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I first heard about cosplay in 2007, but I didn't actually start cosplaying until 2008 where I went to my first convention, Auchinawa.
Since then, I've made most of my cosplays myself. Most of them are either made from scratch or altered from other clothing. I enjoy making my own cosplays, however I will buy them if I have no time to make it due to Uni/work or I'm not sure how to make it. I'm definately no expert, but I enjoy learning new skills from each cosplay I make. My sewing skills improve slowly but surely! Overall I cosplay for fun! My love for cosplay continues to grow, I enjoy being able to portray characters and meet amazing people through this awesome hobby!

Events I've been to so far:
Auchinawa 2008
Auchinawa 2010
D-con 2011
MCM London Comic Con May 2011
Kitacon 2012
Doj-Con 2013
Ayacon 2013
Collectormania Glasgow 2013
MCM Scotland Comic Con 2013
Kitacon 2014
Glasgow Comic Con 2014
MCM Scotland Comic Con 2014
Auchinawa 2014
MCM London Comic Con May 2015
Kitacon 2015
MCM Scotland Comic Con 2015
Rai Con Spring 2016
Kitacon 2016
MCM Scotland Comic Con 2016
Rai Con Winter 2016
Rai Con Spring 2017
Kitacon 2017
MCM Scotland Comic Con 2017
Rai Con Winter 2017

Events I'm going to:
Rai Con Spring 2018
MCM Scotland Comic Con 2018
Rai Con Winter 2018

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Finished everything for Sakura.
Shorts are made from my own pattern with cotton and wadding and used poppers to attach them to the leotard. Will be adding more poppers so the shorts feel more secure near the front.
Just needs some adjustments but she is done!

I hand sewed most of this so my hands hurt.

Best way to show my progress for Sakura. Currently finishing the wig and gloves are done, just not in shot.
Only need to make the yellow shorts and iron everything.

The cloaks are made from duchess satin with a cotton lining, and the bow is made from cotton with pom poms attached at the ends.

My first attempt on the hat was too small and just looked awful. So on my second attempt I made it bigger and looks so much better! I'll need to take it in the back.
It won't look perfectly round because of the stuffed yellow parts but it will do.
Made from duchess satin and cotton.

Found old shoes that I decided to fix up and paint. Painted a few layers of white to cover the original design and added the pink details. Added yellow laces and made two bows from cotton fabric with pom poms.

Finding thigh high socks for my huge thighs is never an easy task, or cheap for that matter. So did some experimenting and decide to get knee high socks and attach leg warmers at the top for the ribbed effect. And they sit ok!
This is more of a bright/dark purple than Sakura's, but it was a challenge to find a colour that was perfect without it being nearly grey. Searching for those perfect colours for this cosplay is hard!

I ordered the Lily in chestnut brown from Coscraft and started styled by trimming the front and shortening the back, and tying small elastic bands in the centre.
The make up is kept simple and fresh with false eyelashes.

Worked on the sleeves today and sewed on the tail coat.

Need to fix up some stuff, but she's pretty much ready!

Been kept busy with trying to get more of Neo finished. The majority of the jacket is now sewn, and the tail coat is ironed, pleated and pinned. Some fixing up is needed, just need to do the sleeves.

Sewn the main part of the jacket. Still to do the tailcoat, collar and the sleeves.

Spoilers, it's a maid outfit :p Only one person has figured out the series and character from these clues.
Clue 1: I've cosplayed from the series before.
Clue 2: It may or may not be a genderbend
Clue 3: Colour scheme is black, white and red.

On a roll with Neo!
The boot covers are made from the same material as her jacket, along with interfacing for stiffness. I only managed to get 20 buttons, 10 each per boot, but I'll be getting a few more.
There's still a bit to fix up but she's getting there!

Bought the pink lining for the jacket. The lighting washed out the colour in the photo but it's a really pretty soft pink. The jacket is all pinned for now, and added some darts.

Cut out the patterns for her jacket and worked out the pleats. Thankfully have plenty of white fabric to make boot covers.

Still waiting on some jewellery to arrive.
The t-shirt base was from Primark, since it was a men's medium t-shirt the sleeves were long enough for her uniform, but overall length of the shirt had to be hemmed up. Used black bias tape for the sleeves and bottom on the shirt and painted the designs.

I used polystyrene cones wrapped in fabric before hot gluing the wefts onto them. It was a slow and messy process which led to the end result. It's not perfect, but it's enough to look like her hairstyle. Plus it's a learning process for me, and in a way it looks how it should naturally be in a way.
Sewn in some white and blue wefts to the rest of the wig, and used wire underneath the wig for the cones to sit. The cones aren't where I want them to be, but it gives the idea on how the finished wig looks.

One of the reasons I wanted to do Ibuki was I wanted to improve on wig styling. I got a long black wig from ebay and ordered white, black, fuchsia pink and indigo blue wefts from coscraft. I started on the bangs by cutting the black bangs except for the two sides. With the wefts, I stitched them together in about 5 layers or so before adding them onto the wig. I used Got2Be glue spray to smooth everything down and cut out the angled bangs, which need to be shorten once I wear it.
I'm still learning a lot, but it's progress!

The collar was made from leftover cotton from my Tanaka cosplay along with some bias tape. The pink material is from a scarf I had around and took part. The glove was a lucky find in a shop and cut and hemmed the hole. For the socks I marked the holes while wearing themk, took them off to cut, then stretched them with a book and hemmed them.

I felt I wouldn't pull Neo off after trying on the unstyled wig. So I got a bit impatient and fix it up a lot! I followed Sheena Duquette's two tone wig tutorial, tied most of it in a ponytail, and cut side bangs in the front.
I now feel a lot better cosplaying Neo now. The lighting doesn't do the pink justice as it's slightly brighter than peachy. Also love how the two colours blend together in the ponytail~
It will need a slight tidy up in the back, but yay progress!

