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Friday: Anna: Frozen - Coronation Dress
Saturday: Galadriel: Lord of the Rings
Sunday: Cersei Lannister: Game of Thrones

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I've started work on the skirt with the help of Phee. We've cut out the skirt and I've had sewn the triangular shapes on (took me a good few hours!) And so now I've started trying the embroidery. I've never done embroidery before but pleased with my first attempt. I have 12 more of this pattern to do so I'm hoping by the end there will be big improvments! I've made a stencil as well so it should all be the same size/shape. I've currently ran out of the thread though and only just managed to do the outline for the second shape so I have to wait til Thursday to buy more thread! Oops!

For the Shoes I bought simple white canvas shoes and used Fabric pens to paint them and changed the laces to black

Another progress photo. Since this was taken I've added the fur and started sewing the lace on the bottom. Only half the skirt to do and she's done! I tried pinning my bodice to my dummy to get another photo but its too heavy with the belts to stay up! I'm worried about the weight of this outfit but personally I dont think it's too bad for two days work! :D (Excuse my dogs rear and tail getting in the way lol)

Similar to the hairsticks I dont have time to make the trimming accuratley. I decided to buy some lace trimming for now and one day replace it with accurate one

I dont have time to make the hairsticks and I had trouble finding any online. So I decided to buy 'real' hairsticks from eBay and match the colour/style as best I could. Of course it's not accurate but I'm glad I won't be hairstickless and I think they're quite pretty :D

Using grey paint I've painted the bones on the corset to match the grey lines she has on hers. The shape won't be exactly right but at least this will be easy enough to add fur and sleeves to. Although the picture makes it look straight the lines have a bit of mess on either side. As soon as it's dry I intend to neaten them up a bit. This took me 4 hours to paint because I was trying to be as neat as I can! I'm pooped!

Here is the dress I bought to edit. I know hers doesn't come with sequins on the bodice but I thought it would add a bit of sparkle to it (there are lots of sparkles in that sequence and a few on the dress luckily :P) So far I've pinned the blue satin belt on. And I've got a roll of Gold sequins I'll use to make straps. For the sleeves (as they are completely see-through) I've bought white/cream organza. Here it looks a lot thicker as it's all bunched up and ticked in behind the dress but in reality if I put my arm next to it you can see it clearly (although it's not as see-through as I'd like it to be). If all goes well I might be able to add the belt, straps and sleeves by the end of this weekend and the dress will already be complete!

So this is my complete cosplay. I think I prefer it without the cape xD I didn't get a chance to make the necklace so I found one in Claire's accessories today that I'll wear

I absolutely love it :D It's perfect and exactly what I had in mind. So happy I asked Teacup_erinyes to do this as she's done it spot on! I didn't want to take it off! I'm able to now put this costume in complete as I've decided to wear the wig I wore for the make up test to save money :D Woop woop!

I'm so excited for this :D The progress is looking incredible! I'm so glad I commisioned this from her she's got it completely spot on :D

Phee found this beauty last night on eBay! So I bid and woke up this morning to find I won. It's a lot better than the dress I originally was going to wear and I think although the gold bits aren't accurate they suit quite well! I hope this will arrive in time as its coming from America eep =[ but I loooove it @.@

I dont know how soon I plan to actually cosplay her but I'm so obsessed with her right now I needed to get the make up out of the way xD Here are two different ones. Only difference is the lips. Apparently no one in Kim Possible is allowed a bottom lip. Ever.
So Left is if I stuck to that. And right is if I decided to be normal and do both lips in black. Her eyes are quite natural but have eyeliner so I've just done a simple catseye. Apart from that it's very basic. And the wig used is not the wig I'd use for her and I photoshopped my eyes green coz I wanted to :D

Going to wear a different wig but I want it this orangy colour. I think I want a more vibrant red for the eyes but I love the shape for the sort of cats eye. Lips I thought were a bit dull but I think as I want to wear fangs that it will be okay in the end. Will do another test once I have all the little touches :D

So this is the sort of make up I'm thinking of for her. I forgot to put on mascara. DERP. and I plan to wear fake eyelashes for when I do he for real. the wig is a 2-part wig. One that's sort of half up/half down and then a ponytail extension. I need to style it all properly and the extension is reeeally long so I'll be cutting it and fluffing it up so it's similar to her thickness. I'm also going to dye it so it has an auburn tinge. If it doesnt work I have a plan B xD

I need to paint on silver detail to the lamellar. I havent done this too the back as it took me a very long time to do (mainly coz of sewing machine fecking up and having to do it by hand. If I have time this week I'll do the back but I dont think it's too much of a big deal if I don't manage it.

A pair of brown, leather gloves, I cut the fingers off :)

Skirt so far. Just made from dark brown leatherette. Made all this morning so far xD The split it a bit bigger because I'm stupid and dont take into account that when I wear it it'll split wider. So when I add the lamellar onto the panel I'm going to make them over lap a little bit to hide my dignity xD

To save time and frustration of making armour again *has flash backs of Hawke* I decided to buy this brown corset. As it has the buckles at the front I think it looks quite good and detailed. I can then focus on making a skirt and the accessories. Plus I feel more confident in a corset as they pull my stomach in which makes me feel a bit better about myself xD

The seller says the wig is more golden than in this picture but hopefully it will suit. I'm going to find a way to style the bangs so it all looks like on long piece of hair :D I fell in love with this wig coz it was cheap! and it has the waves in it like Rapunzel has. So it's not dead straight xD Fingers crossed this is good because I feel I've found the perfect wig!

Obviously this isn't really much make up xD I tried being as natural as possible with pink lips. The hair is my own (unless I need a wig by the time I do this) I had to jigger my fringe around a bit atm. I tried to contor my cheeks to make them more pronounce like hers but still learning xD and the light flushed out any colour as well. So not much to look at but getting there I suppose

The photo isnt the best at showing the colours. But huzzah! I've bought all of the fabric I need :D Boy it was expensive >< but I'm very happy with the colours and the fabric choices. I had the help of Phee of course! Everything is "Quilter's Cotton" apart from the Red which is Satin (thought I'd add a bit of something different there xD I'm somewhat confident I can do this alright but will probably recruit help xD but yay! Fabric!

Decided to rush and find a wig first and foremost as it'll take the longest time to arrive! And this one doesn't have bangs! yay! Depending on the length/quality I'm going to get my sister's hairdresser friend (who cut my Melissa wig) to make the ends of this wig blunt like Mulan's :D Will be going to John Lewis soon to buy some fabric toooo :D yay!

Not bad for two days work me thinks XD not as detailed as I'd prefer but good enough for what I want me thinks.

I'm making this really quick and easy.
1. Cardboard base on a wooden pole
2. Covering the base with masking tape
3. Spray paint the top silver and bottom red
4. Paint pole dark brown
5. Weather

I forgot to put the belt on when I tried it on B: but I love it :DD It's good size and floats behind me :D as you can see its a tad see-through so I'll wear a vest underneath :D but I adore this!! Now just need to edit the necklace and she's done! <3 (excuse my neice in the corner xD after she saw me in it she followed me around and wouldnt leave me alone :P)

Just a small bottle I bought off ebay and my mum was lovely enough to suprise me with broken glass she found on the street (Y) xD I smashed it with a hammer so they were small enough fit in the bottle and voila :D will get a chain small enough to put through to loop. Now all I need is for my socks to arrive and it's done!

Phee has completed the dress! :D She's gonna add the gold bit onto the belt and yay! I love it and can't wait to try it on! :D The sleeves will puff up more when I wear it obvs :B Now I just need shoes and to edit the necklace and she's done!! Yay!!

I've currently left everything in the capable hands of Phee xD I suck at making stuff and until I get better this dress is really way too advanced for me. Phee came round to start working on the sleeves today and has taken it home so she can work her magic ;3; I love her~

Bad quality photo @.@ These are different shorts to the ones I bought originally. Those ones were too small for me xD *Fatty* The balloons are more blue than this and the yellow is..yellow @.@ I've drawn them on with 3D paint :D there are some pencil marks on the shorts and some scatter paints that I somehow got on there >< but I'm hoping that'll wash off when I put them in the washing machine to set the paint :D But this now marks this cosplay completed!! :D 2/7 done!

