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Laura said it was a secret and she is scary and I didn't want to get hit so there is no journal. ;A;

I made things, sort of finished, tears forever, etc.

Taking some slight liberties with the design, my cape is a bit wider than Robin's is at rest, but his opens up to become huge somehow because cartoons, so I picked the middle ground. Doing the red portion of his outfit as a vest rather than a full bodysuit because I don't really fancy making a custom zentai.

Anyway I made these things, the vest isn't finished and there's a few alterations I might make to the cape.

The pin is quite small on it and probably won't deal with the thick wool on my cloak, so I'll get a sneaky safety pin to secure it and have the brooch decoratively over it. I was expecting that anyway, given the thickness of the wool. I am still happy with it.

We made a jerkin. Took a little trial and error with the terrifying leather. Laura did the sewing because she has the leather needles and I wasn't putting this through someone else's machine in case it broke it. It definitely didn't sound happy. I still have to add some details to it. Buttons, mainly. Laura is never allowed to suggest we buy an entire cow again. And I'm definitely not allowed to agree. Yeah, that's _the shirt_ under it. Calm down, I know it's fabulous. My hand-on-waist thing looks megagay because I'm holding it in place across my torso (since no buttons~).

I made a cloak and the pictures really don't show anything at all. There's a split in it because my arm will be useless otherwise. It's made of the heaviest wool in the world and lined with the taffeta Laura bullied me into buying. I still have like a mile of taffeta left. There's a bit that wraps round and I have ordered a brooch to hold it inb4 it is awful.

So this is the shirt. I learned how to ruffle for this project. It's pretty fabulous, everyone will just have to deal with that.

Two new backpacks (read: giant green rectangular plushies) for NakedSalad and myself for Collectormania this weekend. Also mostly done my new shorts, will add a waistband to them tomorrow, and try to get NakedSalad's Fionna hat pattern cut out.

The brooch is not photoshopped, btw, the lighting is just really weird and also webcams.

Everything else: ALREADY FINISHED


Ripped this the day before the meet and didn't have the fabric to fix it, so it's back on the back burner until I decide I actually want to come back to it. Made a quick, last-minute thing for the meet instead.

I finished the scarf and now this side looks like a hundred times better than the other so now I don't like the other side so I'll just need to make sure this is the side in all the photos because I ain't redoin' this YAY COSPLAY.

Added the red design to one end of the scarf. I know the red is brighter than it should be, but I didn't like any of the darker shades. I quite like the striking effect it has. My ugly mug hidden by miles of scarf. Like, I seriously went overboard with the length because FABULOUS.

Made the headband and the base for the scarf so I could arse around in the wig and take a photo. I think I look cool and that's all that matters, maybe.

This is what I achieved this afternoon. Yay me! Not very happy with the neckline, but really not bothered enough about this costume in general to improve it.

The wig arrived and I look awful in it, so here's a low-quality picture of me looking like a Beatles reject. Not gonna complain for the amount I got it for though, the wig is decent enough, I just don't suit it at all. XD

My new sewing machine arrived today and I tried it out by doing the sleeves.

I'm a derp and forgot to take a picture while they were tied round me, so have non-wearing photo. It just means less unnecessary topless photos of me on the internet, which we can all agree is a good thing.

Need to do something with the thumbholes to neaten them up, but dealing with circles is the least fun, so I'll do it when I'm not tired.

It's relevant for future group photos.

The last wire I needed for my gun arrived! Just need to get to Laura's and steal her hot glue gun for sticking some stuff. Then it'll be done~

Done across two nights for the sake of my sanity, but super short process. All done!

Laura hemmed the robe for me because my machine is broken and Rosie gave me a hat. Saviours of cosplay. <3 I am now wearing three pairs of tights on my head with felt circles covering my eyes. In short, I'm both blind and suffocating. IT'S GONNA BE THE BEST COSPLAY EVER. :D

The changes I've made for Kita IV are done! No pics because laaazy, but the moé has been doubled! (hopefully)

As in, I bought it from a pound store, painted it god, and covered the handle in black tape. I'll maybe make a better one for out group photos after Kita.