Ordered a new base dress for this version. Reused the design shapes from my previous Companion cube cosplay and hand sewn them onto the new base. The dress is a skater dress which gives much more swishyiness! I made sure that this time everything sits better and symmetrical as possible. I was planning to used another grey or white shirt for underneath, but decided against them for a knitted style pink top I got recently as a birthday present.

Painted the t-shirt design, and the contacts arrived along with the belt.

Embroidery patches and one of the front pockets

Painted the design on the back of the jacket.

Been working on the jacket on and off the past two weeks. But managed to sit down and finishing the majority of it today. The jacket pattern was drafted myself and everything was handsewn (my poor fingers!) The main canvas fabric and lining are both a heavy cotton material, which I felt work best as it gives the curvature I want.

Still need to hem the bottom and work on the patches.

Love being able to find pieces I've kept for ages for this cosplay! Used long gloves for a cosplay that never happened and bandages that I used for crossplaying when I first started cosplaying (I know, it's a terrible method.)

Finished making Tanaka's scarf. I don't know what this fabric is called, it's a mix of cotton and viscose but wow it's so soft and thick! The photo doesn't do the colour justice, but it's more of a wine purple. It's about over 6 feet long.

Finished all the hamsters! Some parts I'm not overly happy with, but since this was my first time needle felting, it will do. I'm happy that each one looks different and has different facial expressions.

I decided to make the hamsters (Four Dark Gods of Destruction) out of needle felt, and began with Jum-P! Need to shape this one more and get black felt for the eyes.
Still need to make Mega-G, Sun-D and Cham-P. Had to order more needle felt so hopefully they will all be done in the next week.

Best thing about keeping Christmas cracker presents? They make good props for future cosplays. I had these blue earrings since 2011 and kept them in case I needed them for a cosplay. And good thing a did as I have made one of them into Gundam’s Devil Dog earring. Simple job of painting it, adding the detail (had to redo it twice) and sealing with varnish.

I ordered the Vanellope in Black wig from Coscraft along with grey wefts. This was my first time sewing wefts into a wig. I will be getting more help with my Bro to tidy it up and make it look more awesome.

The cosplay is now pretty much sorted, just waiting on the contacts to arrive.

Made more progress the past few days. The wig has been fixed up properly with the bangs trimmed and cut similiar to a Widow's peak. Also added the white stripe to a beanie I already own.

I finished the jumpsuit by adding on the leg pockets along with poppers, silver buttons and the final patch from QuidVis? on the left leg. I have also painted the bolt design on the back of the jumpsuit this evening.

The tool on the waistline of the jumpsuit is made from fimo clay along with the screwdriver. I'm planning to make a spanner as another prop for a photoshoot at expo.

For the shoes, they were previously used for my Companion cube cosplay, so I decided to spray paint them yellow and add the white details.

Added the brown stripes, made the sleeves and collar, hemmed the legs, made the chest pocket and added the patches which I got from QuidVis? on etsy. Still to make the leg pockets, do the shoes, fix the wig and make the props.

Wig arrived and I decided to do a quick style with the side braid and fringe. The fringe is messy at the moment but planning to get got2b stuff and trim it. I love the colour but the wig itself is thinner than expected, but luckily the beanie hides most of it. I'm going to try to fluff it up a bit but if that fails I'll try to get wefts.

Most of the jumpsuit is finished, still need to hem a bit and take in the hips as it looks a LOT baggier than it should be. I made actual side pockets at the hips. This is made from cotton and lined with polyster. The photo doesn't pick it up well but the fabric has a tint of green on it which I thought was perfect.

Next to do is the sleeves, pockets and collar.

Bag finished, it's huge! XD Added a pocket inside with a zip to put stuff inside so pretty useful! Added stuffing for plumpness.

Preview of what I got so far. Will be stuffing the ears so they sit better.

Bought the socks recently and was recommended to paint the lines on the socks. Not the best job but it will work for now til I can fix them. The skirt was a lucky find in Primark.

Made from fleece. Will need to stuff the ears so they will stay up.

Finished sewing all the gems and details for the top. Redesigned the smaller snowflake so it looks better than what I had before.
I've also added more wire to the ears so hopefully they will sit better.

It's a bit different in the end compared to my original design, but overall I'm quite happy with it and glad I added snowflake and icicle designs.

This is how it looks so far. I still need to fix the ears a but more so they sit right and add more detail to the top.

Finished the wings today! Tidied up the sides and attached clear elastic to wear. Not the best looking wings, but it's something new I've learnt and hopefully improve on.

Besides the usual tidy up and make sure everything is ok, Rouge is finished!

Made a wire frame a couple of days and used taffeta around it by adding 1 inch around the sides so the curves can be added,then used hot glue to stick and fold the curves of the fabric to keep the shape looking smooth. I ran out of glue sticks so didn't get to finish it. Will be adding more taffeta around the sides so that it looks tidier.

Decided to try on everything so far just to see how it looks. So far so good. I need to secure the PVC parts of the gloves and boots and use safety pins on the armour to keep it from slipping. I'll be getting a strapless bra so I can somehow attach the top of the catsuit to it to keep it from slipping as I've lost a bit of weight.
I had to redo the hearts on the boots as the PVC ones fell off. I didn't like the idea of sewing them on, so I chose to paint them on instead.

I've recently made a frame for the wings. They won't be the best wings as I can only do certain props, but it's something new to learn!

Finally managed to find a way to keep the armour secure on me while wearing it. Originally, I had plan to use poppers of velcro on the armour and catsuit and attach them together like that. However with the catsuit being strapless and the armour kinda heavy, it didn't work.