It's getting there! Phee came round and cut out the pattern for me since I was getting confused. She then applied that to the material and we tacked it (her more than me xD). I've now blitz it through my sewing machine. My stitching isnt 100% but I'm having Phee come and help :D once thats sorted I just need to make the sleeves and belt and hem it all and she's done!

The wig was cut around two weeks ago by my sister's friend :D She's a hairdresser and was round our house at the time so I kind of pounced on her xD Finally got a couple of shots with it. The lighting makes it look a bit lighter than it is but it's not as dark as the wig's "studio" photo. This wont be the make up I wear for her either I was just too lazy to do anymore than I already had on xD

It arrived!! And this marks my first Kitacon cosplay completed! :D I know the picture isnt great I literally just threw it on. And I'll be wearing a petticoat underneath that I already have :D So it's gonna be awesome and perfect! This weekend I'll try it on with everything else! >3< Sorry about the blue face xD not allowed to wear make up for another day or two @.@ also needs an iron xD

Made by Phee :D I had some air dry clay so she's made the shape from that. After it dries I'm going to give a go at letting in harden in the oven for a few mins and then painting it. Might also add some gems for the eyes but I dont know yet :D Much love to Phee <3

After spending days sealing the foam today I spray painted it silver :D I'm very happy with the result. I need to add another coat I think and then once that's dried I can polish and weather it :D

Painted and weathered by the amazing Phee :D the orange tip was kept so it kept in with Kitacon's weapon regulations ^^

Tis a bit baggy xD So I'm gonna take it in. The wig I'm using is my Rinoa one. I dont know if I'm going to buy another one or not. Just got to alter the outfit, paint the bow and buy wig socks and she's done :D

So last night I washed my wig and left it to dry over night. The dying was a success! :D I love the colour it is now and feel the style and colour suits Pinkie Pie :D I might buy another pair of shorts OR pink jeggings/skinny jeans depending on what I feel like closer to the time. I've got 3D paint that I'm going to use to put the balloons on the shorts and I'm trying to find a balloon necklace or if I have time the necklace she wears when saving the world xD Part of me is most excited about this cosplay xD I also need to get a new top because that vest is veeery see through O^o

I'd come to the conclusion that the wig was way too bright for Pinkie Pie. I decided to give dying a wig a go :D I'd never done it before so was nervous but so far so good. It's drying right now and it's so messy @.@ but I like the colour it's come out :D I think I've missed a few patches here and there but hopefully it's not too noticeable O^o Will post a new wig & make up test after the dying process is complete :D

Made it this morning xD A few weeks ago I bought a necklace from Primark for about £4.50 and I've used that as the base :D It will all be painted over so it looks okay xD eventually. But the res is just foam. I'll be stiffening it with gauze like the other armour. I'll then be making the little face thing out of clay and will find a way to glue it on xD

I've decided not to add the parts that stick up as it was just too much hassle to find our how to do it. >< So I'm just gonna have "flat" ones :D I added the detail on last night with 3D paint :D So far this is the best side -.- the others are covered in pen where I messed up drawing the pattern on D8

I decided to go for a different approach as the other one was just fiddly. I used my shoulder armour from Cloudette to get the shape for it and then glued the rim together using evostick. I'm going to add the sort of pointy up bits tonight and then I can do the design with 3D paint and FINALLY start sealing everything which'll take a week D: but at least then I can focus on other things :D

I got my Dog Tags today :D I love them loads! I had to make up Melissa's ID number because I couldnt find hers ANYWHERE. I thought she mentioned it in an episode but I hunted and couldnt find it =/ so I know I've got it wrong. Just dont tell me the right one if you know it xD

I know you cant really see it very well. But this is a teal and a dark teal cotton for the sleeves and a white viscose for the dress itself :D

All I need to do is shape the top bit and then I can start the sealing/painting process! :D I have little gems I'm going to stick on before hand though :D fun!

I'm going high with this glue! omg. Evostick is VERY strong @.@ But well! So far I've glued the lamels on one side of the corset. So just the other side to go. The top ones I'll cut into shape once it's all dried. There's some overlapping and a few gaps with the lamellars but I'm hoping once I've painted it all silver it wont be too noticeable :D So so far I'm happy. And once I get rid of this headache I'll start on the other side I can get a new headache @.@..

I know this is at a weird angle xD But these are all my armour lamellar's glued onto gauze material for extra strength. I'm going to do it twice with my skirt armour but for the lamellar only one as it needs to go onto the corset and bend easily. The gauze will hopefully just mean it won't break that easily. Tomorrow I'm going to cut out all my lamellars and then stick them onto the corset with evostick glue~ :D This armour is a b*tch xD but hopefully will actually look decent in the near future.

Ah! :D I got my wig a week or so ago and I can't thank Nomes enough! It's the perfect colour, length and style I wanted! I might find a way to straighten it the smallest bit but apart from that it's perfect! For the make up I've just done a very simple top eyeliner with a flick. Mascara, a bit of blush and then some lipstick. The one I'm wearing isn't the lipstick I want to wear for the real thing. The one I want to wear is a plum shade but I couldnt find it >< as always my eyebrows will be thinner too >XD So yeah :D I'm happy.

The top part of this outfit! As you can see I'm going VERY simple. I do want this as a quick and easy cosplay just to throw on casually after I get to the hotel on Thursday. So I found the vest and it's long which I prefer. But to add a lil flavour I found a long sleeved bolero :D I dunno how closely the colours will patch in real life but one I put them all on then I'll see about decoration and such :D

It took me a while to think of which sort of design to go for for Pinkie. Well I hope to be skinnier by then so I thought shorts and some form of top. I've also decided to dye my wig so it's darker like hers. I've bought the dye today and will give it a go when it arrives! The top half will be a pale/baby pink like her skin colour and the shorts are this dark colour like her tail is dark. I cant decide between putting the balloon cutie mark on the front or the back leg. I'll work it out >XD

Woo! The first thing I bought! :D I found this kid's long bow toy and decided it was the best thing I could get. It's not straight like hers but it has the rope bit and since it's made of wood I can easily paint it red as well. It's long as well so hopefully will be in proportion with me xD

Well! I've been having a heap of trouble! The torso shape just wasn't right and nothing I did would make it shape or mold to by body properly >< So I've been really disheartened and frustrating and felt like giving up. But then last night in that moment between being awake and asleep I had a random but (hopefully) awesome idea! I've bought the corset in the picture and am going to wear it over my red top I've bought for the under garments. Then Phee will pull me in to the point where I'm comfortable and using some strong glue (such as no nails or super glue etc - whatever works best) we're going to stick on the foam lamels individually so they shape to the corset and my shape. I'm worried it'll then be difficult for me to take it on and off xD but I'm hoping it'll work. then I can seal and paint the foam like I would have done. This way it'll hopefully give it more support and actually be firm like armour xD We'll see!

I saw this necklace and thought "Somewhat perfect!" I dont think it's a locket. But I'm going make a swan shape and stick it on the necklace. Then I'm going to use gold spray paint to paint the heart a darker gold leaving a swan imprint in the light gold behind. :D I hope it works!

Woo! I just bought the dress and handed over my measurements! :D I know it's a bit early but this way I know it'll definitley arrive in time and if there are any problems I can sort it out with time to spare! I love this dress! :D Now I only need to buy a dinglehopper and hair clips!...and find my earrings @.@..EEP!

