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Part 1
First Convention (Birmingham Expo 2013)
My first ever Cosplay was Rebecca Chambers from Resident Evil, which I did as a last minute thing for a friend so we could go to Birmingham Expo (which was my first con) in cosplay. When I say last minute, I meant last minute.

My friend said a week before the con "Do you wanna go to Birmingham expo?" I said "Yea, when is it?" to which she replied "this weekend :)" So in between my work scheduled and college work (which I was behind on) I drove us to charity shops to buy stuff, ransacked my wardrobe and also sawed in half some old memory foam with a carving knife two nights before to make the body protector as well as take it into college to get a friend of ours to sew on buckles in her free period.

When we finally got to the con it was great to be recognised but I knew absolutely nothing about my character to the point where as we were leaving the convention someone was shouting my characters name really loud and loads of times and my friend who was dressed as Claire Redfield turn and said hi :) to which I think for a couple of seconds I kept walking :D
*I'm cosplaying who?*

Part 2
London May Expo 2013

Part 3
ALcon 2013

Part 4
London May Expo 2014
I believe so far this has been my favorite convention. This convention was a little last minute planned as well :/ opps, guess I do a lot of unplanned things. :) My friend told me she was going to this a couple of weeks before and I kinda invited myself as they had a spare bed in the room they were staying in. It was the first convention I got to wear my Naruto cosplay :D and I had recently restyled my Kakashi wig and the first time I got to wear my Kakashi Jounin, so I got to show that off too (which I got complemented on so much). However, the thing that made this the best ever was when a load of Naruto Cosplayers were on the main statue having pictures and they waved for me to join. So I got to meet a load of new Naruto-er's and have a bunch of awesome photo's taken in my new Naruto costume :D :D Overall I was great getting to walk around the convention with my friend (dressed as Blake from RWBY) and meet new and old friends throughout the convention :D.

oh and I bought an amazing batman snap back and belt :D and pocky :D

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