So I decided to make two loops inside the armour, and use ribbon along with velcro and wrap it around myself which works out a lot better. I may need to use safety pin just for extra security, but this method worked.

It isn't the best method, but this is my first time making armour like this. Hopefully future projects with armour I will improve.

I also don't like how it looks, but with very little time left I'll have to deal with it. I will try to find a way to curve it towards me better.

Quick preview of the whole cosplay together apart from the wig. Still need to do some tidying up with the boot covers, but overall this is pretty much sorted!

Had to buy the gloves instead of making them sadly as my previous attempt failed miserably.

Leotard arrived today so altered it to add the chest window. Hemmed by hand.

Made some progress! Glued on sequin designs to the top to sew later and added bangs to the wig, which looks a lot better!

I redid the outline of the armour so it looks a lot better now.

Cape is lined and hemmed, belt is finished, the medallion and belt buckle are nearly finished! Also fixed up the wig so it has more thickness to it

The medallion and belt buckle is made from fimo clay, baked then painted.

The cape is made from 100% cotton, lined it with the same material to give it more thickness.

I'm going to be reusing the ears and tail I used for my first version of Glaceon. I will be fixing up the ears so they look neater and stand up better. I managed to find a vest top in the perfect colour I was after so will be adding some details to it soon.

I'm considering bringing Sylveon for Kitacon for the Friday evening and I want to fix it up a lot.
I didn't like what I wore underneath the caplet at expo (even though it help as I was chilly) so I plan to get a simple pink dress to wear underneath instead.

I will be reusing everything else:

I will fix up the bows and ribbons and hopefully get better tights.

Had a nightmare trying to find suitable boots and gloves for Power Girl, so went back on the boot cover making adventure.
They need a lot of fixing up at the bottom, but glad these are pretty much sorted otherwise.
Now for the gloves!

Strapless catsuit arrived yesterday. I was so happy I was able to track down a UK seller who would respond to my messages. It fits quite well, it's very baggy from the knees down, but the boots should hide that. I may need to take it in a wee bit from the hips and thighs. I'll need to add clear elastic straps to keep it from sliding and add on the armour. Just need to finish off the armour and do the wings!

Quick makeup test. Trimmed the back of the wig, but still need to fix the front and fluff it up a bit as it looks kinda flat.

Wig arrived! It's a lovely shade of blonde and so soft! Just need to trim the back and add some bangs

Decided to do another makeup test along with the new styled wig and the ears. The lighting is very poor so the wig doesn't look as fluffy as it should be. Also using a thick hairband for the ears for the moment until I can get a thinner one.
Planning to get aqua contacts from Pinky Paradise soon.

Still to do:
Make the wings
Finish the armour.

I'll be working on the wings in January, and hopefully get the suit sorted in the next month.

Finished the boot covers all in one day!
Boot covers aren't my best area, but I really wanted to make them instead of buying expensive white boots. I followed this tutorial Luckily I had spare imitation leather left over from my fem Prussia cosplay I made back in 2011 for the main boot cover. I also used PVC fabric for the heart detail and top of the boot. Had to sew all of this by hand as my sewing machine is still down.

Worked on the armour today. Used a paper heart template to cut out 3 sheets of craft foam before using PVA glue to stick them together and trimmed off any excess craft foam. Next I cut out the PVC fabric, adding 1 inch around the sides so the curves can be added. Used craft glue to stick the craft foam and PVC together, then used hot glue to stick and fold the curves of the fabric to keep the shape looking smooth. I used model card for the white area, but planning to use worbla instead.

PVC fabric arrived recently so finished off the gloves.

I bought materials needed for the cape, which is the most awkward thing I have ever had to make as one side sits on one shoulder, and the other just under the back of the other arm. But slowly but surely fixing it. Decided to try on a leotard from my Sailor Uranus cosplay just to see how it may look. I'll be altering the proper leotard in the New year and making the belt soon.

Wig arrived today so I quickly styled it by trimming it a bit and using hair spray to get the ends to flick out more. I'm still a beginner with wig styling, but its looking a lot better than it did at the start. Added the ears to see how it looks so far, still need to tidy them up.

Finished the ears! Luckily had leftover fleece from Sylveon and bought felt yesterday. Added some wire to keep them up right. Need to either get a smaller headband or use hairclips. Ordering the wig tomorrow.

I've been planning how to go about making this cosplay, some easier than others, but majority of it isn't so bad. Before Christmas I plan to:
Make the ears
Make the armour
Buy and style wig
Make the gloves
Make boots covers

I'm leaving the catsuit and wings til January as I'll have more free time and enough time to research how to go about making these. I have made wings before, but they were made from craftfoam, so aiming to make them out of fabric and wire hopefully. I'm hoping to lose enough weight by January/February before I start the catsuit. I've never made a catsuit before so this will be a new learning experience. I have however found strapless catsuits online if it doesn't go well. Even if I do end up buying it instead, I still aim to make everything else.

I luckily found spare fleece fabric I can use to make the ears. Just need to get some felt for the inner ears and thats the ears sorted. I'll also be ordering the wig at the end of the week and should arrived next week!

This is what I planned to wear for the bottom half of my Glaceon cosplay for Kita. I was going for shorts til I heard we will be doing the group on the ball night, So went back to the skirt.
I should still have a pair of armwarmers I made for my first Glaceon cosplay so planning to use them for this version. This saves time and money for me. Just need to make the top or find one and alter it. Still plan to add some details to it.

This...was an interesting challenge. The ears have wire in them and wrapped around a hairband. The bow was sewn onto the right ear along with the two scarves sewn behind the ear. The wire is strong enough to hold the ears themselves up, not for any extras (example, scarves.) So a lot of experimenting happened to get the scarves sitting where I wanted them to. Eventually, I decided to sew each part together (left scarf is sewn onto both ears and the bow, etc.) This surpringly worked, it keeps them all together without anything falling. I tried it on my head for a quick test and sits fine.

