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Past Cosplays at Conventions:

Vriska Serket (Homestuck) - Cardiff International Comic and Anime Expo 2013

Sollux Captor (Homestuck) - Cardiff Film and Comic Con 2013

Yuuki Mishima (Persona 5) - MCM Manchester 2017


as an ignorant larva i enjoyed fancy dress but then i was exposed to tokyo mew mew and thats when i decided that dressing as cartoon characters is actually serious business

my first cosplay ever was mew ichigo and i must've been like… 12………? so i technically started cosplaying in 2010 i think....... roflcopter.... i've found that most people tend to just appreciate characters theyre a fan of but i've always preferred to absorb and consume my favourite character's form until i am them

i havent posted any pictures yet since im really b-BASHFUL but i'll probably post some when im confident enough to share photos of myself whilst acknowledging that whatever cringe comp material i've posted automatically ends up on the homepage of this website HAHA uh ohhh stinkyyyy

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