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I've been cosplaying since May MCM 2009 and sewing since 2014. I now mostly make my cosplays from scratch but I do still buy pieces now and again! I've been competing at a masquerade level casually since 2018, I've won 1st place EGX Saturday Masquerade 2018 and won Best Performance at LFCC summer 2019 Friday with Mary Poppins, and 2nd place at MCM Saturday Masquerade 2021 with Anne Boleyn. I really enjoy it and would love to compete at a higher level some day!

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WhatsersCosplay - Scaramouche (Retired) - 7th September 2011

It begins

I've started work on the costume finally! I wasn't sure if I would be able to find the bits I needed, but fortunately through a lot of ebay searching I've found the under bust corset I need. I'll have to add a bit of ribbon detailing to it, but that's a lot easier than trying to make the whole thing. I think I've found some boots as well, I just have to win them on the bid. Fingers crossed!

So far I need to find a suitable skirt/fabric for skirt and a lace top for under the corset. I've seen one that would be good but I don't think they have my size. Sods law.
I'm going to have a look around Brighton next week though and see what I can find. If anything I can probably pick up some belts there as well as something to go round my upper arm. As for the choker I'll have to think about it, I don't like having something that close & tight to my throat.

Hopefully there's going to be a little We Will Rock You group on Saturday. A friend of mine is coming as Khashoggi, and another is being a secret police/yuppie.


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