It's not exactly how I wanted it to look, but it's the basic idea of how I wanted it.

Overall, this cosplay is finished and ready for expo!

Ayacon has been and gone and really happy I got to wear my Black Widow cosplay. I was so nervous wearing this but received lovely comments on how good it look and some comments really made my day! Before the con I thought I would be boiling in this cosplay, ended up being freezing some of the time to the point wear my Hawkeye gave me his jacket for a little bit XD Overall I had fun wearing this and meeting all the other Avengers cosplayers.

So! I plan to rewear this cosplay at Kitacon! Hoping to improve in some elements to this cosplay and try to lose more weight. I may try to get another photoshoot done before then.

Finished the cloak for Sylveon. Had to restitch the scarves as the first attempt was horrible. Still not as good but it looks better.

So far I got both bows finished and two scarves finished.

I will be reusing the wig, ears and tail for this version. I may reuse the jacket as well, however overall I want to improve on what it will look like underneath (if I choose to rewear the jacket)
Planning to buy the shorts and socks and make the top and armwarmers. Also going to use the boots I wore for my Sailor Uranus cosplay. Also aiming to use crystals and sequins in some parts of the cosplay.

Finally bought the guns from Poundland and spray painted them. Apart from tidying up, this cosplay is pretty much finished.

Quick preview of the cosplay (missing the widow's bites as I left them in the garage.) Just need to tidy up and get the guns!

Finished the wings and tail for my fem Prussia cosplay. The wings are made from craftfoam layered together along with some wing details and painted, The tail was made from spare fabric I had leftover.

I ended up using fabric paint to make them. The most easy way but it kinda works. I was losing patient when I tried sewing them and it wasn't looking good, tried fabric cut outs and still looked a mess, so fabric paint it was. I can always improve on it later, but for now it can work.

The patches are now sewn onto the suit, only the guns left to do and this cosplay will be finished!

Bought contacts from Pinky Paradise (Venus eye bright red) and I love how they look. The photo shows how they look without and with flash

I started to panic when I found out it's not long til Aya so forced myself into town after work and got what I needed. So got a bullet belt for the widow's bites, matte spray paint, fingerless gloves and boots.
I went with ankle boots instead as the knee high ones are normally hard to find. They are either too expensive, outside the country, not in my size or style I need, so the ankle boots will do for now.

<<< Makeup and wig test

The utility belt and thigh holsters have arrived,

Still to get:
Bullet belt for the widow's bites and spray paint them
Make the patches and add them to the suit
Get glock guns
Get boots.

The boots I'm having the most trouble to find. They are either too expensive, not the style I want etc. I have two plans for them at the moment, I either get ankle boots with the heel height I want or use my knee high boots with a very low heel.
If I do get the ankle boots I can also get knee high ones once winter comes round.

Look what arrived! And in less than 2 weeks too!
The sizing is perfect apart from the shoulders which I need to fight into annoyingly enough, but hoping baby powder will help out. It's kinda comfy but the longest I may wear it is 4 hours or so maybe.
Need to work on my hips ><

I finally got to trim my wig after putting it off for so long. The first image was taken in 2011 while the other image is recent. I'm always paranoid about cutting my wigs in case I screw up, but I think I did ok. I think it suits me so much better now!

The skirt arrived for my Sylveon cosplay (only £3 yay!) It is a slightly paler pink than I thought it would be, but I think it could work as the main body of Sylveon is pale pink/off white.

I was going to use a tulle skirt for this, however I decided against it and went for something cute and simple (and cheaper.)

The shoes from Bodyline arrived today! I saw them a while ago and thought it would be cute for Sylveon. I was hoping to get a deeper shade of pink or sax but they didn't have them in my size so I went with the lighter shade of pink.

Made a start and made the the Widow's symbol for the belt. Made from craft foam and painted.

Had a amazing time as Sailor Uranus along with the amazing Sailor Moon group! Everyone just looked fantastic!
This cosplay went down pretty well, and now planning to take to Ayacon. I'm hoping before then I'll tidy up more of this cosplay. I may redo the front bow to make it slightly bigger and sit better and remake the sailor collar. Despite the improvements I want to work on, I'm overall happy with this cosplay.

Also note to self: Pack an extra pair of nude tights. Mine ripped slightly the morning of the con

Still need to do some tidying up, but apart from that, it's finished!

To make the skirt, I measured my hips then multiplied by 3 for the pleats. For the length, I measured from my hip bone to my desired length where I wanted the skirt to sit, this was roughly 13/14 inches. For the hem, I double folded the fabric and hand sew along the hem.
For the pleats, I made side pleats along with one box pleat at the front of the skirt, each pleat measuring about 3 inches and pinned them. I then hand sewn the pleats into place before ironing them on a low heat and removing the pins. I hand sewn the skirt to the hip roll, and finished the skirt.

Bought more duchess satin needed for the skirt and currently in early stages. I was wanting to make a circle pleated skirt, but because I only got nearly 2 weeks left and I honestly don't want to mess up, I'm just doing the simpler way and adding pleats to the fabric before stitching it altogether. I've noticed Sailor Moon cosplayers either do the circle skirt method or this method, and both work well in their own way. This is my first time making a pleated skirt so hope all goes well!

Already made the hip roll so hoping to have all this done by next week.

I made these a couple weeks ago, but now I got them attached to the leotard with the use of poppers. Also attached some to the gloves.

