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I only got interested in manga and anime fairly recently in June 2010, thanks to some of my friends :) The first series I watched was Ouran High School Host Club, but some of my other favourites include Code Geass, Death Note, Kuroshitsuji, Full Metal Alchemist... the list goes on! I am also addicted to the Final Fantasy games, especially VII :P

My first cosplay was Cissnei from Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core at Nemacon 2011, which was an awesome weekend! :D

I make and sell my own jewellery in my free time, which can be seen on my blog.

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mystacina - Captain Frances Amelia Martell - 25th November 2012


1 week till the ball! The costume is now finished!

Me and my friend tried on our outfits together, so I've uploaded some of the pictures from that. Obviously for the actual ball I'll do my hair and make up properly and put contact lenses in.

I bought the most amazing skirt ever on ebay, its lacy and ruffled and I love it! I'm rewearing the same white blouse, with a steampunky waistcoat over the top. The jewellery is all the same. I've added a few different belts, and bought some new gloves.
I also bought a steampunky hat and fascinator, but I've decided not to wear it as I want to style my hair differently.

Really proud of my friend, who despite being both a steampunk amateur and an ebay amateur managed to put together a pretty awesome outfit in a short space of time! Cant wait till the ball now!


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