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I have been cosplaying since I was 13/14, and a raving fan of the musical Starlight Express. Really, it's all gone from there! It's been great; I loved to play dress-up when I was a child, and this somewhat captures that child-like joy, as well as the adoration of performance.

I have made my way through quite a few variations of Sailor Moon characters, but lately I have been racking up quite the collection of Kiddy Grade costumes I wish to do, not to mention Pokemon Gijinka!

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Minxie - Idris / Sexy / the TARDIS - 11th June 2011


Oh me oh my! Idris' boots arrived today, and can I just say they are STUNNING! After staring at the reference pictures of her until my eyes went square, I found the closest pair I could, at a whoppingly cheap £16 shipped! This pleases me greatly!


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