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I cosplay as characters than appeal to me or that I have some kind of connection to. I love bring characters that people remember from their childhoods to life. I like to go that extra step when making a costume, whether that be a prop or the detailing as cosplay really is an art form that uses a lot of foam and Lycra.

My first ever cosplay costume was Velma from Scooby Doo and it was part of a group who went as Mystery Inc in 2011.

I love working in groups or pairs or whatever as well as solo. Its always fun to find people who love a fandom as much a you do who want to link up and cosplay.

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SteamAndDust - Mad Moxxi - 5th June 2014

Megaphone Is Done

Ok, so I technically finished this two weeks ago but this megaphone was originally white... not any more. There are more progress pictures from start to finished on my instagram which is the same name as on here if anyone wants to see


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