This amazing beauty was found by Nomes! :D I'm hoping this one will be the perfect one! I'm terrified it'll turn up darker than the picture and once again I'll have to buy another wig @_@ but if all goes well this seems the perfect style and length! Just a bit of a faff with the fringe and it should be okay. As said the other wig isnt a huge waste as I can use it for one of my other costumes ;) I just have to straighten it (and it's heat resistant yay!) So sorry for all the journals about wigs but if this goes well this shall be the last one xD

Woo! My paper pattern is complete! (That took may too long D: I'm behind schedule! Eep!) However~! This is missing the "boot armour" this is because due to the way I want to make that part I need the boots I'm going to wear for her first which I won't get for a while. I'm also quite proud of this :D For someone who's rather crap at making fancy stuff I think I've done quite well xD The card drove me mad and so has the measuring. I'm petrified the measuring is going to go wrong so when I transfer it onto the foam I'm going to leave a bit of lee-way (or however you spell it!) so I can adjust it. Card is good for being a sturdy pattern but it doesn't bend easily at all so I couldn't really test it well with my shape. I forgot to mention that for this armour I'm using this tutorial:
So if I'm lucky my armour will turn out like the one at the bottom XD I can only pray and do my best :)

I swear this is getting ridiclous D: My first wig never showed up and now this wig turns up and it's brown with blonde. I've emailed the seller so I'll let you see how this turns out. I've got plans for this wig if they don't want me to send it back. So hopefully things will be okay in the end. And if they dont sort this out well third time lucky =/

OMG PROGRESS! This is the pattern I'm making. So far I've completed the chest piece and the back piece. The photos don't show it very well. But at the front is four panels of lamellar and on the back three. (The paper didn't bend very well that's why it looks misshapen). When I transfer this onto foam I'll be able to glue it together and manipulate it to the shape I need. At the moment I'm working on the "skirt" bit. Once that's done I'll do another progress photo :D

For the make up I wanted to keep my face very pink without go OTT and looking stupid xD I used dark pink eyeshadow as a sort of eyeliner base, a lighter pink for the whole lid and then some thin liquid eyeliner on top. With the eyeliner I created her eyelashes. I used white eyeliner on my lower waterline and brow bone to make my eyes bigger. I want to reposition them in future though. I then used pink blusher mixed with pink eyeshadow for my cheeks. And used the white eyeliner to make them shimmer a bit. Then I used some light pink lipstick and raspberry pink lipgloss :D I couldnt resist doing some shots with my straight wig xD

Okay so the first wig I bought for Odette the seller was a scammer and so I didn't get the wig and eBay wouldn't help me get my money back ¬_¬ so I'm looking into buying another (obvs). I can't decide which one to get. My favourite is number 2 but I think it might end up too dark. And I'm scared 1 and 3 will be too light! grrr! It's really hard finding her shade :(

Will be finding a way to tighten the trousers D: mens trousers are baggy! Will be getting a different top as I find the black one waaaay too short and the wrong shape! But apart from that I'm pretty happy. :D The jacket and top don't match exactly but me numta3 and nanahara have all got the same ones so we'll match each other XD and also the boots I was wearing were temp to show off the outfit =] also also excuse the weird lining that makes me look like I have male genitals o.O

I'm rather proud of myself xD I started about 2 hrs ago. I used my blue belle dress as a template to cut out the bodice shape. I had to measure it since it was a bit funny and I still don't know if it it'll fit me alright xD I've sewed the two sides and pinned the top part so it's neater. I've pinned the skirt to it so I can sew the two parts together. I'm so happy it's coming into shape xD and that it's only taken me about 3-4hrs so far @_@ (And there's my Oliver in the background :D)

EDIT: I just watched the library scene and saw the skirt's actually pointed at the front and back so I shall repin it before I sew it ^^

I'm rather proud of myself XD This is the first outfit I've ever made from scratch. I started the skirt a few hours ago and all I need to do is hem it then it's completed! :D I didn't have a pattern so I laid my Ariel dress on my material, tucked it in on the sides and cut around it. then sewed one side and put it on my tailors dummy so I could pin it on the other side and then I sewed that :D I'll be adding the bodice on when I make it xD Obviously. And then installing a zip so I can put it on a lot easier. But I'm rather proud of myself since this is the first skirt I've ever made from scratch =D

Here I've edited my dress for this upcoming expo. I know it's doesn't look like much but I've shortened the straps so they no longer fall down! *yay*! And then I christened my new sewing machine by pinning and hemming up the dress. I only hemmed it 3" shorter than it was before as it was already an alright length I just wanted it to be more midcalf then ankle. So then I had to hem the apron and I decided to do this 9" shorter so it looked alright. And I've obviously given it an iron xD I'm worrying because I have no idea where my bow is so I'm gonna hunt high and low for it!

Okay so as my info states I'm moving this into 'in progress' and will try and make this as the first dress I've made from scratch. These are the two colours of material I've bought. I've bought 4 mtrs of the light green and 3 of the dark green. Probably way more than I need but since this is my first go I thought I better have more material in case I fluff up. I hope these colours turn out okay but yeah :D read my info for o.O but yay! :D first dress here I come!

I wanted to show the other parts of this outfit :D so from left to right is the Petticoat (ITS HUGE!), the back with corset, and the underlayers to make it poofy! There's the petticoat, a white cottony layer, a gold netting and then the actual dress :D It's so poofy and amazing! I finally was able to get decent photos of this outfit thanks to Phee :D

IT ARRIVED!!!!! OMG I love it so much. It's a bit of an effort to put on and VERY heavy. And I won't be able to pee in it XD But eep! I love itttttt :D Sorry for the bad quality photo. I had to take a photo on my phone of the photo on my camera coz I couldn't find the wire D< but woo!

It's complete!! AHH!! I sent Tab my hair extension and he's made my hairband! He's put it on a temp wig for now to demonstrate but AH! It's so gorgeous! He's going to ship it today so I'm so excited!!!! I really can't wait to get it and AHH! I'm gonna be hyper all day now XD

Okay. So you don't see Ariel wear a ring XD but I thought she just got married and it would be weird not to have a ring. SO I found this little baby. It's silver and has a pearl which would match the earrings and fit in with the whole mermaid thing. So I'm rather excited to recieve this ring coz it's perrrrty~!

So I'm REALLY not happy with how this turned out today D: Here are things I'm going to change.
- THINNER EYEBROWS!!! I'm waiting a couple of weeks before getting them threaded so they stay uber thin for expo. I'm plucking them atm but still. ugh.
- Thinner eyelashes! I don't want the drama queen eyelashes I have here XD SO I'm going to do a shopping spree to Boots to buy make up, eyelashes and god knows what else!
- Find my earrings! I want to test them with my Jessica Rabbit earrings because they're the same style. I gotta fnd them though and test them out.
- Poofier fringe D8 goddamit my fringe is flat and frail and ugh. So I'm gonna get some advice from my sister coz she's clever about hair and junk.
Aaaaaaaaand idk more I guess XD This must be perfect! Also I'm not naked XD I have a weird boob chubey thing on @_@ I wanted the bare neck her dress would give me xD

YAY SHOES!! :D Obviously in the costume you never see her shoes @_@ so I had to guess. And I didn't want anything too high to hurt my feet so I was looking eeeeeeeverywhere for a pair of low gold heels. And I NEVER found any. BUT thanks to the wonderful Phee she found some in like two seconds D: Idk how. So now I have EVERYTHING bought for the costume! Tab needs to finish a little bit of the dress and I need to send him my hair extension so he can do the hair band. It arrived today and omg the extension is perfect!! It looks JUST like her hair! :D :D! EEEE!! I want to buy a rose as well and then that's everything in ALL bought!! Yay!!!! I'm so excited for expo now!!! AHHHH!!!!

I think I prefered the other one's style to this one but the other one wasnt actually a proper clip on. It has some weird slider thing but my hair's to thick for it. So! I've bought this one =D I'll experiement with both so it's a bit of a pain but I can use either of them for all sorts of things ^^ so I'm not too fussed about the extra spendings

I'm IN LOVE with this dress! SO much! Omg. I'm so excited to put in on!! I'm so excited about everything! I love how the dress is..lifelike. If that makes sense! It's like as if she were a real person this is what the dress would have been like :D lol! I can't WAIT for expo now! EEEEEEE!!!! I can't thank Tab enough! He's done an amazing job!! :D!!!! AAHHHH!!!

