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My first cosplay was Limstella. It was a rather obscured cosplay as it was from Fire Emblem The Blazing Sword. I did my first crossdressing as Rhys from Fire Emblem Path of Radiance at my first summer UK convention at Ayacon Revolution in 2009. From there, I explored many anime and game characters, mainly tomboyish girls or teenage boys.

Falsetto from Eternal Sonata the most feminine outfit and broke my comfort zone. It was also the most difficult outfit so majority of the sewing the patterns together was from my mum. I thank her so much for helping me out for the past two years for making my outfits.

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As of today I'm finished repairing and adding extra accessories to this costume. I also upgraded the sniper rifle to a different look.
The only things that still annoy me are the spats and the wig, though the problem is minor. However, two weeks until the final Ayacon will commence, I think I can fix them in time =)

For the final Ayacon 2013, I decided to repair Marina's outfit and her rifle. I've been gathered by a fellow cosplayer a year ago to do a group. Unfortunately I only just started on it and I can't find a better black turtle neck top to replace the old one (it's summer right now, so finding turtle necks at this time is impossible).

There are so items that I've labelled as retired and grouping items but still have them on the shopping list. Just wondering how much I actually spent on this cosplay back then and now.

I have about 5 weeks to polish up, so I'm not far from finish. However, I can no longer wear contacts as I fear that my right eye will have problems again.

Fast progress is fast. In three days, I managed to paint the dragon design on the sleeves, made the obi and painted it red. I also added the collar to the yukata so it's almost done!

I need to make the fukuro obi, which I have a slight idea of how to make it from scratch and keeping it simple.

I bought a Madoka pink wig too. Originally I was going to dye my white wig (used for a Disgaea Ninja), however it doesn't have enough hair to style...

For some reason, I can't add any of my progress photos on the journal nor the photos session...

The spray worked out better, there should have been a bit more pink but unfortunately it had ran out =/

Next will be painting the dragon design and making the obi.

Dyed the fabric today and it isn't as red as I wanted it to be. Perhaps I had added too much water with the dye (I will upload photos at a later date). So this productivity is kind of wasting resources/time/money...

I decided to draft my yukata as I can't be asked to make patterns for it.

Yesterday I made a black prototype yukata (sleeves were too long) and managed to complete it in one day (productiveness for the win!)
I've moved onto the real thing (fabric is must thicker as it's 100% cotton), with shorter measurements. Once I get the yukata finished, the obi and dyeing the material will be the next steps.

I was looking up tutorials on how to make yukatas. Luckily my sister was given a yukata from a friend, so I can reference from it ^___^

I figured buying cotton from the usual shops of Shepard's Bush. The cotton from Cloth House is very nice but it's very expensive >: Around £15 per metre or something...

Just over a week before Ayacon! I'm getting the tops done and that should be it!

I buy a sword with a scabbard as I was too lazy to make my own. I had to spray paint it because the colourings of the sword were flaking off for some reason.

So I was clever to buy the wrong stuff to dye the wig. I bought acrylic paint and applied it to the wig, whoops. It took me three hours to comb the paint off and it's a little damaged.

Today I bought the right stuff and hopefully the wig will be 20% cooler than it is at the moment.

I'm quite please with the results ^o^!

I should get started with Matthew's outfit...

Originally I was going for a light blue hoodie, but my sister randomly bought me a light blue denim jacket. I'm think it's easier to aim to do all demin and white trainers. Yes, casual. My only concern is dying a wig. I think I'll use the Falsetto wig as it's a rubbish wig, so I can go all out with it. I guess.

Once the hardest part is done, in this case, the god forsaken awful wig...I'll be 20% cooler.

Managed to made a prototype Gust plushie, using cheap black fabric. Despite rubbish stitches and gaps, I'm pleased with the outcome as I got the proportion right =D

He's a little larger than I anticipated =P
Now that I have the correct colour felts, I can now begin on the real thing.

Passed by my college shop and bought some square felt for 90p each. Unfortunately, they had a lot of purple and red colours. I've decided to go with purple as I haven't seen a Jupiter Djinn made yet.

