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First costume was for a fancy dress party. (Men had to do drag). I made a Poison Ivy costume and got loads of compliments. Then I went to Midland Expo with some friends and we said we would all cosplay. I decided to try another female character and did Sailor Mars. I enterd the Masquerade comp at London Expo 08 and had a great time. I didn't win because there were much better costumes. But I did get a special mention from the judges for being Awesome because they liked my costume and stage performance. ..Cosplay is so much fun. ^^

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Ranma1-2 - Morticia Adams - 25th April 2022

Cosplay to go with Tess who is doing Wednesday Adams.
I looked at the Halloween type costumes and decided they aren't luxurious enough. So to start I bought this gorgeous looking dress which has proper fishtail design. It is size 16 so I will have to do a lot of tailoring to fit, but I am feeling confident about this.


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