This won't be worked on a while I know xD But I saw these boots and couldn't resist. I want to decorate them somehow though :D

Hair Extension for the hair! :D I hope it's not too long but I do hope it'll be nice and thick for the ponytail as even though my hair is naturally long it's not as yummy as this extension xD As soon as it arrives and I'm happy with it I'll be sending it to Tab so he can make the hairband :D

So the mock up arrived :D I was able to try it on with the help of my mum but I think we've put it on wonky xD and it's given me the worse flab at the side of the boobs but hopefully the "sleeves" Belle has will cover that for the real thing. If not...I'll diet like i've never dieted before! I like it over and it's length is really nice too so I'm really looking forward to the real thing!

So everything arrived so I thought I'd do a quick test. I don't really like it that much xD On the plus side I was able to restyle the fringe so it's more sturdy and it suits her hair style :D
Things I'll change:
- NO pink eyeshadow, I thought it was a good idea but with the drama of the lips and hair it doesn't suit and makes me look like a drag queen xD
- Smaller lashes, I still want fake eyelashes but I think I'll get smaller more natural ones :D
- Get a bigger hair clip. I didn't realise but the hair clip is only 3.5cm long >< so it's not strong or big enough to hold up the hair so that's why you can't see it in the tests coz I couldn't leave it in XD
- EYEBROWS!! I'm getting my eyebrows threaded on Monday XD (last time was just before Ayacon) so obviously for the real thing my eyebrows will look neat and thinner @_@ stupid nature

So I've bought some shoes! :D I hope the colour is okay when they arrive. I don't think you'd be able to see them under the dress anyway. And as I don't think I'll be wearing this anytime soon I think I'll put this for Kitacon IV :D As far as I can see the only things left to buy are a fork and the actual dress xD

I found this cute little guy on eBay (as always) it seemed to measure the correct size whereas most Sebastians I've found a huge O_o so this one looks awesome! :D

I found this hair clip on eBay and have been watching it for days xD It's the perfect shape and style! I hope it goes on the wig okay! As soon as it arrives I'm going to do a hair and make up test as my earrings have arrived as well! Now all I need to do it buy the shoes, dress and dinglehopper XD

I LOVE being Ariel xD So much! And I wanted to do the Pink Dress for October Expo however I'll be wearing my Gold Dress Belle in the morning. Since that dress has cost me £280+ I don't want to spend loads of another outfit I'll only be wearing for a few hours. So I've decided to rewear Ariel. This is also because then I can get shots near the water :D Plus as it's long sleeved hopefully I'll be warm x

I was browsing eBay and saw these earrings xD I thought they were perfect and I didn't want to miss out! They're only £4.95 so thought I'd get them! :D

I, of course, shall be using the amazing wig xblackravenx made for me! I got it commisioned by her and she did an amazing job :D I think it has to be my favourite wig to date so I don't want to stop wearing it! This photo doesn't express the awesomeness of the wig either! Due to the weight I need to clip up the fringe with a grip but I still love it wooo!

Well, I saw this and couldn't resist! I know you can't see the texture of her head dress but I've decided to use this scaled material as I want to bring the essence of her dragon form into her human form! I've still got to deicde how I'm going to make it but hopefully this'll make it look gooood!

I don't like it at all xD it's wonky! eck! but it'll have to do :P I didn't put the fringe in the right place and that's not the make up I'll be wearing for her either xD it was just a quick tryout

I hate hate hate Selphie's hair XD I'm not too fond of my styling abilities either. I'm ok with it as it is now but not 100% happy. I'll be trying it on tonight and depending on what it's like on I'll either borrow J-Po/MegityMeg's wig or...cry xD

I hadn't even thought of her weapon @.@ or if I did it was "how on earth would I make that" then I thought XD how about a toy? It should be okay for the rules of Ayacon (I'd imagine) as it is plastic. The only problem being the chain is very short xD If they arrive with enough time I'll somehow lengthen the chain. But either way I'll be painting the handles red ^_^

I bought the silver bracelet today from Primark for £2. You can never really see her bracelet so I thought this one with a few fake diamonds in it would be very pretty and sparkley! Now I have everything I need to wear her so she's complete! I still need to alter the dress a little but it's still good enough to wear so yay! woop woop! I've had this on my CI for two years XD Finally glad it's been done!

She arrived! I love her so much! She's a little longer than I asked for but to be honest I don't care! I love how comfortable it is and how elegant I feel! It proves I was born in the wrong era @.@

Yay the dress arrived! But I'm going to have to edit it a little bit >_< The bust is quite loose and the neck strap is too long XD so I can do that fine. I's a little bit tight around my hips and bum but not enough to make it extremely uncomfortable...but I can't sit down xD I'm going to spend the next week extreme dieting just so its a bit more comfortable XD but yay! i do love it =D also the reason its a bit ruffled up is coz of the strap length problem xD and my wig was a bit scruffy D:

So basically xD the other boots arrived but my calves were too big for it. SO I've bought another pair which aren't at all accurate but they're victorian and I know they'll fit XD And I think the colour goes with the dress nicely =D So I will be selling my other ones! My dress has also been shipped! Yay! I'll cry if it doesn't turn up in time though...and they had forgotten to make the hat so they're making it now and will send it once that's finished, so I might be hatless :(

I don't want to do this costume til I was skinny but I couldn't wait to start! So I'm going to make all the bits I don't need to be skinny for, like the bandana, jewellry, armour, swords etc. Then when I'm my ideal size I just need to make the tunic and buy boots to edit :D yipee! When I saw this fabric I knew it was perfect for her bandana and scarf thingy <3

So it's not like a monkey she has xD but it's a monkey! I got her years ago from my mum and on the label it said "my name is Zara" or something but I've always called her that xD She has velcro hands so I can carry her around easily. But I need to sew on some more velcro on the hand xD but yay monkeyyyy

So here I am at half two in the morning with the wonderful silveradestinova and fusionrose by my side helping me get this finished for We've cut everything out - Duster wings, duster, armwarmers & skirt. The top & shorts i'm reusing. I've got clip on brown extensions which work really well. We're cracking on into the night but these two are deffo putting in loads more hard work @.@ coz I somehow break the sewing machine...and numta3 playing ff8 on the psp xD

It's a bit more orange than I thought but that's my fault for not giving enough description. However I absolutely love their work and will deffo be using them again! It's so gorgeous and there are gloves! lol! I hope they're included and not just for show XD They said they'll make the hat as well so I'm double checking they've done it but I don't think they'll send me a picture so I'll wait til they arrive =D and they're on their way!

I was failing trying to make it from my own idea. So I got my v.1 duster and put it over the material and cut around it. Now I need to neaten the edges, thicken it up a bit, edit the shape a little bit and then add the fastener/tie and white wings. @.@ I can't believe I left it so late to start this...

Parasol bought :D I hope it's a slightly brighter yellow. It's not 100% accurate to jane's as her's is fully yellow not lacey. But I think it still looks pretty =] I'll be added the white trim myself when it arrives ^_^

My dress is finished! :D I know it's hard to see behind all the labels and such but they've so sent me a picture and will be sending it once my other dress for Jane Porter completed! I absolutely love this <3! I can't wait for it to arrive!!

I went to LFCC today as Belle and it was amazing! All the other Disney group members were going in the masquerade and I was allowed to join them :D I made it clear I was not to be judged as my costume was made so they allowed me on ^_^ I also got to meet Tab (KhaosKreator) who's making my Gold Belle dress for October! :D I loved being in the Disney group so much and felt so smiley all day ^_^ I can't wait to see piccies of us all together! eep!

I recieved the wig from xblackravenx! I was wearing it wonky though D: the fringe goes straight across so I'll need to practice that XD it really is heavy @.@ but I love it! It's so thick and lucious and I think my new favourite wig XD <3 love you chloe!! Ariel is now complete as I've got the outfit, wig, shoes, bow and I want to buy a Sebastian or Flounder to carry around but that's optional xD so she's complete!

xblackravenx has sewn the two wigs together and layered it so the partin is on the left and what not :D now all she has to do is style the fringe and the wig is complete!!! It's so thick and gorgeous I really can't wait to wear it! I love her work so much!

