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First cosplay was at Midlands 2010 as Albel Nox from Star Ocean til the End of Time, which I plan to remake at one point or another, since i class it as a failed cosplay. Currently been cosplaying for two years or so.

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Yeahhhh just thought I'd add another journal thing since the cosplay is complete! I was being (trying to be) secretive about this one for a couple of reasons so I couldn't really write a whole lottt but now I cannnn :D

One thing I wanted to mention was that the headphones were made by myself, possibly the first thing I've made for a cosplay so I thought I'd mention it ^w^ wellllll I made three versions of these and they were blue (Kaito), purple (Gakupo) and green (Mikuo). The headphones will probably get a remake later on which will hopefully have bigger wings as well as be a circular shape on the ear part of the headphone.


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