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Returning to this site after many years.

Basic Info:
Name - Vik
Age - 21 (As of Feb 2018)
Gender Identity - Gender Fluid (Male or Female Pronouns)
Sexuality - Pansexual, DemiRomantic, Sapiosexual

More about me:
First started cosplaying in 2012 when I went to my first ever convention. I generally will go to at least one a year, but try to go to both the May and October London Comic Cons. Due to multiple things I only go on Saturdays. Sometimes I miss an entire year due to money, time, friend's plans or because of terrorist attacks.

At first I would only buy cosplays and have them custom made, but over the years I became more confident and adventurous and now make my own cosplays unless its beyond my skill level or I cannot figure out how to make it or if its cheaper to buy when money is an issue.

I've been into Anime and Manga as early as 2007/2008 when I was about 11 or 12 I'd say (End of Primary and Start of Secondary School) I'm very much a geek and nerd. I love video games and comic books, I get really into movie series and tv shows and sometimes even books.

I do a lot of art in my spare time and creative writing. Back when I was a teenager I used to draw a lot of Manga and write a lot of terrible fanfiction. These days I've been doing some realistic art as well as just writing novels.

I've always been good with computers and taught myself how to code with python so I could make Visual Novels and Dating Simulators with Ren'PY and funny enough ended up studying python in college for my IT Course. As Visual novels started to get more advance with westerners making them with voice acting and great art that you'd be surprised it wasn't made in Japan and dubbed by a big company, I became inspired to try some voice acting, as I always had an interest in it as well as singing however that's not been going so well as my voice is naturally one that changes pitches constantly and isn't stable, making me unable to keep in tune or even do a characters voice.

I don't watch as much anime or read as much manga anymore than I used too, but you can catch me at myanimelist under the same username if you are interested, if you do send a friend request write a note telling me you came from here.

I play a ton of video games some of which is multiplayer like World of Warcraft and Overwatch. I use Steam, Origin,, Black Desert Online, Uplay, etc.
I do play some apps on Iphone too mostly the dream boyfriend, moe can change, fairy doll, dream girlfriend and animal boyfriend by the same company.
So if we become friends then I might let you add me on these things and we can play together sometime

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