It'll be my first try to make a plushie, but I'm confident about it =D

I have two Jupiter Djinni designs that I like; Gust or Fleet. I can go with the original Jupiter design and make the other three original Venus, Mars and Mercury. (I must be crazy) =D

Just finished the sword earlier this evening. I'm a little satisfied with the finished.

The blade is massive and rubbish. The handle is short and the sword is really heavy to hold (due to half a block of clay I used on it). Details were reduced because it wouldn't fit.
But the thing I like about the sword is the gold effect on it. Whee.

Thus confirms my completion of this costume.

Jacket is done. The rest: Hat, cape, top and Salamander Sword.

The cape is a bit iffty. In the reference image, the cape covers around the shoulders. But that part just sticks out when I put it on. Will get this sorted today.

Also, I'm going to do a lot of exercises for the next coming days before Kita (I have gained a lot over CNY) D:

It's been a while since I've been making the hat (and it's proven to be the most difficult piece!)

I'll be borrowing the wig I did for Falsetto for this cosplay. The wig is really frustrating! The front part doesn't sit with my face properly. I cut the front part with my rubbish skills and applied manga head putty all over. It looks slightly better.

Ffff, the hat is going to cover it =/ Once I've finish writing up my final essay, I can resume fully on the costume (which is two weeks time!)

I've added extra parts to make the hat a little bigger to match the original picture. While it looks awesome, covering the fabric over is proving difficult D: I was initially planning to piece the patterns together before sticking it on the hat, but erm... no. I might have to piece the pieces together a different way.

Okay, I think I'll merge the two tops together and a seperate cape. So far, I got pretty much the main bits to make the whole costume + cheap base hat.

I just need to know how to make the hat...

My next term after Christmas will be hellish, which is probably best if I start on this right now (that is as soon as I get moneh rolling in).

I'd figured I'll be needing 4 to 5metres of red felt. Or is there something else I could use?....

I've completed my outfit and the props, yey!

I have yet to buy the eye mask Sougo usually wears while he's sleeping, but that's just an add-on accessory.

I won't be having the complete bazooka with all those extra bits on, I just can't be asked. The main things for the bazooka is the trigger, handle and zoom whatevers...

The sword I made is beyond bendy so I can't make a scabbard for it >.< What I'll do is use cloth as a scabbard.

Unfortunately, I can't get my prescription contacts in time as I will need an eye test FOR contacts but not for glasses and contacts D: So I'll be walking around in red non-prescription contacts and a new pair of glasses...Win?

Almost got the sword completed! The handle is a bit rubbish, but I'll cover that with the ribbon.

The gun for the bazooka is in place and is very sturdy thanks to the silicon =D, I just need to stick a handle and other bits on.

Believe it!!!

I bought a PVA glue for the bazooka = not great.
I bought a sealant for the bazooka = not great, because I can't get it to work.

Frustrated from getting the wrong things, I started with cutting the katana out of balsa wood and accidently cut off the handle >.< I didn't bother drawing Sougo's sword guard in detail though D:

All I need to do is shape the sword handles and then spraypaint =D

I created a hole in the tube by cutting it with a craftknife, got to love that craftknife of mine xD I also chopped the gun in half and keeping the motor inside. It's a bit of a hassle to adjust the hole size so the handle can go in.

I figured the hot glue gun won't do the work, my brother advised me to buy some window sealer to seal the hole =) I'll be buying that later this week.

Completed sewing the jacket thanks to mother. It was my job to sew on the buttons...but where were they?! Searched high and low in the places where it could be. Luckily I found them just before my mum tried to go out and get some new buttons. Phew!

I also bought a toy gun =3 I'll cut it up and stick it onto the poster tube. Yey.

The coat and inside waist coat is way under way to completion.

I bought a bazooka base! xD It's a poster tube I bought from an art shop in town. It was the right size plus the tube can extend from 63cm to just over a metre. Woot.
It is quite hard to figure out to add things onto the plastic tube. I don't think my awesome little glue gun can do the job =/ *takes out electric drill*

Just getting started with the outer part of the costume. Just using the same coat pattern I used for Rhys. The fabric I got was poly gab instead of the pleather I originally wanted to use.

