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Anna from frozen
Coronation dress Anna from Frozen

Hello there! I first got into cosplay since I was about 11 but never completed one fully until I was about 13. I went to my first con when I was about 14 and loved it!
I love making and wearing cosplays but never get a chance to photograph them unfortunately I usually just wear them at cons. If you need any help just pm me! C: I'm happy to help.

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SaffronJay - Sansa Stark - 18th April 2015


Currently I am getting all of the planning for the costume done before I buy any fabric or components. I have planned out a pattern for the belt which I plan to make from worbla (first time using :/) and also have the intricate pattern for that written out (will show pics later). From my images it looks like I've put more planning into her under clothes but that's because I've brought the simplicity 1487 to base the design on. That means I also won't be making a patten for the embroidery (which I will block print) until then. The under clothes are actually quite complicate and although I am not planning on a corset I am going to have to spend ages getting those knife pleats right and also I'm putting secret pockets into the skirt because I don't want to have to carry a bag.


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