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Hmmm~ I first started cosplaying after I finished watching the melencholy of Haruhi Suzumiya which was at the Beginning of Year 7 ;) I loved the character yuki so muhc I wanted to be like her, And then I found out what cosplay was :D then I found out about "cons" I was supposed to go to my first in May...but then found out it was for 16+ Which was upsetting...but a few days later...I discovered the london MCM expo ;D and now its my favourite and I have made many friends, Cospaly is a big hobbie to me now~ Ever sicne 2008, I have bought a Cosplay every christmas and every birthday of mine :) mbut my birthday coming now...I shall be buying a camera...So I can take cosplay shoots myself and/or get friends to do it for me ^w^

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Sadly, my wig for Nagato is beginning to die. Kinda sucks. Love that wig so much! was my first too..
So have to look for a new wig soon- I'll probably post an image if i find one i like..

This is my red wig. I think it might be a little too red for applebloom.. I don't know- what do you think? ... I'll work with it for now to see what i can do. I need to make myself a HUGE bow for the back. xD

I believe I have begun to fit more into Yuki over the years~ At the beginning i wore striped thigh highs and the bangs were swept to the side. last year I had the bangs cut to how they are now and i had found some glasses where i pushed out the lenses for her. I then switched to some navy knee high socks like she wears them in the anime. I don't always wear the cardigan that she does as it gets very hot in the costume only when i go to a cosplay event do i then wear it. I will keepy working harder to nail this character as she is my number one favourite anime girl.

Hrmm.. Looking at it now, I enjoy this wig and like it but not as much as i used to, I was thinking of selling it to anybody who would likey it or maybe keep it for god-knows~ XD well, It's layered and ends down at my waist, so when it's seen from the front it looks too short. I didn't think it wouls have a d#feathered cut to it but it's also... sparkly / shiny in the sun. So I'm thinking of looking into a longer, lighter wig~ but that may take time~

I actually got this a long while back~ Just havn't been here for a while... dayyum. Anyway, I may have to go try on this Cosplay and take a photo for you guys.. however I don't have the ribbon just yet.. I'll have to look around for the perfect fabric for it.

I was just scammed on eBay~ I bought one of the mst beautiful wigs i've seen in a while :3' its was on sale etc. And now found out he just took the money and ran~ D: Need to search for a new wig~ XD'''

offt~ I have FOUND the wig~ I just now need to some how get the money for it...

FFF~ My drama teacher let me borrow one of her Baseball bats ;D because we all know...keichii isn't keichii without the bat...alright I lied...hes still keichii...but it'll be fun to have the bat :) FF~ I love you mrs. Collins ;D

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