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I love to cosplay the evil characters of the series, it just seems that they always have the best outfits and weapons >8D

Back about 10 years ago I remember seeing some cosplays on the internet from America and I was HORRIFIED. I remember thinking "Why the hell would you want to dress up like that!?!"... Oh how wrong I was!

A few years later on a whim I found the Tokyotoys website,and they were having their first store opening in Telford. I decided to go and see what it was about. I remember wearing a black coat, so whilst there I bought a toy gun and a large hat to cosplay as an assassin just to join in with the rest of the group. It was there that I met some of my oldest friends and I've never looked back since!

I decided then to make sure I could do the best cosplay I physically could, I went to a tailor and pestered him to teach me how to make a basic suit, etc...
Six months later I was able to make a basic suit 8D

With this knowledge I attended the MCM expo and debuted my Suzaku cosplay, I was astonished to be asked to come on stage with the final 3 groups. Since then I had the honor of being asked to JUDGE an MCM expo (It's INCREDIBLY hard and I was shaking when I came off stage) and I'm attempting now to go into the realms of ARMOUR!

Recently I looked back at my cosplays and thought "That cost several hundred pounds to make, how can I do it cheaper but still keep the quality there...?" I realised that I was making the cosplay in a true style (as in you could wear it everyday and it would be fine) I am currently trying out cutting a few corners to save money but keeping the quality of the cosplay the same.

If I could give any new or old cosplayer a single piece of advice it would be:


An anime character always has perfect clothing, and the only way close to achieving that is to iron your outfit! 8D

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