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So many cosplays, so little time...@_@

I like sewing? :D

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shido - Tomoyo Daidouji - 8th October 2017


More wig work! I lost 3 days to a migraine so I'm a bit behind where I wanted to be, but progress is progress.

I finished off the existing additional wefts I had in the fringe, 2 layers of each, and then ordered more, along with some new clips for in the back as one broke.
Time to do some actual cutting, as I'd ran out of things to do. I cut the long wefts down to a more manageable length, checked where they more or less needed to fall on my head, and went to town on it. It didn't turn out too terrible, considering!
It probably could do with a little more evening out, and checking how the curl looks - but this is how it is right now. Not a total disaster, which means I can get adding the new wefts into the back where I had ran out and then start styling that soon.


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