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I've been cosplaying since early 2009, My first cosplay was Hatsune Miku and I was terrible! All photos have since been deleted, its for your own good.

I've done a variety of costumes, I only tend to take on designs I really like or cosplays close friends have bullied/blackmailed me into. I'd like to start focusing more on film and TV designs in the future.

I have a massive phobia of stages and having too many people looking at me, as such I've only entered 1 competition (that didn't require me to go on stage) in which I won the Master Makeup Artist award.

My work has been featured in OTACOOL, Cosmode (Volumes 38, 46, 47) and received a Showcase from and a Daily Deviation from Deviant Art

My goal is to attempt getting up on stage >_<

I'm always open to group ideas, please never hesitate to ask :D

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LolaInProgress - Yennefer - 1st July 2018

Arm Rune Ribbons

I spent the days previously drawing out the designs of the runes I could make out in my reference images, then I had to digitize them, using my cutter again I cut them out on a heat transfer metallic aqua vinyl. Then after topstitching some black leather ribbon with white details, I ironed on each line of runes.

Then I created a band to go around my lower arm to help wear the ribbons


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