Still to:

Make the skirt

Attached the brooch to the front bow

Overall tidy up

Couple of weeks ago I said I would try to make boot covers, and that didn't go quite to plan. Boot covers aren't my strongest area and because I only got a few weeks left, I went searching online for other shoes and found these. They are not perfect but they were the best I could find. The other ones I did like and looked more like the boots I needed were either too expensive, the size or colour was out of stock or it was outside the country. So in the end I got these and quite happy with them.

Going to be working on the arm and hip rolls this weekend, and will be working on the skirt next week.

Finished the gloves.

Use duchess satin once again, cut out two rectangles on a fold, sew them together then hand sewn the two lines and used wadding for stuffing.

Had a few trial and errors with these things. At first I didn't make it long enough, the stuffing made it shorter to sew together and the stitching wasn't great. So I made it again, this time longer and better stitching and much happier with it now!

Finished choker as well. Made from duchess satin, and used sew on poppers to keep in place when wearing it.

Finished the back bow. Also made from duchess satin and made using the same process as the last bow.

Last week I ordered the boots, and two days later I got a message from the seller saying they made a mistake in their inventory and didn't have the size I needed in stock anymore and gave me a full refund. I asked them if they would have any more in stock and they MIGHT do but it's unlikely.

Seriously, finding the boots is the hardest thing to do for this cosplay so far. I did find another pair of boots, however they are 13cm heels and I struggle to walk in heels as it is, plus I would look near enough 6'0 in them (I'm about 5'9/5'10 and the original boots I ordered were 2cm heel.)

At this point in time, I'm still keeping an eye out for the boots. However since I only have about 6 weeks to get this cosplay finished, I may just make boot covers.

Finished the tiara today. Easiest part of the cosplay so far. Made from craft foam, used mod podge as a sealer before painting it with gold acrylic paint and gluing on the gem.

Originally had the bow upside down, so fixed it.

The front bow is now finished, along with the brooch which was made from fimo clay and baked. The sailor collar is still to be sewn together which should be done this week.

Finished the front bow. It's made from Duchess satin and hand sewn. Simply made two rectangles and pinched the middle of them and made the rectangle centre to keep them in place.

<<< Wig so far
Doj-Con is 4 months away and I still got a lot to do. I've ordered the leotard base so should be here this week. Before the end of January I'm hoping to have finished the Sailor fuku, front and back bows, sleeves and finish styling the wig.

Got a few things that can work for her. Will buy more after Christmas. For now I'm putting her down as finished but will do other outfits when I can.

Recently been researching what kind of wig other Pepper cosplayers have used and appears to be a mix (Pumpkin orange, blondish, reddish.) So I have decided to use a Pumpkin orange wig I currently own. I have used the wig for my Badou and Orihime cosplays and I felt I need to give that wig more love.

Will try to add some bangs and curl it at the ends.

I deleted my first Umbreon cosplay as I didn't like it. This version will look a lot better than the first one.

Used the same ears and tail from last year. I used a black skirt and added on two yellow circles to each side. I've also ordered a pair of yellow leggings and going to wear one of the pair of black boots I have as well. As for the top, I'm going for two different ones. The first one being the top I used for the first Umbreon with the ribbons on the sleeves, and the other being using a long sleeved black top and sewing on the two yellow circles on the sleeves. I may do a hoodie version but thats a maybe. The first top idea will be for Halloween this year, whereas the second one I'll do for the Pokemon meet next year.
I've put this down as completed now as everything is sorted. Photos will be up soon.

I was going to hem the dress, but the fabric is so slippery and a pain to hem it wouldn't stay straight :/ So I did the next best thing and used pinking shears. The points are not clearly noticeable as the dress is very flowy, but this was the best idea I had. Maybe once I get a new sewing machine I can go over it. I've also finished the side bow and the final details to the headphones. I thought I had white material left to make the belt but it's nowhere to be found, so I'll be buying more of that along with black lace on Tuesday. Gloves haven't arrived yet, but I'll have them soon.

I'm putting this cosplay as complete now. I still need to make the belt, but it will not take me long at all to do it. I'll post shots of the cosplay maybe tomorrow, then again with belt and all somepoint this week.

Dress arrived today! Going to hem it up a bit as it's longer than knee length. Still waiting on the gloves. Should has this finished by Monday!

Finally found a halterneck dress! Cost a bit more than I was hoping to spend, however after searching for ages and losing bids, I went for it. It's roughly knee length so once it gets here I'm going to hem it. Hopefully it arrives before the weekend so I can do that, along with finishing the belt and adding the final details to the headphones. Will be ordering the gloves tomorrow. Can finally get this cosplay finished!

Cutted the wig to the correct length. Still need some trimming here and there but so far so good!

Bought wig from Coscraft. Currently cutting it to the correct length.

Since Doj-con is 7 months away, I have to make a start!

I found a wig on Coscraft that I'll be ordering this week so hopefully I can styling it next week.
Between now and Christmas, I'm going to:

Style the wig
Make the tiara
Make the front bow
Make the brooch (Both heart and round shaped)
Make the choker
Make the back bow
Make gloves
Buy earrings

Since I should have the whole of January off Uni, I'll be making the rest of the outfit then. Plus it gives me enough time to lose weight and tone up. So by January I will be:

Buying and altering a leotard
Making the skirt (First time making a pleated skirt!)
Making the sailor fuku
Buying the boots

Can't wait for this group!

Made the final orb which is currently airdrying and still need to sand and paint it. Finally made the hood and sewn on the wings and horn. I've also sewn the 2 smaller orbs on more securely on the cloak (One of them fell off) so they won't fall during the meet hopefully. Overall, this is pretty much finished. Will have better shots of the complete cosplay by this weekend and hopefully even better shots after the Pokemon meet!

Marking this as complete now.