After a long battle, I've finished the costume!! ^^ The wig is a bit annoying to adjust in place, bah. The gauntlets were cheaply made as I didn't have enough sources to make it nicer. Falsetto was a very challenging piece, so I thank my mum for helping me out with most of the sewing =D

I managed to make the extra parts for the gloves but I didn't have enough time to add the blue/white buttons on the front or those tiny bags on her belt =/

Just need to do the final bits of detail on the front part of the costume. I've tried it on and it's looking great! But the thigh area needs to be re-adjusted =/

The other final parts are the gloves and gauntlets, I will get this finished!! RAWR!

Yep, Amecon's just around the corner D:

I totally forgotten about the gloves.
So here's the almost full costume =P

The base of the costume is almost done! I just need to put and navy and blue patterns together.

Yos, just bought a new blonde wig and it'll arrive in two weeks. It's strange to find her hair colour changes in the CG version from the concept art =/

Yeah, finished that bitch. And I did the outline in the wrong colour, HAHA!

Just how hard can it be to find a playsuit pattern in the fabric shops? They suck D:

Never mind, I'm planning to make a playsuit pattern with a vest top and shorts. I would probably reconsider how to make it, after all, it's summer time, need to drink a lot of water and the problem would be "I can get out of the suit to go to the loo." Lol.

So right now, I'm going to test my rubbish sewing skills on from old crappy fabric I bought long ago but never used.

This heat is driving me nuts!

Man, this stage is taking time. Making two logos on the shirt. Unfortunately I won't be able to make a blazer for this as I might not have enough time to make it D:

For two months, been working on my other costumes and university work. I started on some pattern work but it's not going too well xD

Bought some platform shoes, it was pretty hard to find the nearest match to Falsetto's. Finally find a good pair for £25 =P

Yes, although I wore it at the Expo, I had more things like spats, gloves and more bags to do =(

I will complete it for Amecon!

Yes, I bought every bits of this simple costume. I haven't got a school blazer, so I'm going to make it (can't find any white blazers here!), haha.

Also the SA logo, I'm planning to do some epic sewing on that xD (sucks at hand sewing) D:

Got two guns completed, 2 sniper rifles to go. We haven't got any spats, gloves or bags done xD Whee~ Stress kicking in nicely...

I haven't got ANY guns finished yet >__< I'll need to dedicate my time to do those otherwise we're all gunless!

I need a pattern of her suit, I'm planning to do this in two parts.

So far, I got the hold up tights for £6 xD

I already bought some boy shirts and ties for this and have yet to get the wig.

Well, the leader who's knows what's doing is actually making all six costume by herself O__O" The others would like to help out! Alas, the Easter holiday has arrived and she'll be away for the holidays.

I've decided to do make the guns during Easter, it'll be my first time doing this!!

I've bought 20 metres of cotton drill yesterday and it was a bitch to carry! Muscle pains indeed! Also got some red cotton too.

Just as we getting cracking onto making the costumes, I realise some of the wigs on Fantasy Sheep ebay are not there anymore, I will have to use my own pocket money to get these wigs >__<

We're now onto buying the fabrics and most expensively, the wigs from eBay. Oh mai!

Soldiers are ready to start on measurements and draw panels on greaseproof paper. Wigs will be required for everyone, but not everyone would want to pay so much for a completely awesome wig from Fantasy Sheep.
Sir, I demand another group trip to a fabric store. Once we have these panels on calico, we will and I say we will start drawing blood on 'ere!

Currently drawing up the costume and seeing what are the possible materials can be used. So Denim or Khaki are the suitable choices to get that nice army like outfit.
I'm also looking for leather gloves xD This is going to be another expensive outfit to make. Probably more than my Rhys one.

Montblanc is recruiting the Gallian army from the MAGS. We currently have a few members wanting to cosplay the side characters from VC. Anyone is willing to be a Jann, Montblanc will love you forever xD

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