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I actually got started when I was about seven or so. I was in love with Sailor Moon and I begged my mom to make me a Sailor Mercury costume, so I guess was into cosplay before I even knew what it was!

After that, I found cosplay in NEO magazines and on the internet and I fell in love with the hobby! Unfortunately, my mum didn't want to make me 2387648 costumes, so she got me my own sewing machine and it was all downhill from there! ;)

My first con was Amecon 2010, though I'd been to London and Manchester Expo before then.(They don't count as a proper convention though tbh. XD)

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Squiggles - Locke Cole - 2nd June 2014

Progress so far!

Please ignore the dumb expression.

What needs doing:

New wig
New necklace (the beaded one is just nicked from Terra's butt-skirt for now.)
Bias on the jacket edging
Stiffen up the collar.
Possibly some patterns on the white space of the shirt?
Also possibly some kind of motif on the back of the jacket?


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