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I've had past experience with cosplay :) A lot of them were brought costumes in my early years. However for a few years now I've started making most of my cosplay.

I enjoy putting time and effort into my cosplay because it is an art for me and a way of expression. I don't belong to any cosplay group and never have done. I would be interested in joining one or creating one and am always interested in doing parings and fan service.

I have a few close friends who cosplay and am interested in meeting other cosplayers and making new friends in the community.

I like cosplaying rare characters sometimes from really old unpopular Animes, video games, visual novels, movies and such. I really like going to meet ups because it's awesome to cosplay with loads of people from the same show/book/game/etc. and I think it also helps us meet others who like the same parings or genres as us too :)

I love a lot of paring types: Striaght, Yaoi, Yuri, Shota, Loli, Bara, Love Triangles and more.

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