The cloak was lined and sewn together yesterday along with all 3 crosses, and altering the base top yesterday and today. I might go back to this, just to improve on how the put on the crosses (Bondaweb maybe?)
I haven't had much luck on finder the right colour or sizes of mesh for the chain mail, I might get lucky before next month. If not then I can make it for another time this is needed.

Used the pinking shears of the cloak and have sewn on the orbs to the corners of it. Also made the wings which are made of out felt and craftfoam. Hoping to improve on those another time but they will do for the meet.

The horns and two of the orbs have been made, sanded and painted. Once they have dried they'll be sewn onto the cloak after I have used the pinking shears on it. I figured it will give it a scaly look to it. I need to get more material for the hood as I have bought the wrong colour recently >< but it won't take long to make. Currently working on the wings so shouldn't take much longer to get this finished!

Got my dress yesterday. It was apparently a "Attempted deliverly" but no note was left so collected it at the post office, just really happy I got it. Got it from here (Ebayer: Cosplay66)

Everything fits very well, but planning to get more flowers for her hair since the ones I got have safety pins in them.

Will have better photos soon!

Didn't go to the Ghibli meet due to family reasons appearing the morning of the meet. I'm sad I couldn't go, however I will get good photos of this cosplay soon, along with the fish biscuits and box I made! Hopefully will have photos before the end of summer!

So far I have cut and pinned the cloak, all I have to do now is sew and line it altogether and add on the crosses. I quite happy I decided to line the inside of it black, it makes look so much better than just leaving it all white.

Tights arrived and look good, so will be buying the gloves soonish and buy the dress when I can.

This will be going into retirement soon as I will be using the base and altering it for another cosplay. But before that happens I'll have at least one good photo with the new wig.

My Luka headphones are nearly finished now I got the butterflies sorted. I have also sewn some lace I had leftover from another cosplay onto the headphones. Still need to add the design for the headphone set (grey area) and make the microphones.

Spent the afternoon kaing these. Used a craft knife to cut out a stencil then cut them all of them out from craft foam and card. Then I used mod podge, left it to dry then used black acrylic paint before putting everything together. They are 2x bigger than the ones I made last year for my Magnet!Romano so I'm happy with the outcome of them.

<<< How it looks with dress underneath

Bought the fabric yesterday and made a start today. I didn't end up buying Duchess satin as I couldn't find the right colour, so I decided to use 100% cotton instead. I drafted my own pattern for the cloak and it came out well. The cloak is so swishy! I thought I would have enough fabric for the hood, turns out I'll have to go buy more when I can. Debating whether to sew up the sides to tidy them up and keep it smooth or just use pinking shears and have a slight jag to them?
Still do to:

Make hood
Make 3 orbs out of fimo clay
Make horn out of fimo clay
Make wings for hood

This is pretty much done now. Will be getting something to tie around my waist and maybe have a different blouse or whatever, but for now this is done and ready for the meet next month!

Will improve on the makeup as well before the meet.

I have most things for this and should get it done no problem.
So far have the:


Ordered the cat ears and tail today so should be here by Friday. I was planning to make them but after my last attempt last Christmas, I HATE working with fur. It's something I want to improve and deal with in the future but for now, I ordered them. Planning to buy the ribbon on Friday as well, and hopefully have a cardigan for this as well.
Also planning to make the box along with the fish cookies!

Bought orange felt the other day and made the ears today. Thanks to Sasashie for telling me how to make them!

Hopefully will find a orange hairband before Sunday!

Since I still haven't had a chance to get a new sewing machine, I'll have to sew this by hand. Guess it means more practise and once I get a new sewing machine, I can go over it.

So I'm definately going for the cloak idea, so I'll be using my own pattern again. For the materials I'm planning to use a Royal blue duchess satin for the cloak so it gives a slight shine to it. Also I'm thinking of using white fleece for the wings on the head and use fimo air light clay to make the horn.

I've been debating about how to go about doing the balls on the neck and the tail (corners of the cloak in my case) I've looked at wooden balls and they appear to heavy, so thats out. I have one option so far and that is make the balls out of fimo air light light, make a small hole for the fabric to go through, sand them down, paint them then sew them onto the cloak. Advantage is the clay will be light, but still thinking about this.

I'm keeping the white dress simple as I want to pay more attention to the cloak. Also got Royal blue tights for underneath.

Going to make a start on this soon as I'm pretty much half way of getting it done and plus my friend told me he is planning to cosplay Teutonic Knights Prussia at Alcon so I said I would make it for him since I have pretty much everything.

So I'll going to make the cloak and line the inside of it black and add on the crosses.

I'm planning to make chain mail by using mesh material. It's cheaper than the wire process of doing it and quicker, and will be realistic as I can make it. Gonna have it in layers.

I'm altering the base last because I want to get at least one good photo of my Chibi!Romano cosplay with the new wig I got last year. All I'll need to do is cut the sleeves to elbow length and add the cross.

I got til September to get it all done but should be able to get it done sooner.

Wore this on Thursday and Sunday for Cosplay chess at Kitacon. This went down pretty well, but after seeing some photos I need to fix this up somepoint.

1. May need a new wig.

2. Get a compression shirt. The cosplay looked bigger on me than it should (damn boobs lol) So next time I shall bind.

Apart from that, I had a great time as GIR!

Only just made him the other day. Like I mentioned in my previous journal, it was previously Kumagoro but with no luck finding a pig toy, this idea had to do. Besides altering him into a piggy, I also tidied up the plushie. Not the best but it will do the job!

After 6 hours I finally got this plushie done!
Was worried I didn't have enough felt for the corners and sides but managed to have enough. I used pink fabric paint for the pink lines as well.
It's not great but for Kitacon it will do, and afterwards it can be a mini bean bag for my cat XD

Managed to find some stuffing to stuff this thing. I wasn't planning to make it this big but compared to my cat, it's big! XD

Aiming to finish it tonight.

