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Started cosplaying at Aya '05 (after feeling I was missing out on the fun at Ame '04)! Only did one costume that year but since then I've always done at least three per con. At Aya '09 I somehow managed five cosplays....never again!!!

For me, cosplay is about having an excuse to make and wear an awesome outfit, to show your love for a character, and show off your creative endeavours to fellow cosplayers. My favourite cosplay and biggest achievement cosplay-wise is my Jasmine You Versailles cosplay. It took a lot of work and a lot more money than I'd usually spend on a costume but am so proud of how well it turned out and I received so many compliments on it!

The majority of my cosplays have been Visual Kei cosplays, but there's still a number of anime cosplays in the mix!

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kdelioncourt - Undertaker - 4th July 2012

Oh you booty!

Boot covers are finito!
The pic shows the boots I started out with (also using these for Grell cosplay!) and a covered boot.
This time around the boot covers zip up the side as well as being held on by elastic underneath the boot.
They're slightly 'wavy' around the zips, because the zipper foot for the sewing machine stretched the vinyl as I sewed it. For the rest of the boot covers I used a rolling foot as it's made of plastic and has a little wheel that just feeds the fabric through (and the fabric doesn't stick to it). This is obviously rather annoying!

The buckles are made from cardboard (cat food boxes lol) and covered with foil. No expense spared there obviously ^_~

Since the zips ended up being a little too short (despite measuring before buying) I sewed on a hook and eye to the top of each boot cover.

And with that, the construction of this cosplay is completed! Roll on Amecon!


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