Finally added the waistband to the shorts. Fixed the velcro on the hat's chin straps. My shit-tier sword is optional, SO I'M FINISHED.

1 costume down, 4 to go, 4 days 'til Kitacon. I CAN DO THIS.


It still needs hemmed. And my webcam quality is awful.


Made the completely shapeless robe. I still have to finish attaching the (massive) collar and hem around the bottom and the end of the sleeves, but I ran out of blue thread. No picture because I'm a lazy ass.

Quick shot of the costume with the wig. Clothes are just mine from my closet. Laaaazy. Need to make a Backlace.

Took a picture of everything so far. Shorts are almost completely done, just need to add a waistband. Hat is finished, although the velcro on the chinstraps hates me. T-shirt is Primark. Need to iron the t-shirt and shorts obviously, this was just a quick shot before work. And I still need to make a backpack. Ignore my face as always.

Bought the t-shirt, and fabric for the shorts and hat today. And I've started cutting out the patterns pieces for the hat!

I got a bit overexcited and stayed up to do the hat. Still have to line it, but it's now 3:30am and I should maybe get to bed. Excuse the awful picture quality. And my face.

I made the crown out of craft foam, shaped, sealed and painted it gold. The studs round the bottom are split pins. Made a little cushion for inside it with spare red cotton and stuffed it. There are clips on the bottom to attach it to the wig, although it's not very sturdy at the moment. I'll add little gems up the 'spokes' of the crown, and into the middle of the cross on top.

Finished! Messiest cosplay ever is currently drying in the corner. Pictures tomorrow.

This is for tomorrow, yay! Working on the wings, I managed to break one, so I had to fix that. They're held together rather questionably by wire.

Started painting the shorts, which I liberated from my Gekokujou Len after a few crotch repairs. They're currently one quarter done and drying before I start on the next side of them. The blue paint is made of awkward and anger. There will be no happiness Pokémon, only Metronome into Rage.

Styled the wig, painted the shorts and did a few other little touches before leaving for the con!

Made a start on the wings since I was sticking together my Fluttershy ones anyway. Pretty much the only part of the costume I'm actually making from scratch.

Made the wings. Rather than using elastic for the shoulder bands, I used this lovely pink ribbon I got. This is officially the gayest thing I am ever going to wear. Which is saying something, from certain Friday nights out. But, man I love it.

Unfortunately, I have only the crappest glue in the world that doesn't actually hold them together, so I'll likely need to steal some decent stuff and redo these in our last minute pre-Aya cosplay rumble on Thursday. But they're (barely) stuck together right now, sitting on a flat surface with no light breezes, so I'm counting this as done! Borrowing the wig from Laura, and not worrying too much about footwear.

Finally made the tasselly braid thingy and sewed it and the fuzzy balls onto the tunic. Been putting off doing this for a while. And I'm glad I did as the fuzziness is moulting all over my lovely white tunic. Unimpressed. Anyway, that's the last thing to do for this before Thursday (i.e. the day before the con). Hooray! inb4 I forgot something.

Finished painting the hammer head. Can't really be bothered adding more detail at this point. More likely to mess up the paintjob and make it crack everywhere than actually make it look better. XD The picture shows both sides of it.

Only the finishing touches on the outfit to do. Unless I've forgotten something. >_>

Went shopping yesterday, and have done most of the costume today! Picture shows all the progress so far. I bought the yellow polo shirt, and have started sewing on the cutie mark. I made a tiny pink bow tie out of ribbon, and a pair of shorts. This feels kind of "Gingham: The Cosplay", which is making me cringe, but I love how twee it is. Just need to finish off the cutie mark and make the wings. Loving how quick and simple this is compared to everything else I've been doing. XD Makes a nice break from prop painting.

Made some shorts for when I wear this at Aya, out of a pair of skinnies that didn't fit me.

The hammer head is now entirely red! Took long enough. And I'm starting to paint cloud designs onto it. They're much more defined shapes than some of the concept art shows, because it would be awkward to get the right amount of undefined without it just looking like a mess, plus I like it more this way anyway.