The knitted material arrived. Its alot darker than it looks =/ but I'm gonna give it a go anyway. I bought some buttons online but then found the perfect buttons in a market XD I'm currently making the skirt and so far so good!..I hope xD After that I'll do the armwarmers and then duster. I'm leaving the shorts til last because if I run out of time I can use my old ones. I'll be using my Rinoa top I already have but will try and make/edit my own shorts. I've got to get some different boots because the shoes I have give my nerves horrible pains and something or other @.@ but at least I'm finally starting! :D

Everything's arrived now so we're completed! I'll be getting pictures later ^_^...after my dentist appointment =/

Okay so the first wig didn't arrive the colour it appears. It looked more like a longer version of my matsumoto wig so it really didn't suit Jihl. so I've now got this one. Since her hair is wavy I'm going to wet it with a brush and then plait it a few times and leave it for a while so it has the waves and kinks her hair has :D hopefully it'll work if not I'll work something out ^^

Once again this is being commissioned! I reeeeally hated the material I bought and my job really takes it out of me. Since Rinoa is my ultimate favourite characters I'd get really iffy about getting this dress wrong. So one day I will remake it myself but only after I've taken some lessons and feel confident enough in doing it :) 2aplus2 on eBay is making this and today it's all been paid for and agreed that I'll get it in time. I reeeally can't wait for Ayacon now!

After the feedback on which dress to chose and finding a commisioner who was cheap, but VERY decent and could get it done in time I've confirmed I can do Jane's main yellow dress :D It's being commisioned by 2aplus2 on eBay who did my Belle dress so I'm really looking forward to it! For her other outfits at least I know I can do them myself which I will one day. 2aplus2 will also be making the hat for me so all I need to find are gloves, parasol and boots :D I'll be using my real hair once I've dyed it back to brown :P I'm half tempted to walk around with one boot on XD

Everything is bought now :D the wig has arrived too so all I'm waiting for is the daisy and green headbands. Then I'll put it all together and hopefully it'll work. I may get another gypsy top though because the one I have is very baggy. I also want to curl the ends of the wig a little bit so it's not completely straight. But at least I don't have to worry about this one...I hope ^^ no rushing around XD I've learnt my lesson after Kitacon

Okay! So Technically it's complete. EXCEPT. My shoes are black not brown and it's a little big for me, so I need to cut and sew the straps on the dress so they don't fall down and the cut of the dress sits on me better. I'm thinking of redying my hair brown soon so I may use my real hair instead of the wig because it doesn't sit too good on my head (I don't think) but yeah! Despite the need to edit the straps this is pretty much complete! =]

Okay so it's not accurate, it's a man item of clothing, and it's probably the wrong shade of green xD but I thought it might work quite well. It was cheap with a short delivery date so I can try it out before trying to find anything better if it doesn't work out. I did want a corset but it was very hard to find a nice shade of green, a short delivery date AND at a low cost >_> But hopefully this should look alright :D yay

So I've had a go styling the wig. I want the fringe to be a more up but overall I'm pleased with it :D I split the long hair into three bits and then crossed them over as if I were going to plait it but then just tied it up like normal. I'll probably have to redo it closer to the time but I'm pleased with my first attempt at styling a wig :D

Since she did an amazing job at Cloudette I've asked xblackravenx to do my Ariel wig for me! Originally I was just going to buy one and style the fringe myself (somehow) but since Ariel's hair is so volumized I wanted it to be really thick and I have no idea about how to take off wefts and add them on >.< so there we have it :D I've sent the money over to xblackravenx and she's ordered the wigs! I'm the first on her commision list so hopefully this'll be done soon :D I'll be ordering the outfit at the end of june/beginning of July. I wanna lose a bit more weight first so I've been holding off. And I left my shoes in SilveraDestinova's back pack yesterday after expo =[ but I'll be seeing her before Ayacon so it's all good XD

Okay. So the hair extensions arrived and they were red >_> not a browny red. Red red. So I'm going to buy extensions from an actual shop so I can see the colour as it actually is. At MCM Expo I was able to collect my new necklace from Liz-Chan and it's such good quality and is so lovely and pretty :D I'm very pleased! The velvet has arrived too and I'm still waiting for the ribbed material. Our photoshoot has been changed to August now so we can look for a Squall to join in so I'm now working toward Manchester expo in July. This also gives me a month to try and shed some lbs! I want this version 2 to be perfect and not just the outfit but myself as well. I'm even looking into lazor eye surgery which my nan has offered to contribute too as well! I'm sick of contacts so hopefully by July everything will be perfect!

I think the best things the wig XD everything else i'm not too sure about but at least it's finsihed C: I dont have the armour on here coz i'm collecting it tomorrow from SilveraDestinova =D but at least I dont have to worry anymore (and i'll also be wearing tights and hunting for a better belt - I made the belt from the leather i had and it's rubbiiiiish)

My Belle wig arrived this morning and looking at it i thought it was sooo much better and more accurate for Vanessa. I'll still style it for Belle but after expo xD I love the dress! It's so comfortable and made so well by Phee! :D *much love to her* and I do love how the necklace turned out too :D I'm so happy!!!!

Phee has completed the dress! And here she is modelling it for me :B I really love it and think she's done an amazing job! I plan on collecting it tonight and then I'll try it on! I can not wait!

Okay I reeeeeeeeeeeally don't like the wig >.< I need to flatten it somehow coz it's so wavy and the ones around the face I really don't suit. I've tried wetting it with a brush, and then placing heavy books on it to flatten it a bit. Hairspraying it whilst flat all sorts. It just wont go. So I'm getting kinda annoyed 8I

I think it's a bit dark but I think the style looks just like how Belle has it when it's down :B I'll be using a wig head (which I've finally bought! Hooray!) to style it with the bow when it arrives with the outfit :D I wanna try and get the fringe to do what Belle's does where it has a bit of volume I just gotta work out how >.<

Being made by the amazing Phee! I'm so happy with it atm =D I had no idea how I was gonna do it and she's thought of everything and then done it! She's added darts, pins, all sorts! I can't wait to see it finished and wear it!! EEEP!

I got my wig today! xblackravenx did an AMAZING job! I'm so happy with it! I feel so edgy wearing it!! I loooooooooove!!!

My awesome best friend Phee found this on ebay and bought it for me coz it's my birthday on the 16th May! 8DDDD!!! ahhhhhhhhhh!! SO excited coz I was uber worried about getting this one done!! I love her to pieces! I'm so freaking happy!!!!!! <33333333!!!!!!

I had a photoshoot on Friday with Phee and her older sister Hana :D This was for Hana's photography project where she wanted people in cosplay. I chose this one because I havent actually had a decent photoshoot with her before. I can't upload the photos til Tuesday though with request to Hana. Since it was a rush to get ready I forgot a few things
- Her Lieutenant Badge
- Her Necklace
- Her Mole
And I wasn't wearing the tabi socks or shoes just some soi-fon looking black shoes XD But it was really fun :D And I hope to do it again with some of my other neglected cosplays! I can't wait til I can upload the piccies! <3

Okay! So shorts have arrived but I need to try them on. Belt and buckle have arrived as well as the leather so I can make my side skirt :D My wig is 99% complete! And hopefully I'll be getting it in the next couple of weeks! Instead of risking having it posted it'll be a collection job xD Silverdestinova will hopefully be sending me the shoulder armour by recorded post so it wont get lost like my Freya ears >.< Then it would be a case of just making sure everything is up to scratch and ready to go :D yay!...gotta find my gloves too..

The original material for the skirt I thought was too light so when I saw this in the fabric shop I thought it was perfect :D Hopefully in the next couple of days my navy top will arrive for us to edit and then on Saturday (if it does arrive) we'll be making the dress 8D/ Then all I need to do is edit the necklace and voila!

xblackravenx has started adding the spikes to the wig and as you can see it's taking shape :D! And still looking thick and awesome! She really knows what she's doing!