I spent 4 hours sewing on all the hearts onto the main body and sewn all the sides into a cube shape. I bought 2 bags of cotton balls for the stuffing but only covers the bottom part of the plush (Explains why plush in pic looks saggy.)
So will be using whatever stuffing is lying around and hopefully have this done before Tuesday.

Bought grey shoes and grey leggings so cosplay looks a lot better. Also my friend let me use his pink wig. It won't be in a pigtail like in the photo at Kita, I didn't want to take it out as he tidied it up for me so I wanna keep it safe til next week. Just the plushie to go!

Kitacon is less than 2 weeks away and I need to tidy up this one as well XD

Everything is fine with it apart from the ears. On the day of the Pokemon meet, one of the ears was very floppy and not sitting up right, so I got stronger cardboard that I still need to cut into the ear chape before sewing it into the ear. Due to worrying about it being crushed or whatever in the suitcase, I'm going to fix the ears the night before I cosplay Glaceon, which maybe Friday but currently waiting to hear from another event. It should only take me 5 minutes or so to do. Also the wig is being tidied up by a friend.

Started making the plushie on Monday, so got all 6 sides of the cube along with 6 circles and hearts. All I got to do is sew all the sides together, sew on circles and hearts, add stuffing, sew on the corners and sides and paint on the pink lines. Going to try and have it done in the next week!

I haven't worn this cosplay since 2010 and I feel it needs better photos and a tidy up.
I now have I proper wig for him so just need to get a red headband and add on yellow buttons and thats him. Gonna try and do this over summer.

With Kitacon only 18 days away, I haven't had much luck finding a piggy plushie within a reasonable price. So this morning I decided that I'll use my Kumagoro plushie and alter him into a piggy. Basically take off the bunny ears and replace with pig ones and sew on a snout. Kumagoro will return to his normal self after Kita.

Planning sometime after Kitacon I'm going to improve on this.

Going to hunt down a brown belt and make a belt buckle with her Cutie mark. If that fails then I'll just take the current felt Cutiemarks and sew them onto the trousers.

Since I can actually move the hat back far enough without it falling off my head, I will be making ears.

Also going to try and buy better boots if I'm lucky, but the first two things are what I really want to do.

This is going to be tidied up a bit before Kitacon. Still need to try and make the plushie (or just buy it online.)

I'll be using a different wig for Kitacon because I'm letting my friend use the current pink wig I have and style it for Marluxia. Plus the wig I'm borrowing is longer and more of a softer pink.

Will be running around as Companion cube on Saturday and Sunday night.

With Kitacon being nearly a month away and I may have a photoshoot with this, I started to tidy up things.

I sewed up the holes that were underneath the sleeves of the jacket (fail thought I did that already but it's done now.)

I bought the skirt from primark a while back, but it was calf length, so I cut off the length I didn't need and hemmed it up so it's now around knee/above knee length. Originally was going to get or make a pleated skirt but this skirt still has flowiness to it that I like.

I need to tidy up the boot covers as the lace is coming off so need to re-sew that, but shouldn't take too long.

Even if I don't take this with me to the photoshoot tomorrow, at least I'll have it ready for Kitacon.

I'm thinking I may go for a hoodie idea for this. Pretty much planning to buy a white hoodie then alter it all Turret - like and maybe make the sleeves a little bigger to hide the guns?

Good thing is, I already have the boots and the wig. I may either wear jeans or alter a white skirt.

Will try to finish sometime after Kitacon

Forgot to add on extra pieces from the other day so sewed them on today and tidied everything up.

Random note! I handsewed this cosplay while watching Titanic XD

I used a grey dress I had for the past 3 or 4 years as the base and sewed on ribbon (tricky stuff to sew with!) Then I used felt for the other pieces. I also made the hair pieces.

Gonna use my Chibi!Romano outfit as the base. Already got the boots, trousers and belt. Just need to make the cloak and add the crosses.

No idea when this will start, currently going to wait til I hear info about the CMV

Very quick Companion cube gijinka design (hence why it looks crap XD )

I still need to buy the base dress, however by backup plan is to use a grey dress I have and alter it like this. I already got a long sleeved grey top for underneath and the leggings so they don't need alter that much. For the centre heart, I'm going to sew it onto some ribbon and make it into a belt (the dress I have is kinda baggy so I want to tighten up the waist area) so the grey parts at the sides with have a gap through them so the ribbon can be tied at the back. I was going to go for a hat but I decided to make hair clips because I want to add all 6 hearts to the outfit so 2 on the dress, 2 on the wig and 2 on the shoes.

I've decided I'm going to use my "Just be Friends" dress as a base to wear underneath the cloak. I won't do an awful lot to it apart from making a belt. I'll be focusing more on the cloak detail so it will look recognisable. I'll be starting the cloak sometime after Kitacon.

Just finished the sash today.
After so many trials and errors, this cosplay is finally finished!
I have the skirt sorted as well but it's currently hiding somewhere in my room XD
Better photos will be up somepoint!

Just a wee progress pic to show what I have done. These were taken a couple weeks ago so all the lace detail has been added on since yesterday.

The jacket has been tidied up and I have replaced the gold trimmings with lace which was hand sewed along with the lace around the jacket which took me most of the afternoon. I also sewed on the 15th and final button onto it.

I pretty much have everything done for this now. I'm currently deciding whether to make pony ears or not. Some MIP cosplayers do and others don't so I don't think it really matters. I'm putting this down as complete for now and make the ears after Christmas. Photos will be up soon.

My camera is really crappy but I used fake eyelashes to "fem" them up a bit. I still need to figure out how to do the scar and also need to cover my eyebrows with grey makeup or something. Also need to style the fringe.

