23 year old wannabe writer and major bookworm, currently working as a receptionist at a Veterinary surgery. Started going to MCM London about 10 years ago, with my first cosplay being Misty from Pokemon. My current plans (which aaaaalways change) are:

October 2019: Edward Elric (to go with my gfs Winry. We pinky promised.)
May 2020: Yuna, Lightning.
October 2020: Princess Zelda

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Triforceofdragons - Captain Jack Sparrow - 23rd April 2020

Baldric Belt Progress 1

Taking a break from the wig to start the actual costume. I ordered a screen-accurate metal belt buckle from Ebay, and when it arrived today I decided to mix some black and silver acrylic paints to get a 'dirty' silver look, to make it more screen-accurate. Once the fabric arrives, I can start making the actual belt as well as the holster for his sword.


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