So xblackravenx has taken the wefts from the second wig and added them to the 1st one. OMGGG I think it looks so thick and shiny and smooth and ahhh! I can't wait to see the shape progress. She'll be working on that tomorrow and will take more photos for me :D! She's so amazingly awesome!

I know they seem pretty dark, but ages ago Fusionrose bought a colour from this place that we thought was 100% perfect. But when they arrived they were VERY light. So I'm hoping when these arrive they're lighter and a good colour. If not there are lots of wig/extension shops near where I live so I'll see if I can buy some in there

I noticed it would take 4-6 weeks to get here! omg. So by my Calcs that's like end of May. And since our photoshoot is 11th June I was like O_O!!! So I regretfully spent £33.72 on this fabric -.- but it's so pretty =D I got three metres as advised. So I hope that's more than enough as I might need some for my secret cosplay >.>... but yeah it better arrived!! *shakes fist*

Okay the situation at hand. The wig is being worked on :D hooray! I've got a top I just need to upload piccies of it. I need to see a picture of some armour to see if I like it - if not I'll try and make some..FML. I'm bidding on some shorts that I think would look good and I've decided to wear knee high socks and these high heel boot things I have. But if they don't look right I'll wear my Quistis boots (as seen in picture. I've decided not to have a sword because it's effort carrying it around. But when I'm there if I want one I'll get one from the weapon stand :D

So here's what I got...the cloak should be arriving in a couple of weeks. The necklace in about 10 days. Once the necklace arrives I'll be editing it. Phee has finished making her Ariel dress and the material for the top was pretty much the same colour as Vanessa's skirt. So she's started making it for me and is waiting for me to be available so she can pin it on me and all that palava. We've then decided we'll get a navy top to edit instead of making one from scratch. So hopefully this'll be done soon :D Thank god for easy cosplays - after kitacon I need that D:

So i put the white satin under the gold chiffron and places the ribbon on top to see how the colours match. It's a little darker than i wanted it to be but I think it'll look okay once all together :) - the picture was taken from my iphone so its even darker in the picture

Yep I'm thinking of a version too XD This will include:
● New hat includ. Ears
● A Mask (I'll risk suffocating xD)
● Added wire to the tail so it's more upright
● A better frilly bit
● Rat Hands
● Rat feed that look like the leg shape but not in those heels D:
● Better trousers
● Better Sleeve Armour
I dunno when I'd do Version 2 but these are all the things I really want to tweak. I'm even tempted to make the head an actual rat had instead of using my face XD but I wouldn't know where to begin! Anways fun fun :D

The wig arrived at the commisioners but she said to get the fullness of the spikes she'll need more wefts so she's asked me to send her money for another wig and because she likes the concept she wont charge me for the labour =] Her name is Chloe Phantomhive/xblackravenx and so far so good :D I can't wait to see some progress of the wig! :D

Baaaaaaaaasically I never got the hat ears in the end =[ long story, but hopefully I can get them off Silvera :B when I get them I'll add them on but since I consider her complete that's where she's going ^^ Pics up soon! THE SHOES HURT!!!

Tail is finished! Fusionrose helped me cut it and she sewed it with her sewing machine, we then spent ages cutting up pieces of black material as substitute for stuffing. Then I put the cat tail at the other end for the wire base - I finished it tonight so that's done :D woo!

After working with the blue organza for my Ballgown Rinoa I refuse to work with it again >_< it's an utter bitch and rather stiff. So Phee suggested chiffron, it has the same sort of transparency and is rather flowy. So I've bought 2 mtrs for £9.97 and if it turns out to be too dark I have time to buy more appropriate material. However if this does suit it I've got everything I need and can start as soon as Kitacon is finished :D

The coat is near completion, Fusionrose made the front panel and I made the frilly bit at the top and have attached it to elastic so I can have it around my neck under the collar. I'm half way through the tail (which fusion also helped with) and so I just need to add the armour to the coat sleeves, add the circles to the feet. I'm waiting for my ears to arrive, made my Silverdestinova so I can finish my hat, then she's done :D eeee

This is complete now! I'll have pictures up soon! I'm so happy I got it done in time and only a matter of days :D it's not a brilliant dress but I put my blood, sweat and tears into it and I'm proud that I've completed the first dress I've ever made :D

Earrings are made, me and fusionrose made them last night whilst watching the Back Up Plan XD I like them a lot :D they're all dangly and pretty. I just need the outfit to arrive and then she's complete, I may find some better boots for her though if I have time

Well, me and Fusionrose spent 2 hours last night trying to put her hair in the style she has, but in the end we failed hard. So I'm going to have her hair down unless I can find a crocodile clip to pin it up. so the wig phots atm are with a low pony tail but the fringe was cut and I just wear the garter like a normal headband =]

OMGGGGGGGGGGG She's finished! I went to Fusionrose's last night and she styled the wig for me! (Pictures soon) I need to shorted the straps of the sleeves but it's good enough to be called finished! I'm so happyyyyyy!! EEP!

I've painted the legs circles and sleeve armour so just waiting to dirty, then imma put some silver model paint on the armour to make it shiny and then I'll be attaching to the socks and sleeves =]

I've neatened and cut the dress :B once the shoes arrive the dress is all that needs doing, I deffo left this too late >_< but progress is moving fast now :D

OMG so close to finishing!! EEEEEP! All I need to do is style the wig and tweak the sleeves a little :D then she's done! I've decided not to make the whip as it's uneeded time being spent when I could be doing other things, so although the photo isn't brilliant I hope you can see similarites XD The skirt is EXTREMELY heavy coz fo the chains, so I REALLY hope it doesn't fall down xD hehe HAPPEH

I've asked a wig comisioner to style the wig for me so it's long but looks like Clouds spikes etc. She's ordered the base wig today and is awesome at wigs so will let me know the progress as she goes along :B

I spent 10 days watching/bidding on these D: worst ten days of my life! I reeeally wanted the epicness of them. They're fook me shoes ;o the original ones I wanted were like this but were red and glittery but they were like £49 so I was like "um no". I know here shoes don't have a strap but I like them with the strap reasons xD Happy noooow!! :D

Looks crap atm XD but it's all pinned on the corset, so I need to repin it a bit as I go around and then sew it on, the material layed so the split was like built in so I can do that then gotta neaten it all :D I love the corset it makes me feel sexy xD I gotta thank my sister for helping me pin it and yesterday my aunt showed me how to do it. I'm hoping all my cosplays for Kitacon will be done by Friday. Busy busy busy!

i've been sooo busy this weekend when it comes to cosplays @_@ I bought some dog collar chains which I thought were perfect for the skirt, I decided to buy four, two for each side, so they jingle more as I walk :D I'm half way through sewing them on and so far looking great!

I've painted the shoes and they're now being left to dry I'm pretty pleased the stitching is mainly covered :D For the socks/shoes I've just got to do those circles on her legs and they're completely done. My trousers arrived but they were a size 14 not 16 -.- so I've cut off the bottom and used some of that material to make them they're too big *headdesk* but I can always stitch them again or safety pin them :D...I'm having trouble finding my red thread to sew the sleeves a bit more and to sew the rope *growls* I'm going on a massive man hunt for it in a mo >.<

Well I did the make up test and I'm pretty happy with it :D I plan on getting better make up before Kitacon though but at least now I know what I'm doing. I know her eyes aren't as dark as what I did but for photo purposes I thought it would appear more :) so yeah

My mum was a star and worked out how to put the eyelets on and so she's added them to the sleeves. Then I've got to do a bit of sewing on the sleeves and then I'll be adding the rope. Then the coat is more or less finished apart from the sleeve armour which I'll start soon (hopefully). I need to work out if I'm going to do the straps

The feet are almost complete, I've made the shape, sewed them on and I've just got to paint them and let them dry :D The stitching is awful but hopefully they look better once the paint blends everything in. Once I've done the leg decoration the socks are complete and that can be put to one side x

