the hair that much more SA.
* Fix suede cord to corset, rather than having to attach it that morning. Seriously, my friends literally had to wind me into the costume. I don't know whether there's some way I could permanently attach the cord and allow the corset to retain its stretch quality? Something to look into.
* Also more cord around the corset. I had a 25metre roll, but it still didn't look like enough!
* Actually find the little silver accents I had bothered saving for this very costume. You know when you tuck something away in a safe place for future use and promptly lose it to another dimensions...?
* Take down neckline of long-sleeved shirt and dress. While I would never be entirely comfortable with flashing the sort of cleavage that Katie McGrath does, I could have at least attempted to take it a little lower.
* Rip swags down the side seams of the outer skirt, which would have added even more to the grunge feel of the costume.
* Darken up the green eyeshadow. While I was wearing several different shades, including khaki eyeliner, it never managed to show itself in photos. Considering it's such a highlight of the costume, it should be a more dramatic feature next time.
* Also, disappointingly, I didn't get the chance to have a photo in the Iron Throne, as they closed it off early to ensure all the previous photos were printed. Absolutely gutted, as I had been practicing my BAMF lounging posture for that very moment... Ah, well. Saved myself £5 to put towards a Charles Dance autograph!

However, while there were negative aspects, I still loved a heck of a lot about this costume:
* My first real live cosplay! Hell yeah!
* The cobweb dress featured the most beautiful fabric to ever cross my path, all gothic and slinky. I will definitely be wearing this out in public.
* I loved my figure in the corset, simple as xD
* Got to wear my favourite and most comfortable pirate boots underneath the skirt, without paying an extra penny for them.
* Two words: Magical. Swag.
* And, to top it all off, my friends cosplaying with me. Grace crossplayed as Melin, and her binding stories are some of the funniest of the entire holiday; Alice decided upon Kilgarrah in a hideous knitted dragon hat and the most delightful jersey wings you've ever seen; and Bryony, despite spending the majority of the day on the balcony due to a leg injury, treated herself to a beautiful purple dress for Gwen.
* All-round, I think a fantastically successful costume - And I hope I satisfied the few Merlin fans who did recognise me! :D

Well... I did it! I was honestly expecting myself to wimp out sometime that morning, but, even amongst some of the most fabulous cosplayer I've ever seen - Donkey, Ghostbusters, TARDIS ballgown and Lady Loki to name but a few - I kept my shit together and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.
I had choreographed a short sequence to the latter 50 seconds of Alan Menkin's 'Kingdom Dance' track from Tangled, but due to technical issues with the crew, none of the cosplayers were able to use their own backing track, and instead they played a generic rock track.
No problem. Rapunzel can totally rock out.
So, I pranced up on stage like a pro, and promptly lost a shoe. Uh-oh. Kicked the other one off, did the whole thing bare-foot (Although I'd previously been told I couldn't, due to health and safety. Whoops.) and had an absolute blast. While I didn't win anything for the costume - It wasn't nearly accurate enough, not to mention this being my first shot at a convention, let alone a Masquerade! - I was hardly expecting to, and got up there for the laughs.
Check out the video above (Coming soon!) to see my brief stint during Sunday's Masquerade! :D

Absolutely irrelevant to the costume itself, but I just signed up for the Masquerade this Sunday! I've been acting and dancing since I was a kid, so I figured there couldn't be a better culmination to this project than prancing around on a stage dressed as a princess. I've never been to a convention before, let alone participated in a contest like this, and I'm really looking forward to seeing the other costumes people are so proud of :) Hope to see you there!

Hardly a work-in-progress photo - And yes, I'm aware how fine I'm cutting this! - But still... My skirt is complete!
I've gone without a petticoat because my fabric is so thick, and for the sake of the summer, so it took about three hours to hand-sew all the lace around the hem. The trickiest bit was pinning the pink satin binding into the vertical seams dead straight! I'm sure there are wobbles...
I've opted not to attempt to hand-embroider the designs onto the fabric, as I am A) Crap at embroidery and B) Too much in love with this to risk wrecking it with my clumsiness...
Also, the colours look a heck of a lot better in person - Far more of a brighter pinky-purple, rather than the indigo shade it looks.
At present, the skirt hits from my natural waist down to a few inches above my ankles, skims over my hips and swishes in the most princess-ly fashion possible. I'm so looking forward to wearing it!

A month later, and Liz is done! AND I won Best Dressed Pirate this weekend :D However, the costume's not perfect, and I fancied making a list of stuff I'd change if I ever decide to continue work:

* Baldric lacks a buckle. I might just invest in an entirely new one, considering my attempt was modified from a cheap pleather belt.
* Take in blouse, because it honestly looks more like a dress, even tucked in.
* Sort out hair, which I didn't get *entirely* right. Probably could also do with some extensions.
* Acquire new sword and pistol. I reckon I pulled off plastic fancy dress fairly well, but it could have looked so much better.
* Maybe complete the gold compass embroidery on the centre back of the coat, also gold and black flower-swirls up the front.
* Actually invest in two more necklace chains, rather than resorting to embroidery thread.
* Find a better heart-shaped left-hand earring. This one was a snap decision, considering the rest of my jewellery was gold. And maybe actually wear earrings in the right ears xD Next time, I'll be taking reference pictures on my phone!
* Make money pouch for belt, as my friend ended up carrying all my crap!
* Find different belt, as this one was massively too corset-like, however good it looked.
* Silver bangles rather than gold - Silver hoop earring didn't turn up in time, so I went with a gold one I had, and therefore gold bangles. Tacky, yet satisfying (Y)

I was lucky enough to find a fitted black brocade coat with the right collar shape and opted to add gold buttons to the front, cuffs, pockets and back vent. Possibly the dead wonkiest thing in the known universe (Particularly that top right cord), and inspired more by your average pirate coat than Liz's screen-accurate garb, because that much hand embroidery would have thoroughly killed me, but I'm pretty chuffed with the way it came out.

So I bought a belt online! And it was about twelve sizes too small. That showed me. I've just about managed to cobble together something that doesn't look like it's made to fit a six-year-old, with some of the left-over leather from my Bellatrix Lestrange corset. One strap's longer than the other but I've just got massive amounts of couldn't care less right now xD It may or may not hold up... Fingers crossed.

So, after a decent enough session with a product optimistically entitled 'Das Modelling Clay' in an attempt to construct something vaguely resembling Bonny's necklaces, I can thoroughly not recommend it to anyone. Seriously, it's a couple of pounds down the drain, and the results weren't even worthy of a photo. The clay itself is a squidgy lump of contradictions: Too sticky straight out of the packet, gets *everywhere* and air-hardens in seconds flat. Before I entirely give up and throw myself at the mercy of Plan B, I'm contemplating trying Fimo modelling clay, which is oven-bake stuff and might solve the premature dryness issue...

UPDATE: Tried out Fimo this afternoon, and although it worked out better than the Das stuff, it's still not quite the outcome I was after. Plan C it is!

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