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I started cosplaying back in 2013 after attending the now lost Telford/Midlands MCM, my first cosplaying con was May london expo 2013
I've always wanted to cosplay since my early teens, but I didn't get the chance as I shyed away from the whole anime scene. I then took a break from the whole thing during university, but got back into it heavily in 2010.
My proudest cosplay is still Hibiya. He's my first cosplay, is an absolute joy to wear and I make him entirely from scratch without any patterns. I don't know HOW I managed it, but I did!

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Izzy Cosplay - Ruby Kurosawa - 8th November 2017


After lots of research during the voting stage of the 2017 LLSIF halloween costume competition, I managed to track down who the artist was, and their twitter, to ask permission to cosplay this. He agreed and sent me the reference sheet that was submitted to Klab, so thankyou Chian <3


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