Soooo close to being finished! My gloves and petticoate arrived so I just gotta have my organza arrive and I make her cardigan thingy and she's complete :D I'll still be looking for brown tracks but woop! Excited to get my first Kitacon cosplay complete! Whichever will it beeee~ :D

I found this and although it might not be the perfect shape I thought it will do. I'll remove it from the string and beads its on and spray paint it gold. Then I'll get some black string and attach it on
(I've decided to put a lot of journals so the before and after pictures are always there =])

The skirt is now tailored to fit me and hemmed! I'm suprised how well it turned out considering my skill x.x but I'm really happy that it now fits :D It's a lot shorter than her's as this goes a couple of inches above my knee where hers is on or just under her knees. But I'm happy with it :D

So I've sewn two strips of foam along the top and bottom and using more strips I made the toes. I know she has 4 toes but they won't fit on so she can have three :D I'm hoping they're small enough that I can walk easily and they won't break =[ I've gotta sew on the middle toe, paint them and then do the other foot :D

Well it seems I have a little bit of money left over this month (dunno how o.O) I'm gonna buy some material, wire and stuffing. I'll make the shape of the tail with the material, fold it inside out and then put the wire in with the stuffing. Hopefully it won't be too expensive D: I don't think it should be but I wanna see if I can get some reeeeeeeally thin wire (like for puppets) to make the tail hang correctly so it's attached to my coat D: Gah, I hope this will go well I'm running out of time T_T

I've recieved confirmation this morning that my outfit is being made and will be sent in time for the event :D Suprisingly they didn't ask for anymore money :S but I'm not complaining :D woop woop!

I was able to edit the shape and have now attached the sleeves :D When I wear this I'm going to have to safety pin the top to the skirt as it's a very stretchy and rides up a lot due to the material so this way it'll stay neatly down. I'm so happy I was able to finish this top :D Now I'm gonna work on the skirt which'll hopefully be done in the next few days. I still need to get a belt and chains though but once I've hemmed and tailered the skirt with the black detail those should be the easiest to do :D

My friend was going to make it for me xD but I was talking to my nan about everything and she said if I wanted to buy one I could borrow the money from her and pay if back on my first pay day =D so yay! I've bought it :D It's about £36.02 but since I'm a fatty they need to tell me how much extra I'll pay for the material @_@ but they said it shouldn't be anymore than $10 (£6) so it's not too bad =D

I don't want to wear a mask to make her rat face since I have trouble breathing with things over my nose and mouth >_< damn sinus problems. So I've decided to try and make my real face look rat like. I'm not gonna wear horrible rat teeth or anything. But I'll use make up to give my face a "furry" look, I'll try and whiten my eyebrows a bit and I've bought these whiskers (You can't see that well in the pic) to stick on my face with eyelash glue. I hope it's not windy coz I'll be terrified about losing them xD

The front panel is being made by Fusionrose as she has loads of scrap material and said she could do it for me =D I was hoping to help but I dunno when I can visit her so she started it for me =D I'm actually in love with it so far. It's the true centerpiece :D and I can&'t wait to see it finished! x (also colours are a little different to the picture XD)

The cutting was HORRIBLE XD But I'm fixing it =D luckily the material is stretchy so atm one side is fixed (not shown in picture -also excuse the PJ bottoms xD) and I'm about to sew the other one. The next picture will be with the sleeves attached also which I hope to finish tonight but no pictures will be up until tomorrow @.@ But omg the boobage D< That's going XD I think my patience for sewing is growing since I can sew a lot more now for a longer time =D sweeet x Top tonight. Skirt tomorrow. Oooooh yeah!

For the Leg's I've got thigh high brown socks. I've put them over my shoes and although the heel is obviously still visible it's meant to create the illusion of rat feet. I've got to figure out the best way to add the feet since they must be sturdy for me to walk on. And I want them to look like hers @_@ it's hard to find a good idea >_<

Right then! Yesterday I Papier Mache'd it with newspaper and kitchen roll. It's now really sturdy and ready for painting. It is dry but I've got a cold atm and can't be bother to get out of bed haha
Sorry for uploaded the same sort of pictures due to the 12 pics per costume I've put them all together so there's more space. The same with the journals. I deleted the old ones and reuploaded them but this time with pictures :) Sorry for the spammage x_x

I heard it fray's like a beetch. But it's so pretty I had to get it @_@ I've bought two metres coz it takes a while to arrive and I didn't wanna risk not having enough. Once this arrives I'll make the cardigan deely and all I need then is her gloves and I still gotta get brown tracks for the wig >< gah but this is very close to completion =D x

I bought the corset just now :D It's for the base of the dress so I can have the nice figure underneath. The back won't be as low as she has it but at least this way I'll have nice curves and probably epic cleavage O.o

I won these trousers off ebay =D I'm gonna cut them and use the left over material to put them inside the sleeves as well and wrap some around the tail. These are the closest colour I got compared to the ref :D I'm kinda proud! Eep!

I've covered both sides of cardboard with the Pipe Insulation foam and they're very thick and sturdy. Tomorrow (my back's hurting too much to do it tonight) I'll be coating them in a couple of layers of papier mache so there's a more even coat so I can paint. Once that's dry I'll paint the pole the darker colours (as seen in the ref pic) and then paint the points. After the top's finished I'll do the bottom which (hopefully) should be a LOT easier XD This is a lot of work but I feel so accomplished :D

I've spray painted my wooden pole gold. And using cardboard I've cut out the shapes of the pointed bits. I've now used pipe insulation foam and cut out chunks for the notches and painted them silver. It doesn't make much a difference to the colour but it gives them a nice shine. I'm waiting for them to dry and then I'll be placing them on pole and then using the hot glue gun I'll stick them and the cardboard on. Then I'll probably either add more foam or papier mache so it's thicker. Then paaaint =D

But the problem is the hat can barely fit on my head with it on. So I need to find a way to edit the foam base so it can slide on easily and to the position I need it to. It'll be hard because I've already sewn some of the red material on. I'm sure I'll find a way :}

I was in Croydon today and I went into the British Heart Foundation :D Thank God for them! I found an orange skirt. My mum was sure it was the same shade as my top but I wasn't sure. Since it was £4.80 I decided to buy it anyway and risk it. Although it was a size 24 @_@ But I've got it home and it's perfect :D it matches the top brilliantly. So all I need to do is tailor and hem it ^_^ *happy bunny*

Well I've found some material on eBay that I think would be nice to use to make the skirt but I think since I'm making the skirt I might as well have a go at making the top. And since I have one in the correct shape I can use it as a pattern then I know the material matches and is the right texture for both :D I think two metres would be enough and that should just be £5.40 but I'm poor atm >< so I need to wait til next week to buy it =/

*growls* I keep getting confused over the side of the partin but I see in my new pictures I got it wrong >< but Oh well I know now it's on the other side =] my sister did the make-up but I think the eyeshadow wasn't dark enough so I'll find something more POWWOW :D

I has obtained the PERFECT fabric for Jessica Rabbit's Performance dress :D It was given to me by Fusionrose =D she found it in her home and said I could have it <3!! It's glittery, stretchy and just enough to make the dress. I'll have to get it perfect though as I don't know if I'd be lucky enough to get this fabric again @_@ Much love to Fusion!! <3 My hero!

I really wanna alter this a bit. It was really big on me beforehand but I put it on yesterday and it was huge on me. I wanna try and take it in a bit and make it so the belts are fixed instead of falling down all the time >_< I'd love to buy a new wig that's actually darker green with the curls and work out a better way for the mask to be attached =D I dunno when or if I'll ever wear it for an event again but I'd like it to be suitable for if I ever need it x

EEP! They arrived this morning :D I'm uber happy coz now I can have SilveraDestinova's help with editing them. They're soooo tall X_X the heel is 5.5" tall O_o and when I wear them I worked out I'm about 5'11.5" tall @_@ I was like gawd. So I'm going to be wearing them for an hour everyday and going out in them leading up to Kitacon so I'm used to walking in them AND they don't hurt my feet XD looking at them now the thought of walking in them all day at Kitacon scares me :{

The correct wig arrived today :D It's not as long as I thought but with a bit of styling it should be fine I think. Looking at the ref pic her hair is to the base of her neck and this wig is basically that long but it curves so I'm going to find away to style it so it's a bit straighter down the neck. This wig looks so realistic to me and I think I don't look too bad oO I thought I looked awful with short hair but if I do say so myself I think I look rather cute xD *big head* Now I just got to cut and sew the split in the leg and Julia is officially done! EEP!

