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chibikimi - Retoree - 20th July 2015

Part 1- Planning!!

I have a lot of ideas for making parts of this costume.
Here's what I'm going to do from top to bottom-

Head- Wig, hair pieces and glasses
I'm going to be buying 2 blonde wigs (with twintails) for this costume, so I can have one set of tails on my wig and the other set will be for the long tail.
A friend gave me the idea to make the hair pieces from foam and dark blue material. I'm excited to see how they turn out!
I don't need to worry too much about glasses, considering I have to wear a pair every day of my life :P

Main body- Blouse/Skirt
I'll be editing a blouse to save time (also because I can get pretty lazy). I'll be sewing light orange material onto the sleeves and around the collar, I'll also sew in a button into the sleeve of the blouse, if I have time left.
I'll sew some orange ribbon onto the collar cover before I start attaching it.

Bottom- Tail, garter, boots
As I mentioned, I'll be making the tail out of some spare clip on pigtails. This might just be the only way to get both the hair and tail the same colour.
The garter will be incredibly simple to make, so I'll save that until last.
I will try my hardest to find some boots that I can walk in, but, if I fail, I'll just use some black thigh-high socks and small heeled boots XD

Wish me luck!


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