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My first cosplay was Ichigo from Tokyo Mew Mew, something I'd always wanted to do, even before I read manga properly or knew what cosplay was. My aunt and uncle went to Japan and brought me back a few manga, and it spiraled from there.
Mitsulika from Alichino was next, overly ambitious considering it was the first time I'd made a cosplay on my own and there was no real reference, but it's an example of my desire to make costumes that are unique and haven't been "done a million times". No sailor moon over here folks!

I'm a complete perfectionist when it comes to sewing and cosplay, I strive to create THE BEST of that cosplay there is.
Elika and Ada were the only exceptions as they were part of a couples cosplay thing I did. Let's just say, Ada was from ebay and altered a bit, and Elika was done in the car on the way to London, and finished in the que to go on stage for the masquerade.

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TheKinkyBeast - Poison Ivy - 20th November 2014

Wee update

So I never got round to finishing this one... It's passable but I'm not calling it finished until the corset is completely covered in leaves instead of just the front, also the panties need leaves and the fastening for them at the side needs changed to be clips or hooks rather than laced up. Suitable boots need to be bought/made which I don't have the spare money for. The material I was using for the leaves is almost run out too so more of that needs bought first and foremost... aaaaand of course I can't find it any more. The cosplay gods have deemed this one to be unfinished until some vague point in the future.


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