Will outline them in black once they're all blocked in, then possibly do a wood-grain effect on the red. It's all coming together!

It rained all of yesterday, but was nice today, so I paper maché-d the hammer. Looking and feeling a little less precarious now.

Hopefully gonna start painting tomorrow.

I used the tiny little sewing machine to do my red kimono this afternoon! ^_^ And that's the last big piece of this done. Also made a little progress on the hammer. It's slightly less likely to fall apart, but still bending dangerously. It'll be fine, it won't even be assembled most of the time. That makes everything fine. >_> Tomorrow is paper maché day!

Also, wow this picture is bright. The red fabric isn't actually BRIGHTER THAN THE SUN.

Getting fabric and a new sewing machine on Tuesday, so I'm working on the prop.

The base of the hammer is cardboard tubing, and I'm bulking it up with newspaper. I'll paper maché that for strength (it's gonna need it), then wrap cardboard round it to give it a nice round shape. Paper maché again, and paint! The handle is an extendable window cleaning tool, that unscrews apart, so I can deconstruct it and travel with it in my bag. I've fixed one of the heads of the tools into the hammer head, so it'll just slot onto the handle as designed (plus the extra weight of the head, we can always hot glue it in on the day if necessary).

The green line is my height standing straight against the wall, just for reference. Of course, the hammer isn't straight against the wall, and I'll be about a foot taller from my footwear and ears, but it gives an idea. It's about 1.6m tall full constructed so far.


Made the ears. They're the softest, fuzziest white material in the world. <3 The wig also arrived, and I am in love with it. From the neck up, this is my favourite cosplay ever. It's fluffy at the back, and longer at the front, and soft and gorgeous and I want to wear it every day. The picture quality is kind of awful, but oh well.

Also did the obi and most of the sleevework. Will put pictures of those up, because it would be mean to hide progress from certain people, and a separate journal entry once I finish the sleeves. The obi isn't exciting enough to get its own entry.

Finished painting the face and sewing the beads on. Too lazy to take pictures, but wore it to a Cosplay Scotland meet, so I'll hopefully have pictures where I don't look utterly unphotogenic for it.

I painted the eye and mouth on one side of the hood, still have to do the other side though. Also going to sew beads around the eyes. Once this is done, that's it pretty much finished. Just have to decide what I'm wearing with it. And add more details depending on how bored I get before Aya.

This hoody was originally grey with the little coloured spots on it. Now yellow for Len. I'll add the crazy face onto the hood and probably a few other little details.

Thinking I might use shorts and shoes to match the coloured spots.

Also the shorts, just did these tonight, promised I'd put the photos up as soon as I did.

These look kind of ludicrous when they're not on me. And only marginally less ludicrous when they are. Still have to paint the moons on the front and maybe give them more shape somehow. Undecided on that part.

Also, I resisted the temptation to just post blurry pictures of cats with my journal entries. As tempting as it was.

I made this bit ages ago, but since I am within reach of Laura's wrath, I had better post it up. It's the tunic-type thingy for the top half of the costume. The shoulders aren't done yet, have to be neatened up.

After a night with friends where we decided to make this a group with Luka and Kaito and Laura made two kimonos in one night, I finished the shorts off. So that's everything but the footwear sorted.

Slowly but surely, it's coming along. I need to sew down the trim still, but other than that, the kimono part is pretty much done. ^_^ Not the best photo, but I'll take a better one when it's completely done. Much happier about the colour now it's all together.

So, after the horrendous bright yellow material that the sewing machine ate up, I'm onto my second attempt, and have finished the sleeves. Still need to be closed up at the bottom, and before that, actually attached to the rest of the kimono, but I need to make the rest of it first. >_> Entirely hand-sewn because OH GOD THE SEWING MACHINE IS TERRIFYING.

Unfortunately, I'm liking the colour I picked for this less and less every time I look at it.

My wig also arrived today, but until I stop sucking at taking photos of myself wearing it, there will be no photos.

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