<<< Preview time again!
I finished the boot covers today and hand sewn the black lace detail onto them. I have also sewn the lace onto the collar of the shirt.
Still to do:
Tidy up the jacket and replace the gold trimmings with lace or cover it.
Fix up the boot covers.
Alter the skirt.
Make the sash.
Style the wig.
Nearly there!

Recently bought the last of everything I need to finish off this cosplay. I got white leather material and made the boot covers. This was my first time making them as well. Still need to tidy them up and add the rest of the detail. Also got material for the sash and currently making that, and also bought the skirt which will be altered. The wig arrived yesterday, it didn't have the style of fringe that I wanted so going to style that up and maybe take at least an inch off the length of the wig. 50/50 chance I'll finish this by New Year.

Yesterday I made and sewn on the zipper to the main body of the cosplay along with the tail, and also painted on the stitching detail on the back. Today I made the hat by using a current bunny hat as a pattern, sewn on the ears, eyes and tongue, then painted on the stitching, nose, pupils and tongue line. Currently waiting for it to dry so I can paint the stitching on the other side and thats GIR done!

I've sewn my main body all together, along with the grey material for the zip and used fabric paint for the zip detail. Still need to add the tail then just need to make the hat.

Managed to buy everything I needed to make this. I used one of my leftover patterns I made to cut out the main body, and will be sewing it tomorrow and hopefully along with the zip. Hopefully this should take me about a week to finish off.

Recently got a shirt for my graduation (Thanks to my mum for buying it, only 99p!) so after it I'm going to sew on the lace around the collar. After trying on the shirt and jacket together I've decided not to add a collar to the jacket. I'm worried about it looking "cluttered" if that makes any sense and it would be hidden by the shirt collar anyway. I'll see when I have it all done.
Once my recent assignments for uni are done I'm going to make the sash and finish off the jacket. The wig will be bought soon so I may have 80% of the cosplay done by the end of the year.

I have now sewn on all the trimmings and 14 buttons onto the jacket. Still a bit of tidying up to do around the collar and the sleeves. I've decided that I will be adding a collar somepoint. I'm also planning to add something along the side of the jacket near the trimmings because they fray easily so in order to stop that I need to add on something else, so either more lace or red material like the sleeves. It's nearly there!

Since I may have little to do much cosplay work while at Uni, I decided to do smaller projects during the year and leave bigger projects til the summer. I've been struggling to choose between 4 or 5 cosplays for friday at Kitacon and after thinking about it, the easiest cosplay to make from my plan list is GIR. I was gonna cosplay him for Auchinawa 2010, but couldn't find the right colour of material until 2 weeks before the con, so I decided that this will be an opportunity to do it for Kita. It's a simple design and will be made of fleece. I get to run around singing the Doom song XD

Finished up the jacket and sewn on the sleeves and added the lace. Ended up breaking a needle while sewing the sleeves but luckily found another one. Theres still a bit of tidying up to do plus adding the buttons and rest of the detail.

Finished the sheep horns in about under an hour and luckily found the shirt in a charity shop. Already have the white trousers but may get another pair in the future. It's a very simple cosplay but it's so cute <3
Photos will be up soon!

Ok so instead of making the jacket on Wednesday, I made it today. Turns out I wasn't going out til after 6 so I thought that gave me time to make the jacket. I drew out a pattern from my Glaceon jacket and cut the main body of it from the velvet and sewn it altogether. I still need to do the sleeves and sew them on, but I'm glad I got the main body of it done. Hopefully will have it done by next week then just to add the rest of the detail.

Ok so I got my materials last week and haven't made much progress XD but the plan is that on wednesday (if uni work is not in the way) I'm going to make a start on the jacket, so then it will be mostly done and it's just adding bits and bobs to it. I'm aiming to get it done around Christmas time and worry about the wig and boots after (unless someone gets me the wig for Christmas <3 ) So I'm going to work on this cosplay at every free chance I get and pray I get it done by the end of the year.
I recently bought lace for the cuffs of the jacket but it looks too big so I'm using it to make the cravat instead. Will post photos of progress soon!

So I have 7 months to get this done in time for Kitacon. No backing out of this one now that I have entered the masquerade for it (insane much? XD )
I'm going to go fabric hunting so I can find the right material for the jacket. As much as I want to use velvet, I'm worried incase it looks tacky or something, but if it comes to it I'll use it as a last resort. I'm aiming to start the jacket and finish it at least by new year (depending how busy uni keeps me) so that the bigger part of the project is done. I'm planning to either buy a pattern or draw up my own pattern again like I did with Glaceon, I'm unsure about the collar since you can't see it in the design but I'll add it on if I feel I need to. I'll also be adding more detail to the jacket, recently found a button that looks like the Prussian eagle so thats going on the sleeve of the jacket. The boots are going to be my biggest challenge. The easiest thing I think to do will be adding a bow to Gilbird's head XD

Luckily found a black hoodie in ASDA for £9 on monday, It wasn't a zip up one but my awesome friend will be adding that for me. I have enough black fleece left from my Umbreon cosplay to make the ears but need to buy more for the tail and also buy a halloween cat's tail as a base. I have some white material that I'll be experimenting on to see if it works well before I decide to buy felt or fleece for the skull and crown. I only recently noticed that Prussia has demon wings on the back of the hoodie so I'm not sure if I'll make those or not.

The jacket was made from scratch and by my own pattern. Took me about 2 days to complete and add on the markings on the back, sleeves and the tail. I also made legwarmers but not too sure if I'll wear them or not.

I used pale and dark blue fleece material to make the ears and tail. I decided against the idea of making the hat used a hairband instead. I used a pair of old Pudsy ears as the base, and cardboard to keep the ears up, was going to use wire but that backfired. Only thing left to do is order the wig and make the jacket

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