Well the straps are done after what seems like forever! So I've just got to make the split and recieve the wig and then *boom!* Julia is finished =D Can't wait! In the "Straps: Back" picture though I realised I got the straps the wrong way round so I'll need to be aware of that in future.

Finished sewing on the black! Finally! @_@ I really need to get off my bum more. But I'm glad that parts done =D now just to make and attach the straps and cut in the split (which I'm terrfied about! O_O). The wig is on its way :D it should arrive no later than the 14th Feb ^_^ will probably wear this for Midland's now as I wanna give it a test run before Kitacon =D Peace x

The skirt and top are two completely different oranges (the pictures were decieving >.>) so now I need to find another skirt since the tops orange is perfect and the top seems like it'll be really comfy to wear and a perfect size. I'll get to editing it asap =D

Well I doubt I can afford this commision at all unless I'm lucky enough to get a job by April which I doubt xD and I had mentioned to FusionRose that I had some white satin in my room from when I failed to make wings one expo. So she suggested I use that to make the dress and then found me some light gold Organza to use as the over layer to get the creamy colour =D then I've just found some ribbon that would be gorgeous for the straps and both the organza and ribbon are cheeeeap =D I need to buy a wig for all my other Rinoa's anyway (since I really dont like the one I have) and I need to upload a photo of my new shoes bought for me by Phee for Xmas =D so hopefully I'll make this okay @_@

The boots actually fit! I'm kinda shocked. They're quite tight but I'm gonna work extra hard on losing weight around my calves so they're not too bad. The skirt's arrived but it's reeeeally orange oO like weird orange. So I'm not sure if I should use it but I'll see what it's like in comparrison to the shirt when it arrives. I'm bidding on a burgandy jacket to yoink the sleeves from which hopefully I win. I don't want to start working on the skirt detail until I have a skirt to use so I know I've got the size right

I know there are two dresses the "plain" one and then the sparkley one. Realistcally I'd love to do the sparkley one coz I like sparkles :D but on ebay I can't find the perfect material so it all depends on if the local fabric shop has material I want, if not I shall find some plain red material and just do the plain one ^_^

I contacted the seller of these boots asking if they'd fit my calves as they're about 17-18" and the woman said they would as she was the same. I'm hoping when they arrive they'll fit if not I'll sell them on eBay and buy another pair =] If they do fit I'll also be wearing these for my Quistis Trepe

I contacted the seller of these boots asking if they'd fit my calves as they're about 17-18" and the woman said they would as she was the same. I'm hoping when they arrive they'll fit if not I'll sell them on eBay and buy another pair =] If they do fit I'll also be wearing these for my Femme Cloud

I won the skirt and top I had my eye on :D As you can see their colour differ slightly so when they arrive I'll see just how different they are and then if they're okay, great! If they differ too much I'll chose my favourite orange and go to the fabric shop and either make the top or make the skirt :D Now to buy the extras!

Well, I was working out my expenses for the Kitacon outfits and it had gone to over £250 o.O not good. And the most expensive thing was the Quistis outfit I'd found on eBay for around £82. There's no way I could afford that so I've browsed around eBay and found a couple of items I can edit (hopefully) into her outfit and then some other bits and bobs for the detail. If I'm lucky I can get away with this outfit for about £30 which is a huge knock off the total price. Big thankies to FusionRose who's being my Quisty idol @_@ she knows the ins and outs of the outfit. I couldn't do this without her xD

FINALLY D: After working on it on and off for four days the hemming finished. Overall it took me roughly 5+ hours (if I put how long it took all together) @_@ which I know is epically slow but I'm not very good at handsewing XD Next I'll be adding the last black bit and then making the straps but I'm going to have a go with my new sewing machine. Once that's done I'll do the slit and then the dress should be complete :D

I've been hemming the dress since yesterday @_@ it's taking so long but it's worth it :D The stitching isn't very neat but I don't think it's noticable unless someones looking up really close. I'm going to finish the hem in the next hour or so and then my mum is going to help me sort out the split. Then with any luck after I've neatened it up I'm going to make the straps and add the final black bit and voila :D dress is done.

There's a picture going around that's been reversed and I think it's confusing people =/ I went and double checked but Julia's split is definatly on the left side, but this picture shows it on the right. I was panicking for a moment because I thought I was going to cut the split in wrong @_@ but it was all good :D In this picture you can see the split on the left leg so I think that decieving picture needs to piss off :{

Here you can see the wig I recieved (Modelled by my sister). And It's completely wrong to the one I ordered. I'm currently sorting out the problem with the seller and I had to send them pictures to show them it was wrong. I'm hoping they'll send the correct one but let me keep this one as well since it would be perfect for a few characters I have in mind :D I just hope I don't have to buy another wig for Julia >.< tis a pain

I was really bored today and thought I should work on this costume. Since it's probably the biggest cosplay project I've done I want to know I won't run out of time. I found some foam tubes and cut them up. I was gonna use an old cap and cardboard but it sooo didn't go according to plan. So I decided to make the frame myself. I hope it holds O_O I have a hot glue gun and red material on the way and my friend had an idea for the big ears made from rubber mats in a 99p shop ^^

Finally got a couple of photos :D It snowed very heavily last night again and I didn't want to pass up the opportunity ^^ I did want Rinoa pictures too but I thought I'd save that for when Phee could visit - Since the photographer for these was my mum (bless her =D). She look horrified when I asked her but I think she did a good job ^^ I think I might get another jumper coz this one isn't very comfy and a bit too short in the arms. But we'll see =]

The black material is going on well but the thing is it'll be the wrong shape >.< it's just a triangle and not a diamond. I'm gonna have a go trying to make it the right shape but it'll be tricky.
On the upside I bought a sewing machine :D it's only a little one but I think it'll be quite good for a lot of things ^^ Next I gotta buy red material to make the straps. Hem up the dress, make the split and then find/make her bracelet. Then voila :D *excited*

I'm either going to be wearing the one I just bought (the feather sold me XD) or I'll make the one similar to her wings (like in the ref)

There were a bunch of wigs on eBay starting the bid at 99p and the p&p were free. Too good to be true? Yes. I won a gorgeous wig and paid £2.20 for it and a few hours later the seller contacted me. He said his eBay account was hacked and the hacker had listed a bunch of wigs for cheap and stuff. And he could provide the wig for £12. But then due to a barrier of communication he didn't understand questions I asked so in the end I decided to cancel it >.< so still looking for a wig =[ The one I want is so expensive though D:

Everything's arrived in the post now and everything fits =D I've edited the earrings to clip on so it's alll good. I've noticed her shoes are just some black boots type so I'll wear my Rinoa boots :) Pictures up soon hopefully

I'm confused over the wedding ring now...I can't find good enough pictures to tell whether or not it has a little diamond on it. I've tried watching it also but still can't tell >.< can someone help? =[

So I've bought everything I need for her now :D I think a cosplay for £25 is pretty good! Not everything has arrive in the post though. I'm waiting for the jeans and the clip-on findings so I can edit the earrings. But then voila! And I'll try and get pictures asap.

So tomorrow I get paid and I can buy some of the smaller things like the earrings and wedding band. I've found some good ones on ebay ^^ The jumper I was going to get is rather expensive imo so I'm going to find a cheaper one but luckily coz it's winter if I bought a jumper my mummy won't tell me off for buying it :] I just won't tell her its for cosplay mwahahaha

I'm having real trouble deciding what colour her dress actually is. I prefer the sort of creamy colour than just a plain white one. And my shoes are a little ivory/creamy colour. I'm having this commisioned by KitsuneCosplay so I have to tell the colour soon. I just have to decide what I want >.<

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