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Kitacon IV (April)
● Thursday Night: Momo (Peach Girl)
● Friday (Day): Sango (InuYasha)
● Friday (Night): Olive Penderghast (Easy A)
● Saturday (Day): Yoda (Soul Calibur)
● Saturday (Night): Scarlet (FF7)
● Sunday (Day): Mikuru(TMOHS)
● Sunday (Prom): Thumbelina

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Megitymeg - Sango - 13th April 2014


I was planning for ages on how to make this. I was telling myself this might be a no-expense-spared project! However the other day whilst giving my flat a clean out I found the bow in which my laptop came in. Inside the box was the protective foam packaging.

A few hours, a crafting knife and a LOT of masking tape later my hiraikotsu is taking shape and I haven't spent a penny on it!!


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