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I got into cosplay when I was pretty young, probably around eleven or so, and my first costume was Aries. I bought a pink dress and red jacket and wore it around my house like a dork.

When I was older I commissioned a Rinoa costume and wore it around college, and it was only when I was discussing cosplay with a friend did I hear from a girl in GAME that people met up and went to cons. Me and my friend researched it and attended our first con in 2006/07 and have been going ever since!

I love cosplay because it gives me a chance to be someone I'm not and to research fantastic costumes. I'm rather shy, so it also gives me a chance to meet new people. :3

I tend to hop from cosplay to cosplay because I am never sure who I want to cosplay. As such my repertoire is small but I have enjoyed all of them.

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Bags abd bags abd bags

Made bag patterns and then pinned them into really bad shapes to see if they worked. They did! XD


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